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Starbucks Kunshan Industrial Park started construction in the second half of the year, Deya milk parent company plans to go public, Dongpeng beverage listed new progress, tence northwest factory put into operation, Tongrentang opened a coffee shop, and unqualified baby rice flour dealers were punished

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Construction of Starbucks Kunshan Industrial Park will start in the second half of this year (Kunshan natural resources and Planning Bureau)


On July 15, Starbucks obtained an industrial land located in the south of Honghu road and the west side of Pengxi road in Kunshan Development Zone, covering an area of 120 mu. It will invest about 1 billion yuan to construct the industrial park, and will start construction in the second half of this year.


What kind of drinks will KFC sell in Beijing Winter Olympics? Here comes the official response (Xinhua, Madison)


According to Xinhua news agency, yum! China has become the official catering service sponsor for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games. Its brands such as KFC and Pizza Hut will provide catering services for athletes and guests, according to Xinhua news agency. Data show that KFC has been cooperating with Pepsi Cola. As the top Olympic partner, Coca Cola has the exclusive rights and interests of beverage category in the Olympic Games.


As to which brand of beverage will be provided by the above brands in the venues, the marketing development department of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee said that when Yum! Brands China provides catering services for the venues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, there will be no third-party trademark in the beverage packaging, or it will be presented in the form of cooperation with the Winter Olympics sponsor. When Yum China carries out winter Olympics marketing activities in its offline stores, if it involves sponsorship categories of other Olympic enterprises, there will be no third-party brand logo.

Tiansi group’s northwest Red Bull production base officially put into operation (company news)


Yesterday, in Yinchuan city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Tianshi group announced that it was officially put into production. It is reported that the base is jointly established by Tianshi group and Ningxia houshengji medlar Beverage Co., Ltd., and the imported production line is cited.

The only factory in the west corridor of Yili River to be put into trial production in November (issued by Liangzhou)

According to Liangzhou released yesterday’s news, Yili Wuwei factory project is planned to be put into trial production in mid November this year. It is reported that the factory is the only dairy processing enterprise built by Yili in the Hexi Corridor, and it is also the largest overall investment project among hundreds of Yili Group branches. The total investment of the project is about 2.1 billion, including 1.121 billion in phase I and 1 billion in phase II. After completion, 1888 tons of liquid milk per day can be realized, and the annual total output value can reach 6.7 billion.


Assistant president of Yili Group visited Xiping County for investment project site selection (Xiping County People’s Government)


On July 21, Xiping County Magistrate Li Quanxi, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and deputy county magistrate Liu Guanghui accompanied Bao Zhiyong, assistant president of Yili Group, and his party to the site investigation of investment project site selection in Leizu town of our county. Bao Zhiyong said that Yili is developing rapidly and intends to build a ranch in Xiping to solve the company’s milk supply and other problems.


Hong Kong Meixin moon cake factory staff diagnosis! Destruction of raw materials and products


Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hongkong, Hongkong, was reported on July 18th. The last working day was for the workers who worked in the raw materials processing area. Maxim said it had thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the working area and shared space on the 20th, and arranged for the staff working in the area to be isolated at home for 14 days and tested for virus. On the afternoon of the 21st, the whole plant was arranged to stop production and disinfect, and relevant raw materials and moon cake products were destroyed.

Nanchang held a video conference on “Burger King” food related issues disposal (Nanchang market supervision and Administration Bureau)

On the morning of July 17, Nanchang Municipal Bureau held a video conference on “Burger King” food related problems. Details of the meeting requirements are as follows:

Esprit (Guangzhou) food was fined nearly 250000 for selling unqualified infant rice flour (Guangdong market supervision bureau)

According to the notice on the inspection and disposal of substandard food issued by Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau yesterday, the following administrative penalties have been imposed on Esprit (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd.: 1. Confiscating 41907.18 yuan of illegal income; 2. Imposing a fine of 249768 yuan. Prior to that, the detection value of pantothenic acid and iodine in infant’s multi grain rice flour distributed by the nominal Esprit (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd. was lower than 80% of the marked value on the product packaging label; the iodine detection value of the mixed fruit rice flour for infants and young children was lower than 80% of the marked value on the product packaging label.

