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Meituan reviews and Coca Cola have reached a strategic cooperation to create a new digital marketing business model for FMCG beverage industry

On July 21, meituan review signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Coca Cola China. Both sides will jointly explore a new digital business model leading the industry reform in the future. Chen Ruijie, general manager of commercialization Department of meituan reviews and comments, and Yang Manman, general manager of Coca Cola media and digital marketing, attended the signing ceremony as representatives of both sides.


Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between meituan review and Coca Cola

(first from left: Yang Manman, general manager of media and digital marketing of Coca Cola; first from right: Chen Ruijie, general manager of commercialization Department of meituan review and review)


Deeply cultivate the scene of food and dinner, create a new digital business model

China’s food culture is extensive and profound, and the cooperation between the two sides will also focus on the scene marketing of delicious food, organically combine the full range of products of Coca Cola and the full scene platform ecology of meituan review, and make full use of the brand influence and consumer insight of Coca Cola, as well as the omni channel ecology and digital ability of meituan review, so as to provide consumers with a variety of consumption scenarios Diversified drinking options. At the same time, meituan review will also work with Coca Cola to enable the digital capacity building of catering merchants in the value chain of both sides to build an advanced management mode of catering canal management.


Chen Ruijie, general manager of the commercialization Department of meituan reviews, said: “Coca Cola is an important strategic partner of meituan review. After years of cooperation, the two sides have made in-depth exploration on online and offline integrated content marketing, offline channel management, big data analysis and application, etc., and will continue to deepen cooperation in the future, and strive to provide consumers with better quality drinking Dining experience. “


Yang Manman, general manager of media and digital marketing of Coca Cola, believes that meituan review, as China’s leading local life service platform, has the ability of online and offline integrated Omni channel marketing ecology and the ability to accurately reach consumers in multiple scenes. This cooperation will accelerate the digital transformation of Coca Cola, cover all kinds of consumption scenarios more comprehensively, and bring consumers more convenient and high-quality consumption experience.


It is reported that meituan review and Coca Cola have already had successful cooperation experience in the marketing of food accompaniment scenes. The two sides have launched a series of activities such as “Coca Cola city food can taste Tour”, “Coca Cola and food”. Through big data and online digital capabilities, meituan reviews has linked tens of thousands of restaurants to carry out “to store + home” catering scene marketing, and continuously transmit to users the concept of “smooth and pleasant to drink, and more delicious” advocated by Coca Cola.


Four measures to enhance Coca Cola Brand Influence and open up new digital marketing channels in the industry

The market competition of food accompaniment is becoming more and more fierce, which needs continuous exploration and innovation. The cooperation between meituan review and Coca Cola will also be carried out in four aspects:


First of all, with “food +” as the core, the whole category layout will run through the o2o marketing activities throughout the year. The main brand of Coca Cola will further deepen the marketing of food and meal scenes, and its full line products such as Sprite, meizhiyuan, fiber + series, Chunyue, Yiquan and other full line products will expand cooperation extension with meituan reviews in different scene dimensions, and explore new cooperation modes, including flash purchase new retail, cross-border marketing of wine and tourism scenes, etc.


Secondly, in the b-end digital business model, the two sides will establish a Coca Cola merchant alliance. Combined with their respective advantageous resources, we will jointly create a set of digital business model from merchant recruitment, operation to precipitation, and enable cooperative merchants through the whole link, so as to further strengthen Coca Cola’s penetration of catering channels and realize the common development of brands and merchants.


In addition, meituan reviews will also help build a long-term private operation position of the brand – Coca Cola Brand Pavilion. Through the one-stop marketing ecology of the platform, the whole marketing link from exposure, grass planting, ordering to sharing is constructed to realize the transformation from public domain flow to brand private domain flow, as well as the long-term precipitation of brand equity.


Finally, meituan reviews will also create a private brand database for Coca Cola. Data assets are precipitated from different dimensions of activities, consumers and merchants, and real-time and visual data analysis is formed to provide scientific optimization guidance for brand marketing.


With the upgrading of consumer demand, digital sales channels and marketing strategies that focus on consumer experience and interactive interest are more favored by consumers. Meituan reviews and Coca Cola have joined hands to explore the diversified food marketing scene, which has taken an important step on the road of exploring the innovative digital business model of the industry.

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