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Every morning, more than 10000 people are watching McDonald’s at station B to do it!

In order to attract more customers at breakfast time, McDonald’s, a fast-food chain, has launched a “full of energy” plan.

A few days ago, McDonald’s China announced that it had officially launched the “summer light tracking program”. Since July 6, McDonald’s China has been tracking the sunrise in 28 places in mainland China for four consecutive weeks, and it will be broadcast live in station B in real time. “During the event, more than 10000 viewers watched our sunrise live on station B every morning.” McDonald’s relevant person in charge told the snack agent today.

The latest stop of McDonald’s China’s “summer pursuit plan”

Interestingly, this is actually McDonald’s new way to promote breakfast.

In the one hour live broadcast every day, McDonald’s will issue 20000 breakfast coupons to remind consumers to “have a good breakfast” while sharing the vigorous sunrise in the morning. As of February 2020, McDonald’s has more than 3500 restaurants in mainland China, most of which serve breakfast.

McDonald’s breakfast Full Score

Talking about the reasons for the launch of the “summer pursuit plan”, McDonald’s vice president of public relations Xu Yingting said that McDonald’s hopes to share the magnificent scenery and vitality of sunrise with consumers. “2020 will be full of ups and downs, but no matter how many difficulties and obstacles, the sun will still rise. Every day is a new day, a new hope and a new beginning. ” She said.

“High level play”

As you can see, this chain restaurant giant, which is in a hurry to give customers “encouragement” at breakfast every day, has begun to explore “high-level play” on live broadcast.

On live broadcasting platforms such as station B, McDonald’s has expanded from its previous eating and broadcasting form and launching new products to trying to establish more daily emotional connections with consumers. It not only accompanies young urban people who have risen early to see beishangguang at 5:00 a.m., but also takes you romantically to appreciate the sunrise in the vast desert.

In order to move more live viewers, McDonald’s also spent a lot of thought on the location selection. This “summer pursuit plan” started from Xi’an on July 6, and sent the blessing of “Yanta title” to students on the eve of college entrance examination. So far, it has been broadcast live in Dunhuang, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Mohe and other cities in the north and south of the river.




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This year’s sudden epidemic has undoubtedly accelerated the rise of live broadcasting channels. At present, live broadcasting has become a new “battlefield” for brands. Xiaoshidai introduced that before that, many “top leaders” of large companies, including McDonald’s CEO in China, have offered “live show” one after another, personally testing the water, which is a channel for communication and interaction with consumers and promoting sales.

According to the data of China Internet Network Information Center, as of March 2020, the number of live broadcast users has reached 560 million, that is, 40% of Chinese and 62% of Internet users are live broadcast users. Among them, the number of live e-commerce users is 265 million. Affected by the epidemic situation, the attention of live broadcasting in many industries has increased, and it is expected that the data in 2020 will reach a new high.

However, different brands have different ways of playing live broadcasting. Common “tricks” include taking part in the battle with well-known anchors and senior executives, sending out a large number of coupons and other benefits, providing lower prices, more discounts or more gifts, or star artists cooperating or sending out relevant surrounding areas to attract fans, and cross-border linkage with other big IP.

After the “5g” new product was released live in station B earlier, McDonald’s tried a new way to play. Through the creative live broadcast activity planning of “watching the sunrise” in different locations, it established an instant emotional connection with consumers in a specific period of time, superimposed with benefits such as coupons, drained offline stores, attracted customers to “have a good breakfast” and opened a “full of vitality” day So as to ultimately promote the sales of breakfast time in the store.

Brand “human setup”

“We believe that in the age of social media, it is very important to maintain brand personality.” McDonald’s said that in different social media platforms, McDonald’s “human settings” are actually the same: interesting, relaxed, honest and curious. In station B, which is mainly composed of young audiences, McDonald’s also interacts with its fans with such people.


In order to cater to the characteristics of different platform audience, McDonald’s did not copy the content of existing microblog and wechat to station B, but specially planned and customized relevant content. In addition, McDonald’s is also working with some B station up owners to create content.

The chain restaurant brand, which started to settle in station B in April this year, said that at present, its main content on the platform is “relatively more two-dimensional”, such as the cartoon image “Cuizhi” of Maimai crispy chicken, magic “rock potato” dance, and “small theater” without straw cup cover.

The company said that the “summer pursuit plan” of the sunrise live broadcast in station B is to convey the positive energy and warmth of McDonald’s “people’s facilities” and encourage and care for young people.


“First of all, we hope to transmit positive energy through the sun, and we also choose places that we all yearn for, but we can’t go to now because of the epidemic situation, such as Mohe, Qinghai Lake and so on.” Second, McDonald’s said it also prepared breakfast vouchers for the audience.

Different from many lively live sales, McDonald’s sunrise live is very quiet. “We believe there can be another appeal without loud selling. But we are not without interaction. We will share some introductions of the live broadcast places through the official bullet screen, chat with the audience in the live room, and cheer you up in the morning. ” McDonald’s said.

“High cost performance”

It is worth noting that McDonald’s has also played a “cost-effective” brand for the breakfast menu while conducting the live drainage.

McDonald’s breakfast products

The snack agent noticed that the company launched the “super value breakfast month” activity last month. Since June 8, the company has offered different low-cost products and set meal combinations every day for 28 consecutive days. For example, the special set meal offered on the first day included a plain fried chicken leg and wheat Full Score hamburger plus a cup of soybean milk, which was 6 yuan, about 30% off the original price.

McDonald’s told the snack agency today that according to the breakfast sales data in Guangzhou, local consumers like the breakfast combination products with “high quality and affordable benefits”. At present, the most popular product of maimanfen is Jishi egg and wheat full score. Compared with soybean milk, coffee is more popular. Since the “breakfast month” activity, the top three package sales are: 6 yuan plate roast combination, 10 yuan three piece set, and 6 yuan time limit for buying one free and one free soybean milk for potato cake.

This also caters to the trend of catering consumption in part of the post epidemic “new normal” period. In June this year, Bain and Kaidu consumer index jointly released a report that pointed out that the epidemic has accelerated the “online transfer” and “pursuit of cost-effective” trends, while promoting the growth of big brands and local brands.

In May this year, Chris kempczinski, the Global CEO of McDonald’s, also mentioned at the first quarter performance meeting that according to the experience of China and other markets, consumers will not immediately return to their pre epidemic behavior. “In order to regain the consumer value is one of the necessary factors.” He said.

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