CEO of Yizi said he was ready to store raw materials for the second wave of “hoarding” (Bloomberg)


Dirk Van de put, chief executive officer of Yizi international, said in an interview recently that Yizi was ready to store raw materials for production in case of a second wave of “hoarding” that might come. In addition, Yizi also began to look for temporary workers or increase labor force to ensure the normal operation of the supply chain and sales team.


Meituan hopes to cope with a 3-4-fold increase in takeout orders in the next five years with unmanned delivery vehicles (Peng Bo)


According to 36 krypton yesterday, citing the news from Peng Bo, the general manager of meituan’s unmanned Distribution Department said meituan expected daily orders for takeout orders to increase 3-4 times from the current 30 million orders in the next five years. The US mission is developing self driving cars to help its 800 thousand couriers cope with the expected surge in demand.

Citigroup expects China Resources beer to recover stronger than expected in the second quarter


According to today’s news from, a little earlier, Citigroup development research reported that China Resources beer is expected to release the results of the first half of this year. The bank expects core EBIT and core net profit to grow by 2% in the first half of this year (EBIT from January to February fell 42% year-on-year), while the profit recovery in the second quarter is stronger than expected.

Citigroup: raised the target price of meituan’s comments by 67%, and the recovery of takeout and other businesses is expected to lead to better performance than expected (36 krypton)

Citigroup said it expects meituan’s second quarter results to exceed expectations, mainly due to strong takeout and the recovery of in store dining, raising its target price by 67% to HK $242, according to 36 krypton yesterday, citing the news from Bloomberg.

Notice on the completion of one suspension examination of Sichuan Langjiu listing (CSRC)

According to the official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission, a notice of suspension of examination was completed on July 21, 2020 for the “initial public offering and listing” of Sichuan Langjiu Co., Ltd.

Written reply of receiving the listing of Dongpeng beverage (CSRC)

According to the official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission, the written reply to the initial public offering and listing of Dongpeng beverage (Group) Co., Ltd. was completed on July 21, 2020.

Deya milk parent company to be listed on GEM (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

According to the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the parent company of Deya milk, pinwo Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as pinwo food) yesterday issued a prospectus for its IPO and listing on the gem (draft of the meeting). According to the above documents, pinwo food is mainly engaged in the development, import and sales of its own brand food and the cooperative agency sales business of foreign food. During the reporting period, the sales revenue of Deya brand dairy products accounted for a large proportion. In 2017-2019, the sales revenue of Deya brand dairy products were 607.6423 million yuan, 785.1114 million yuan and 966.9685 million yuan respectively, accounting for 50.05%, 62.80% and 70.15% of the company’s current main business income.

Tongrentang to open 300 coffee and beverage stores in Beijing (Interface)

According to the news from the interface yesterday, Tongrentang, a time-honored drugstore, has opened two coffee beverage complex stores called “Zhima health” in Beijing, selling coffee products with herbal elements and other non coffee products. It is reported that “Zhima health” is a new retail business of Tongrentang health, and 300 stores will be set up in Beijing in the next year. Yu Ruixuan, head of the business section, said Tongrentang’s positioning for Zhima health is “a platform to provide integrated sub-health solutions for modern young people by setting up a super experience store offline.”.

Yakult sells cosmetics in China (Interface)

According to yesterday’s interface news, on July 21, Yakult Yakult group’s “Yakult overseas flagship store” entered tmall global, and all the products in the store are Japanese cosmetics of the company. A person in charge of Yakult’s Guangzhou headquarters (Yakult’s name in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China is “Yiliduo”) said that at present, the cosmetics business of Yakult is represented by the Agency Department of overseas company headquarters through a company named yikaofei in Shanghai. The Chinese company’s business does not involve the production and sales of Yakult cosmetics.

