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Feihe joined hands with Midea, Nestle expanded the use of AR in R & D, CEO of Unilever talked about the successor, Mengniu pushed adult sheep milk powder, Quanjude reduced the price, and poly plus adjusted its profit forecast for the fiscal year

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Nestle uses AR technology to provide remote support for production and R & D (company news)


Nestle is expanding the use of AR technology, providing remote support to production and R & D sites, and establishing contact with suppliers, Nestle said today. Using tools such as remote desktop, smart glasses, 360 degree cameras and 3D software, experts can advise on complex tasks without having to go to the scene. It is reported that Nestle China Shuangcheng’s new baby cereal production line installation is one of the examples of remote technical support.


Unilever CEO: hope the successor is female or ethnic minority (Bloomberg)


Alan jope, Unilever’s chief executive, said he hoped to eventually be replaced by a woman or someone with a minority background, according to a news agency yesterday. “Maintaining balance and representation at the top of Unilever is actually one of the company’s three priorities.” Mr Qiao also said the decision to choose the next CEO is in the hands of the board. Mr. Qiao, who has been in the new company for only a year and a half, is unlikely to leave soon, according to the former CEO of Unilever for about a decade.


Feihe signs strategic cooperation agreement with Midea (company news)


According to today’s news of Feihe, Feihe signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Midea Group. “Based on the professional research on big data of users’ fans, both sides will share the needs and pain points of new generation consumers for healthy life in eugenics and eugenics related scenes, so as to provide clear problem orientation and product services for the health solutions of cooperation between the two sides,” Feihe said


The project of ten thousand dairy cattle ranch in the original ecology of flying crane is planned to be completed by the end of the year (Qiqihar daily)


According to today’s Qiqihar daily news, the Feihe original ecological 10000 head dairy farm project started on April 24 this year. It is planned to complete the project and equipment investment of 180 million yuan by the end of 2020. It is planned to introduce 2000 Holstein lactating cows and 1000 mature cows, so as to realize partial production by the end of 2020 based on the principle of putting into production and building at the same time. The project can produce 60000 tons of fresh milk per year and achieve an annual sales revenue of 300 million yuan


Yili high end intelligent organic dairy products processing project is expected to be put into operation in December next year (Arong Banner people’s Government)


According to the Arong Banner people’s government today, the first phase of Yili high-end intelligent organic dairy products processing project with an investment of 1 billion yuan has completed the investment of 110 million yuan. It is expected to be put into operation in December 2021, with an annual output of 530000 tons of liquid milk and an output value of 4 billion yuan.

Yan Weibin, chairman of Aoyou: helping nerido enter the first matrix of milk powder in China’s infant distribution market in 3-5 years


On July 20, the “new platform, new journey, new blueprint” 2020 national elite annual meeting was held in Changsha. Yan Weibin, chairman of Aoyou, said that the group will continue to support nerido’s rapid growth in terms of global supply chain, product R & D innovation, team building, brand building and operation platform construction, so as to help nerido enter the first market of milk powder in China’s infant distribution market within 3-5 years.

Zhengzhou Taigu Coca Cola will open 9 more warehouses in provincial cities this year (Henan Daily)


At the end of March this year, Zhengzhou Swire Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Zhengzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone on the construction of “Zhengzhou Taigu Coca Cola expansion and reconstruction of intelligent green factory project”, according to Henan Daily today. According to the strategic layout of Swire Coca Cola, the company will open 9 more warehouses in Henan Province this year.


SECCO will invest more than 500 million yuan to build 10000 pastures (Hangjinhou banner people’s Government)


On July 23, the people’s Government of Hangjinhou banner held an investment cooperation signing ceremony with Inner Mongolia saikexing group. Inner Mongolia saikexing group will invest 530 million yuan to build a modern dairy farm with 12000 heads in taiyangmiao farm of Hangjinhou banner.

Tim Hortons Beijing store officially opened, 20 stores to be opened in Beijing this year (company news)


Today, the first batch of stores of Tim Hortons (hereinafter referred to as “tims coffee”) officially opened in Beijing. The two stores are the world trade Tianji store and Changying Tianjie store. It is reported that tims coffee will open 20 stores in the Beijing market in 2020. At the beginning of entering China, TIMS coffee proposed to open 1500 stores. At present, it has opened nearly 70 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian, Zhengzhou and other cities.


