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Wangzai’s IP: how to activate and renovate old brand assets?

The real brand rejuvenation can not only make the brand image as a mascot, but also need more and more vivid application scenarios to truly connect the new experience and emotion. No vivid application scene of IP image, the effect is not as good as traditional VI.

In recent years, the phenomenon of brand equity aging of many large enterprises is very serious, which is caused by the rapid development and change of the network and the trend of the times, which is the case all over the world. Although most of the well-known brands in China have only been established for decades, the phenomenon of brand aging is still very common.

“We have been striving for brand building and marketing, but unconsciously, our brand has been marginalized and ignored. People no longer seem to accept and love as they used to be, which seems irreversible.” This is a big enterprise brand director in and IP egg fried rice main pen Chen Gray said when chatting.

These big enterprises have no choice but to find that no matter how many hundred million yuan they continue to invest in marketing, they still can not get rid of the “old popularity” in people’s mind, and it is difficult to integrate into the mainstream market of young people.

What shall I do? Enterprises have done a lot of work, including the use of IP animation image, but it seems that their IP can not get rid of the feeling of “corporate mascot”, and relying on mascots alone is far from enough to complete the mission of brand equity renovation.

Because, in order to really make the brand younger, we can not only make the brand image as a mascot, but also need more and more vivid application scenarios to truly connect the new experience and emotion. No vivid application scene of IP image, the effect is not as good as traditional VI.

The following case is a well-known old brand. What it has done in recent years has indeed achieved better results than other old brands. Let’s see how it is “activated” and “renovated”

This old brand is Wangzai.

&What was Wangzai originally?

Simple memory brand image

Speaking of Wangwang, you will more or less think of:

“You are prosperous, I am prosperous, everybody is flourishing ~”

“Come on,baby!”

“Look again? Look again and I’ll drink you up! “

And so on the magic brainwashing advertisement with voice function.

Along with the advertisement, it is a lovely boy with waistcoat, big eyes looking up, limbs open, as if to rush into your arms at any time: Wangwang.

Because the image is attractive, advertising brainwashing, products are also good, so Wangwang quickly achieved success in the early days of its birth.

However, with the development of the times, the simplification of Wangwang’s products for decades, coupled with modern people’s pursuit of more healthy and diversified diet, makes it difficult for Wangwang to stand out in the varied and innovative snack industry no matter how brainwashed and sentimental they are in advertising. We slowly found that Wangwang began to sell.

From 2014 to 2016, Wangwang’s sales volume fell sharply for three consecutive years, and the market value evaporated by more than HK $70 billion. Wang Wang, who is more than 30 years old, is facing “middle age crisis” for the first time. How should he help himself? This is the challenge that Wangwang has to face now.

Fortunately, Wangwang’s road to self-help has a big advantage at the beginning – Wangwang’s trademark image “Wangzai” seems simple, but it has IP attributes.

The image of the naughty boy next door depicted in a few strokes is simple but has some memory points: the round hair, the forever open smile, the hugging hands and so on all have different positive energy meanings. Therefore, the image of Wangzai exudes a kind of happiness at any time. It is joyful to look at and easy to remember.

Emotional resonance and cultural consensus are the two criteria to evaluate IP strength.

The image of Wangzai can arouse people’s happy mood, which coincides with the world outlook that Wangwang IP has been emphasizing in recent years: to create a happy kingdom with the mission of bringing positive energy to wangfan.

On the other hand, what Wangzai carries is people’s pursuit of the parent of festive culture (which was later combined with the cultural matrix of modern young people). Therefore, the sales volume of Wangwang in the early stage of development and even now in traditional festivals is better than usual.

In the era when the concept of IP has not yet been popularized, Wangwang has reached the IP standard of emotional energy and cultural energy in a forward-looking way, and the road of IP “activation” naturally revolves around the image of Wangzai.

Content authoring activation IP properties

Wangwang’s rejuvenation

In 2017, after Wangwang group reorganized the development direction and determined the positioning of “Wangzai” IP, Wangwang deepened the representativeness of Wangzai’s original lively and lovely little boy attribute, including setting up “Wangzai club” on multiple social media, publishing daily interesting events in the voice of Wangzai, and conducting online interaction with Wang fans.

Fearing that Wang Chai is not enough to play alone, Wangwang has added other IP roles to him, such as daily interactive banter ~ Lang Weixian, Mr. bond, spicy person, Xiaosu, etc.

Among them, the strange CP composed of Wangzai and langweixian is sought after by many netizens.

In the creation of IP content, Wangwang combines the popular culture loved by modern young people, and tries to apply IP image in different content forms, such as Wangzai farmer calendar, Wangzai chef, Wangzai wallpaper, cartoon, expression pack, even small animation, etc.

Wangzai dialect series expression pack

Wangwang farmer calendar

In addition to the IP materials that can be used in daily life, Wangzai also likes to “rub” hot topics of current events and make topics. For example, the recent “sister riding the wind and waves” is very popular. Wangzai imitates the “making waves of grandmothers” show in the dairy industry, bringing all kinds of milk from its own brand to the front of the battle, causing many netizens to pick.

Young people like to brush ghost animal video, “Wangwang” let brother Q dance a full of coquettish magic dance, instant rush hot search.

The rich innovation of IP content and a series of interesting, network sense, creative and hyped marketing operations on the social platform have not only made the IP image of Wangzai more vivid, but also successfully found a channel to maintain communication with young consumers. By standing with young people, Wangwang’s brand image has been “rejuvenated” smoothly.