Guojiao 1573 stop goods confirmed: go to stock first to prepare for subsequent price increase (

According to today’s news from China Securities Network, a liquor dealer in Chengdu said on July 22 that the document was true to the rumor that the national general distributor of Guojiao 1573 Luzhou Laojiao Liquor Sales Co., Ltd. stopped goods. “Guojiao 1573 national stop goods, in order to better inventory, for subsequent price increases to prepare.” “With the price increase of Wuliangye and other liquor companies, the price increase of Guojiao 1573 is also to stabilize the price system,” an industry source said

Juewei food subsidiary plans to participate in the establishment of investment fund for “food ecology” (China Securities Network)


According to China Securities Network yesterday, Juewei food announced that Shenzhen Wangju Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, intends to sign the partnership agreement of Hunan golden cudgel private equity fund enterprise (limited partnership) with Hunan xiangheyun Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., grassroots Zhiben Group Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai MAILUN investment center, and Shenzhen Wangju Investment Co., Ltd. will participate as a limited partner Set up an investment fund, which will invest in “food ecology” related enterprises through equity investment. The target scale of the fund is 681 million yuan, and Shenzhen netju investment plans to subscribe 400 million yuan. Gan Yuan Food IPO online roadshow Dong Mi said to increase e-commerce channel layout (Beijing business daily)

On July 21, Ganyuan food, a leisure snack enterprise, conducted an IPO online roadshow. In answering questions from investors, Yan Haiyan, vice chairman, deputy general manager and Secretary of the board of directors of Ganyuan food, said that the company’s e-commerce business declined slightly in 2018 and showed an upward trend in 2019. At present, efforts are being made to lay out e-commerce channels, and the proportion of e-commerce is expected to increase year by year in the future.

Tim Hortons coffee opens in Beijing (Beijing business daily)

According to Beijing Business Daily yesterday, Canadian coffee brand Tim Hortons China (hereinafter referred to as “tims China”), which has been focusing on developing non first-line markets, has quietly begun to layout the Beijing market. Recently, TIMS China opened a trial store in changyingtian street, Longhu, Beijing. The appearance of this store also means that tims China has officially entered the Beijing market.

Vietnam Zhongyuan Coffee Group Launches anti counterfeit operation in China (company news)


According to the news of Zhongyuan coffee yesterday, in view of the fake and infringing products of G7 coffee of Zhongyuan coffee group, the group said: “Zhongyuan Investment Co., Ltd. is” Trung Nguyen Zhongyuan “and” G7 ” “Coffee” and other registered trademarks; the above trademarks have been registered in Vietnam, China and other countries and regions according to law, with the exception of “Trung Nguyen Group Corporation” and its branch “Sai Gon coffee” Zhongyuan Investment Co., Ltd. has never authorized any other person, company or entity to use or sublicense the above trademarks in China or any other region. “

Quick reading of food industry information


Guidelines for novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control in meat processing enterprises: regular environmental monitoring of environmental samples (stock times)


Novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control and control guidelines for meat processing enterprises are issued today: in the key links and key places control, we should do well in the source control of livestock and poultry, strengthen ventilation and ventilation, and implement various protective measures required in key areas such as feeding shops, slaughtering shops, meat cutting workshop, packaging workshop, cold storage, laboratory, etc. Dormitory and other public areas prevention and control work. Regular nucleic acid monitoring of environmental samples should be carried out.


Xuzhou launched the action to improve the quality and safety of infant milk powder (Xuzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau)


According to Xuzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau yesterday, in order to further improve the quality and safety level of infant formula milk powder in Xuzhou City, Xuzhou market supervision bureau decided to carry out special action to improve the quality and safety of infant formula milk powder in the whole city from July to December. In the next step, the market supervision department will standardize and improve the business units of infant formula milk powder in the city by means of on-site inspection and law enforcement inspection, and seriously investigate and punish the illegal behaviors found, so as to ensure the food safety of infants and young children in the city.

In the first half of this year, Lithuanian exports to China grew strongly, including 180 tons of milk powder

According to the economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Lithuania yesterday quoted Lithuanian media as saying that during the epidemic period, Lithuanian food exports to China showed an obvious growth momentum. Among them, Lithuania exported 567 tons of cheese, 108 tons of canned milk, 180 tons of milk powder, 350 tons of lactose and 54 tons of other food to China in the first half of the year.


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