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Chairman Wang, chief designer of Shanghai Hai’ao Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hai Ao”), once put forward the slogan of “combining the general situation with the world”. He believed that only friends with the same ideals could support each other and move towards the road of success. Under the guidance of this slogan, Liao Hongfang, general manager of Haiao, has been in the South China market for less than a month. With the help of new products and good food, after comprehensively considering the economic strength, management ability and resource advantages of the other party, several distributors in Fujian and Guangdong provinces have been successfully added. At present, the number of cooperative distributors is still increasing.

During the epidemic period, many enterprises were faced with large and small losses. Haiao actively made adjustments and turned risks into opportunities, which not only remained unaffected, but also increased sales. At the same time, Haiao has maintained its R & D and innovation advantages, successfully launched a series of products such as haoshicong, and continuously cultivated more markets in China.


Haiao adheres to the principle of “moving the best ingredients in the world to the places most needed in China”, and is committed to providing consumers with the best quality baking products. As we all know, Canada and Australia have sufficient sunlight and pollution-free natural growth environment due to geographical reasons. The wheat produced by Canada and Australia is particularly suitable for baking pastry and become famous wheat production areas in the world. New Zealand is recognized as the “top source of milk” in the world. It is a natural pasture with pure water and high quality forage. The milk powder produced here has high nutritional value.

Ms. Liao Hongfang, general manager of Shanghai Haiao bulk business marketing center

In order to ensure product quality and improve taste, Hai’ao strictly controls the origin of raw materials, selects wheat imported from Canada / Australia, milk powder and butter from New Zealand and eggs from large-scale farms in Asia. In addition, for millet, black rice and other coarse cereals, Haiao also selects high-quality production areas in China. For example, Shaanxi Province, with special geographical environment, is rich in millet with round grains, golden color, sticky glutinous and refreshing taste, which is very suitable for making cakes.

Select high-quality raw materials, elaborately produce unique baking cake. In May 2020, at the 10th Hai’ao new product conference, we will launch a series of new products such as haoshicong. Liao Hongfang said: “compared with the previous products, there are three breakthroughs in the cake series: first, the concept of” soup “has been put forward for the first time; second, the technology has been broken through, and the New Subversive technology of high humidity and tender baking has been adopted; third, the shape has broken through the conventional round and square shape, showing an oval shape.”

At present, Haiao’s main product is the soup cake series, which is also the most popular product this year. The series of products include pure coconut soup, gemenberg’s milk and egg soup, white peach cheese soup and black rice egg yolk soup. Haiao strictly selects New Zealand butter and milk powder, Australian wheat, fresh eggs, trehalose and other world-class food materials. Through the “high humidity and tender baking” process, the dough is evenly heated, and the embryo body is wrapped with dense steam to form a self heating and moist protective ring. The product has the characteristics of “soft, fragrant and tender”. The entrance is as smooth as “egg soup”, which fully guarantees the high-end quality and health Maintenance value. As soon as the new products come into the market, they are warmly welcomed by the majority of consumers.


In order to further expand the market scope of Haiao intensive farming, Liao Hongfang decided to go south and gradually cultivate the national market.

Thick cake is located in the middle and high-end people who have taste demand for cake products. Liao Hongfang said: “in the early stage of marketing, we conducted a series of blind test activities on this, and the results showed that 90% of the participants thought that the product humidity, sweetness, softness and aroma of good soup were better than other similar products. It gives us a lot of confidence. “

Intensive marketing is a persistent job. Liao Hongfang has a plan in mind. Taking the South China market as an example, she said: “first of all, we should match the existing channels of customers in the South China market and follow up the market density. We ensure that our products provide support for customers in packaging, image building, and regular activities, and constantly upgrade our products. Secondly, it is necessary to further communicate with customers, and adopt different theme plans from the monthly and quarterly activities, including the arrangement of activities against the season. As far as possible to do a good job in market support for customers, to provide support for customer market expenses. “

Logistics has always been a concern of dealers. In order to solve customers’ worries, Liao Hongfang solicited opinions extensively. She said, “for example, for logistics in the South China market, we will improve the existing logistics speed, and at the same time, we will find new logistics companies that are relatively matched.”

With the strong support of Haiao policy, haoshicong series products have been recognized by customers all over the country from the packaging to the team’s R & D ability. In the South China market alone, Haiao has successfully developed several distributors in Fujian Province and Guangdong Province.


Haiao has set its target on the national market, starting with the continuous intensive cultivation of the South China market. “At present, there is still a lack of a more comprehensive layout in other markets. Next, we will continue to concentrate on other markets, transport the world’s best ingredients to China, and change the breakfast habits of a generation,” Liao said

Liao Hongfang believes that the baking market will continue to develop in the next 30 years, and the growth rate of baking market capacity in secondary and tertiary cities can be close to 30%. China’s baked food has gradually penetrated from the first and second tier cities to the third and fourth tier cities and rural markets, and the consumption group of baked food has gradually expanded. In addition, Internet technology combines offline business opportunities with the Internet, and to a certain extent, excavates more consumption opportunities. The change of consumer consumption habits will bring new development opportunities for the traditional baking industry.

Haiao has also followed the trend. At the previous press conference, it has announced the future core strategies: large single product, new channels, heavy product promotion, fine management, and proposed win-win plans with customers: short selling plan, supply chain optimization, ODM customization, and everyone is the anchor. From multiple dimensions to create the “relationship between manufacturers” with the characteristics of Hai’ao.

In the future, continuous innovation is the constant strategic direction of Hai’ao. At the same time, Hai’ao will focus on creating large single products, consolidate the existing offline channels and develop new channels, so as to open up online and offline, achieve the goal of intensive cultivation in the national market, and enhance the national popularity of Hai’ao. Liao Hongfang said: “I am full of confidence in the future development of the pastry market, and also firmly believe that through the construction of a” co discussion, CO creation, sharing “cooperation relationship between the characteristic manufacturers of Hai’ao. We can grasp the market trend and lead the industry reform! “

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Source: original copy of snack Express
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia editor: Liu Yuting

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Preview of whole food 2020

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