Full integration of IP and products / services

Creating topic IP

In the long run, the core competence of maintaining product / service differentiation and realizing product rapid iteration can occupy the market more than pure brand image building. The former requires IP participation and must be combined with product / service experience. Wangwang not only creates the IP image, but also achieves the IP Product / service.

This has to go back to 2017. Wangwang has just embarked on the road of IP incubation. In the same year, Wangwang launched the plus series, which “enlarged” the classic products.

QQ sugar, steamed buns, snow cakes and Xianbei are all “big”. In order to cater to the concept of “growing up”, Wangwang also found “Li Ziming, a classmate of grade 3 and class 6” in the classic advertisement of Wangzai milk. After many years, “Li Ziming” has also grown up and become “Teacher Li Ziming, class 6, grade 3”.

The creativity of the product makes Wangwang rise again at once, forming a network red spread, and the sales volume of the product increases rapidly. Wangwang is also out of control in the creative development of products.

Round scallops and square snow cakes

Last year, wangchai launched a new package of “national cans” of 56 nationalities in China, or sold in the form of blind boxes. Ethnic elements combined with the most popular blind box game, “national pot” will soon be on the social media screen.

In addition to topical products, Wangwang is also keen to meet the tastes of different consumer groups.

Many young people pursue healthy, sugar free eating habits, Wangwang launched a healthy series——

Young people like to taste fresh food, and the taste is changeable. Wangzai has developed a number of product lines to meet different needs.

In derivatives, Wangwang also plays well.

Last year, it launched a furniture version of the “enlarged” series,

The “national pot” is on fire, and the surrounding areas of ethnic series also emerge as the times require.

In view of the great pressure of modern people, Wangwang has launched a series of pressure reducing toys — super good kneading series,

This year, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, masks once became out of stock, and Wangwang began to sell masks.

Wangwang can produce different topics and events every time it goes on sale. Products like “dopamine” stimulate consumers’ nerves and demands and attract consumers to buy.

Enterprises that can often launch “dopamine type” products often unconsciously become Internet red IP, expand their brand influence and realize brand value.

Offline / cross border multi point access

Refresh IP awareness and Sustainability

In the era of IP prevalence, online marketing is not enough. In order to maximize the benefits of brand marketing, offline operation and IP cross-border cooperation are essential.

In recent years, Wangwang is also expanding and rejuvenating Wangzai IP in a diversified and in-depth direction. It uses offline and cross-border cooperation to refresh the public’s understanding of Wangzai.

For example, in the 40th anniversary of the birth of Wangzai IP in 2019, Wangwang held a Wangzai IP theme exhibition called “Wangju Yitang”. The exhibition hall will pack the flourishing culture, products and advertising words into various materialized devices for re input, so that consumers can experience the freshness brought by vivid scenes.

The offline stores of Wangzai club can also provide consumers with IP situational experience. Wangzai IP elements are everywhere in the stores, and the number of stores has broken through 100 unconsciously.

In addition, Wangwang has also launched a series of products for netizens’ crazy discussion by cooperating with famous brands such as tide brand tyakasha, Naixue and nature hall.

Offline and co branding are finished, but Wangwang is not a good time.

Small short legs once again stepped into the real estate sector, the establishment of Wangzai theme “Shenwang Hotel”.

The hotel is dominated by local tyrant gold, and Wangzai IP elements can be seen everywhere in the guest rooms, which makes you feel a sense of IP presence.



Not only that, Wangwang also opened the Shenwang hotel in Taipei, all inclusive.

Because of the epidemic situation, Wangwang hospital once came into our sight.

Yes, the hospital. It’s a serious tertiary hospital. The hospital is not the infusion of milk, open snacks medicine, but the decoration style is still supported by Wangwang’s unique IP element, which changes the dull impression of traditional hospitals.



During the epidemic period, Hunan Wangwang hospital also became one of the designated hospitals for the new coronavirus epidemic, and sent a professional medical team to assist Wuhan.

Can’t you think of it?

Today’s Wangzai is no longer the mascot of the old brand Wangwang, but a brand IP with its own traffic and influence.


Because it is highly sensitive to current events and hot spots, and can keep up with the development of the times and young people, Wangwang can quickly get rid of the problem of brand aging. In addition, enriching IP content creation, realizing product / service-oriented IP, and refreshing IP cognition through cross-border are also the key to the success of Wangzai IP activation.

In the case of Wangzai, we can clearly see four main points:

1. We must transform the traditional brand image into a highly empathic and interactive IP role. From image to role, enterprises need to surpass the tradition in cognition.

2. The role of IP should be fully integrated with products / services, so that the products can be content-based and continue the popularity and influence of IP topics.

3. Through a series of content creation, activities and cross-border, IP attributes are activated and developed to achieve multi-point access.

4. To achieve the goal of “rejuvenating the old age” and “rejuvenating the old age” and “going back to the old age” through “a little bit of old age” and “going back to the old age” through “one step” of “people’s awareness and” going back to the old age “.

It is certainly not easy to achieve the above points, but if we do, the old brand may break the stereotyped old image of the past, inject new IP vitality from the inside to the outside, so as to renovate the brand assets!

The figure below shows the organization and summary of the egg fried rice team, and it can be seen at a glance that Wangzai’s Enterprise IP system——

Author: kenkly; source: IP egg fried rice (ID: ipcook), reprinted with authorization.
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