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This goal, which Danone intends to achieve in 10 years, has made new progress in China today

Danone, which promotes its business in China, is starting a new journey.

Today, Danone life early nutrition Greater China officially announced that it has been certified by B Corp (mutual benefit enterprise), and has become the largest common benefit enterprise cluster in Asia.

“As a multinational business unit, we spent a total of one and a half years to pass the assessment of more than 200 indicators. I’m very proud of this certification! ” Bruno chevot, senior vice president of Greater China and Australia and New Zealand, senior vice president of Danone newdigia, told the food replacer.

Xie said the Greater China early life nutrition business was very important to Danone, so it was “significant” for the business to be certified by mutual benefit enterprises. He also revealed that Danone is still trying to promote other businesses in China to achieve mutual benefit enterprise certification.

Five dimensions of good business

It is understood that in recent years, the increasingly popular “mutual benefit enterprise” aims at redefining business success and advocating enterprises to create benefits for all stakeholders such as shareholders, society and consumers. At present, it has attracted 3422 enterprises to join, covering more than 150 industries in 71 countries. What’s the difference between CSR, which is more well known in China?

In Xie Weibo’s view, Gongyi enterprises are more advocating enterprises to establish deep-seated values that bring value and benefits to all stakeholders from the internal core, rather than just advocating enterprises to take public welfare behaviors beneficial to some social groups. “We should not only do public welfare activities, but also consider how to realize the mechanism, which not only benefits the external society, but also promotes the business development of enterprises.” He explained.

Xie also talked about the “five dimensions” of Danone’s corporate philosophy, including corporate governance, employees, environment, society and customers.

He pointed out that in terms of corporate governance, Danone’s model based on the dual driving of business and social values has been integrated into the gene since 1972, which is consistent with the concept of mutual benefit enterprises. In terms of employees, Danone promotes the development of employees through education, training and internal communication.

In addition, Danone also promotes good business at the environmental, social and customer levels by promoting social welfare projects, demonstrating and driving zero carbon emissions in the industrial chain, and providing consumers with trust beyond products.

“Danone, as an” aircraft carrier “company which has obtained the certification of mutual benefit enterprises in China, we hope to attract more Chinese enterprises around us to join in and jointly promote the good business Xie Weibo said.

Helping nutrition share resources

In fact, Danone has been exploring how to promote the good in business.

As early as 2013, Danone launched the “nutrition start nutrigo” project through the establishment of social enterprises. By providing nutrition package products to poor areas, Danone helped improve the nutritional and health status of local children. At the same time, the company also held nutrition training in poor areas to help the parenting population understand the latest nutrition and health knowledge of children. Danone has helped about 200000 families and plans to provide nutritional supplements to 1 million children in the future.

Danone’s recently opened Shanghai open research center is also an example of the company’s advocacy of good business in China.

According to reports, “opening up” means that the above-mentioned research center will not only use Danone’s global R & D resources to bring the scientific research achievements and cutting-edge R & D concepts of Danone’s R & D centers in France, the Netherlands and Singapore to China, but also share the resources and achievements of the research center with Chinese scientific research and medical institutions.

Danone has many potential or existing partners in Shanghai, including universities, medical institutions and scientific research institutions, Xie said. “We firmly believe that only through open and diversified cooperation network can we realize Danone’s vision and promote nutrition research in China.”

Speed up the promotion of certification of mutual benefit enterprises

It is understood that in addition to the early life nutrition business, which dominates the business in China, more Danone’s businesses in China are striving to achieve mutual benefit enterprise certification.

“By 2025, all Danone business units in the world will be certified as mutual benefit enterprises. In this way, the whole Danone can form a very strong joint force to prove to the public all over the world that our company promotes and recognizes the concept of double goodness of commercial value and social value. ” Mr Xie said.

He also described the company as a bridge connecting business value and social value. Danone’s early life nutrition Greater China region can obtain this certification in China, which shows that its business and business model in China are recognized.

According to official data, the company has opened the co benefit enterprise certification in 2015, and Danone has obtained the common benefit enterprise certification in more than 20 enterprises around the world.

“The addition of the business unit of nutrition in Greater China in the early stage of life means that Danone has taken a big step towards the goal of the first batch of multinational enterprises to obtain the certification of mutual benefit enterprises.” The company said.

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