Quanjude: reduce the price of dishes and cancel the service charge (Beijing News)


On July 24, on the occasion of the 156th anniversary of Quanjude, general manager Zhou Yanlong announced that the prices of all dishes would be reduced and the service fee would be completely cancelled. It is understood that before its service charge is 15% of the total consumption amount for private rooms and 10% for the hall. In addition, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, Quanjude added “one person eating roast duck” and “two people eating roast duck” in the new menu.


Daoxiang hair surplus police report: profit to loss in the first half of the year (Ming Pao)


According to the Xinbao news today, Daoxiang is expected to turn profit into loss in the first half of this year. It still made HK $72 million in the same period last year, and its revenue will fall by 40-45% year on year. Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak was mainly caused by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, which led to the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, including the catering industry, which was affected since January this year.  

Meituan bought vegetables and settled in Guangzhou, the first batch of 10 stations (

Yesterday, meituan shopping was officially launched in Guangzhou. The first batch of 10 stations are distributed in Tianhe, Haizhu, Panyu, Baiyun and other areas, with a service range of 2-3 km around the site, providing community residents with “mobile phone order, the fastest 30 minutes delivery” mobile phone shopping service. Prior to that, meituan has already set up in Shenzhen and other places in South China, with more than 40 stations in Shenzhen, basically covering the core area of the city.


Hershey’s consolidated net sales fell 3.4% in the second quarter (Corporate News)


Hershey’s second quarter results yesterday showed consolidated net sales of $1.707.3 billion, down 3.4% year-on-year. Among them, consolidated net sales of strategic key markets including China decreased by about 42.9%. Excluding the 11.1% adverse impact of foreign exchange, the decline in the above strategic key markets was about 31.8%. Hershey said that if the current consumption trend does not change significantly, based on the development momentum in the second quarter, sales are expected to accelerate in the second half of the year.

Poly plus adjusts profit forecast for continuing operations in fy2020 (Reuters)


French spirits producer Paul Riga said the outbreak would not affect its full year profits as much as initially expected, because supermarket sales in the United States and Western Europe are more resilient and cost-effective, according to Reuters yesterday. The company said it now expects an organic decline of 15% in its going concern profits in fy2020, rather than the 20% expected in March.


Registration approval document (decision) of 3 batches of infant formula of Heshi dairy (State Drug Administration)


Yesterday, the State Drug Administration announced three batches of infant formula registration approval (decision) information to be received, the applicant is Shaanxi Heshi Dairy Group Longzhou Co., Ltd. Details are as follows:


Mengniu enters adult sheep milk powder Market


According to business news yesterday, Mengniu Group announced plans to launch gabbro probiotic goat milk powder recently, officially entering the adult sheep milk powder market, and the product will be officially launched in late July. It is reported that gabbro probiotic goat milk powder will also enter new social retail channels, including satellite TV shopping, new media, new e-commerce and new retail.


Nestle Youhuo launches children’s fruit water in North America (company news)


According to Nestle North America yesterday, its Youhuo pure water launched fruit water aimed at children, focusing on sugar free, sweetener free, preservative free or artificial pigment free.

Guangming dairy becomes strategic partner of China Mars exploration project (company news)


According to Bright Dairy yesterday, the company has become the only strategic partner of China’s Mars exploration project in the food industry. In addition, Bright Dairy also released a limited edition gift box of “Mars thinking communication box” jointly created by bright mosleyan, China Mars exploration project and tmall new culture and innovation.


Quick reading of food industry information


Market Supervision Bureau of Guizhou Province: 9 batches of food samples were unqualified (Guizhou market supervision bureau)


On July 23, the official website of Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice on the unqualified situation of 9 batches of food. The details are as follows:



Turkey’s first batch of dairy products shipped to China (Ministry of Commerce) & nbsp;

Yazgan, a Turkish dairy company, held a ceremony for the shipment of whey powder to China in the city of taikirda, annadoru news agency reported on July 22. “Today, we export US $200 million whey powder to China. Thanks to the joint efforts of relevant ministries and commissions of China and Turkey, Turkey’s dairy products have successfully entered the Chinese market. At present, 54 enterprises are qualified to export to China, and we are proud to be the first enterprise to export whey powder to China. There are 45 companies in Turkey that produce whey powder, and our capacity is close to 10% of the total capacity. “

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