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Feel the luxury and delicacy of chocolate!

Forrest Gump once said: life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one tastes like. Nowadays, many chocolates are very exquisite. Just look at the appearance and feel like a work of art, let alone taste the rich taste inside.

In the world, there are many chocolates with top-level crafts that can be regarded as artworks. Countless chocolate masters have been attracted by them. Here are the top ten chocolates in the world sorted out by Xiaobian. Are you excited?

Richard Donnelly

Smell it and you’ll fall in love

Richard Donnelly has always insisted on pure handmade production. Each box of chocolate uses materials to produce different human flavors to satisfy customers’ picky taste buds. They will choose Belgian chocolate, then mix it with lavender, Mexican smoked chili, dried saffron, cardamom and Earl’s tea, etc. their bold food combination combined with strict handcraft makes the chocolate manufacturing process become a kind of craft aesthetics. In order to control the quality, they only produce 22 kilograms of chocolate a day. If you want to try it, you should try it as soon as possible.


Low key luxury

The core product of a chocolate shop must be pure handmade chocolate. This New York store named Marie belle is like an exhibition in an art museum. Its packaging box is as distinctive as chocolate. Each piece of chocolate has complicated patterns, and there are many well-designed stories behind it. Even if you don’t buy chocolate, just have a look is a great pleasure.


Colorful rainbow

Founder Norman love once said: “chocolate is my passion”. His dream is to produce a gorgeous and beautiful chocolate candy with perfect taste. Together with his partners, he selected imported high-quality chocolate and sprayed colorful patterns on the mold, thus completing the initial ideal of chocolate creation. Such colorful and aesthetic chocolate makes people can’t bear to take a look at it. It’s beautiful to suffocate.


Lucky Royal darling

This is the oldest and most famous Royal chocolate brand in France. For 200 years, it has been handmade to ensure that the taste of chocolate is mellow. Several of its special chocolates also have the effect of strengthening the body. A chocolate made from the roots of bosniaceae plants has the effect of anti spasm and stomach disease.


Unique gold ecstasy

It is famous for its golden truffle. It has produced the perfect product of gold flake and chocolate, and carefully selected coconut oil, cocoa butter, milk powder, vanilla and other food materials, so that each one has reached the ultimate enjoyment of taste and vision. It is worth trying.


Encounter Caramel toffee

Germany is another big chocolate producing country in Europe. Toffiee hazelnut chocolate is very popular in Germany. They have not continued to develop new products and continue their unique toffee formula to this day. Careful German people adjust the proportion of caramel, nougata, hazelnut and chocolate to the right degree, which makes the perfect taste of this chocolate.

Chocopologieby Knipschild

The most expensive chocolate in the world

Chocopologie by knipschildt was not a long time ago. It was developed by Danish chefs on a gourmet tour. It was made of truffles, favona cocoa and other materials. Its appearance is simple and unadorned, but its taste is very delicate and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If you don’t taste it yourself, you may never understand its taste.
In addition to the taste, regular chocolate fashion shows are also a big attraction for them. The models wear clothes inlaid with various colors of chocolate and move slowly on the stage. Of course, people under the stage are eager to move.

Swarovski Studded Chocolates

Swarovski Crystal chocolate

This is the most luxurious chocolate among the top ten chocolates in the world. Its shape and packaging are very exquisite and gorgeous, and its price is completely comparable to its value for money, which has attracted countless chocolate enthusiasts.


Low key luxury

Their most distinctive feature is the champagne Duff chocolate. DOM P é rignon, the most luxurious “king of champagne” in the world, is used as the wine core material. With the black cocoa with a purity of 66%, the chocolate sauce with the flavor of Champagne can be felt on the tip of your tongue with one sip. Their thick, smooth taste is also popular with Hollywood stars. Countless stars, including Edison Chen, are willing to wait in line.


Delicacy hidden in Holland

In Amsterdam, this is the most delicious chocolate praised by countless tourists. Picky chefs make and sell them every day. They use the freshest almonds, peanuts, pickled lemons, and Hawaiian seasonal fruits. Nearly 40 kinds of chocolates are baked every day. The dazzling array of chocolates is placed in front of your eyes, making people indulge in this delicious chocolate world.
Source: selected gourmet Pavilion

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