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Gold seller and beauty: elegant life starts with a piece of chocolate

A professional suit exudes elegant and charming charm in every move; acts vigorously and achieves 40-50 million sales per year. In the hard-working industry of dealers, the chairman of Xiamen hexinyuan Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “hexinyuan”) and American women are not inferior to men and have made their own way.
The beginning of the story starts with a piece of chocolate
2005 ushered in the climax of the national exchange of chocolate, and the United States by chance entered the leisure food industry, engaged in Tianjin eschenone chocolate exchange business. Driven by the big market, the daily sales volume of a single channel is as high as 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan. The first venture brought Hemei the first pot of gold in his life, but with the fad of exchange buying gradually faded, the chocolate trade was facing a halt.
“I started a national expedition. After I arrived in Fujian, I found that the nut agent project was still in a blank period. ” After a national market survey, in December 2007, Hemei started its second venture. She broke the gap of Xiamen nuts and founded a local nut company. “At that time, it was a nut counter for the supermarkets in Fujian Province, such as trust mart and Xinhua,” she said
A piece of chocolate opened the curtain of Hemei’s entrepreneurship. After that, according to the flow of online and offline sales channels, she chose the products suitable for her own, and gradually explored her own selection principles. “When choosing products, I don’t just choose one. I value more the sales data of the lower channels,” he said With continuous efforts, Hemei has successfully acted as the agent of Shizu, moxiaoxian, Hongtu, Youchen, Longwang, runbaban, Youdan, Yousheng and so on, creating 40-50 million sales per year.

The development of the story is because of the hypermarket
Only by adapting to circumstances can we be invincible. Hemei is well aware of this truth, so in the selection of sales channels, she made timely adjustments according to market changes. “I will change the channels I cooperate with according to the market demand, just like I focused on all the hypermarkets at first, but when I found that some places adopted the policy of nut transparency, I decided to withdraw from the stores and choose the wholesale form,” she said.
Later, it changed from supermarket to circulation and then to snack shops, which improved the sales of products to a certain extent. But because of the lack of time and the slow development of snack shops, we immediately turned our attention to convenience stores. Later, in order to maximize the sales volume, we timely transferred to the online
After a series of explorations, Hemei finally locked in the online channel. For the cooperative app, Hemei is like a treasure: “for example, Ding Dong buys vegetables, Xingsheng selects the best food every day, as well as our Fujian exclusive park.” Of course, a complete online channel is inseparable from community, wechat business, group buying, etc.
Starting from the hypermarket, Hemei crossed the river by feeling the stones and explored appropriate channels step by step. Under her leadership, hexinyuan gradually improved its market position and popularity.
The future of the story, towards service development

After more than ten years of training, and the United States has gradually grown into a successful dealer with elegant knowledge. She was very grateful for all the hardships she had experienced. She said, “I have been a matchmaker for upstream and downstream for several times, which has brought great losses to the company, so I am more concerned about the loyalty of the upstream.”

In 2020, the sudden emergence of an epidemic situation has brought challenges and new development ideas for gold dealers. “Door to door” service is the peak of the epidemic period, especially in the leisure food industry. In this general trend, everyone has become a consumer of services, and businesses that provide excellent services are naturally welcomed by consumers.
The story is still developing. For the future, Hemei said with full confidence: “our core development direction in the future is to focus on the community. While retaining 1000 to 2000 offline convenience systems, we will develop more online app services and build the company into a service provider.”
September 5-7, 2020 total solar eclipse exhibition will be launched
China’s top 100 candy and snack sellers in 2020


The following is the list of top 100 Chinese candy and snack gold sellers in 2019

Serial number region Company name
One Zhejiang Hangzhou Boheng Food Co., Ltd
Two Jiangsu Wuxi Huishang jupin marketing planning Co., Ltd
Three Xinjiang Urumqi jinyibo Trading Co., Ltd
Four Inner Mongolia Baotou Jinbaili Trading Co., Ltd
Five Zhejiang Wenzhou Maidian food trade
Six Zhejiang Taizhou Kaili Food Co., Ltd
Seven Guangxi Guangxi Nanning maichao Trading Co., Ltd
Eight Zhejiang Ningbo Lianfa business
Nine Hunan Changsha Baixin snacks
Ten Henan Suixian Hengsheng Food Sales Co., Ltd
Eleven Jiangsu Wuxi daomeitian Food Co., Ltd
Twelve Zhejiang Ningbo Xianglu business
Thirteen Shanghai Shanghai Chunlian Trading Co., Ltd
Fourteen Jiangsu Nanjing shiboyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd
Fifteen Guangdong Guangzhou xinjian’er Food Co., Ltd
Sixteen Tianjin Tianjin Lecheng Xinfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Seventeen Hebei Cangzhou Hongyun Huaao Food Co., Ltd
Eighteen Jiangxi Nanchang Hanbang Longxiang Food Co., Ltd
Nineteen Shandong Dongying Bosheng Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty Fujian Fujian Sanming Blue Moon Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-one Beijing Beijing jingzhenghang Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-two Zhejiang Wenzhou Lexiang Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-three Shanghai Shanghai Fuchen Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-four Yunnan Kunming duole Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-five Beijing Beijing guanglixin Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-six Shaanxi Xi’an Dianlong food company
Twenty-seven Hubei Wuhan Zongheng Xuanyuan Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-eight Hebei Baoding Dingmi Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-nine Hebei Xingtai qinghang Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty Hebei Hengshui Juxian Food Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-one Jiangsu Nanjing Opel Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-two Shanghai Shanghai Shuo Yan Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-three Shaanxi Ha Ya Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-four Jiangsu Nanjing daomeitian Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-five Henan Henan Tianfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-six Jiangsu Nanjing rongmeida Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-seven Hebei Shijiazhuang Laofu sugar trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-eight Guangdong Foshan Mi Shi Le Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-nine Jilin Changchun Mingkang candy food company
Forty Zhejiang Hangzhou ally Brand Management Co., Ltd
Forty-one Jiangsu Yixing Baichun non staple food company
Forty-two Shanxi Shanxi Rizhao Jinyuan Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-three Jiangxi Yingtan Guijia Brothers Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-four Sichuan Chengdu rongyipin Commercial Service Co., Ltd
Forty-five Guangdong Zhongshan runqi Food Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-six Hebei Langfang Bingchen Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-seven Tianjin Tianjin yidingsheng Food Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-eight Jiangxi Nanchang Qiangde Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-nine Beijing Beijing Anye Senmiao Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty Zhejiang Ningbo Lulin market Fangfang food company
Fifty-one Heilongjiang Harbin Jiamao Yuanxiang Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-two Jiangxi Nanchang Yinzhen leisure Food Co., Ltd
Fifty-three Jiangsu Wuxi Yicheng Yiwei Fruit Co., Ltd
Fifty-four Jiangsu Wuxi Weijia Trade Co., Ltd
Fifty-five Jiangsu Nanjing Huzi Food Co., Ltd
Fifty-six Guangdong Guangzhou Longlu Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-seven Guangdong Dongguan Yiwang Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-eight Henan Zhengzhou nianniannianhong Food Co., Ltd
Fifty-nine Shanghai Shanghai Chuxi Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty Jiangsu Yangzhou Xiaoshi Food Co., Ltd
Sixty-one Anhui Hefei Aiwei Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-two Zhejiang Zhejiang Yiwu guangfuhai candy Co., Ltd
Sixty-three Henan Zhengzhou Wancheng Food Co., Ltd
Sixty-four Zhejiang Hangzhou Golden Apple Food Co., Ltd
Sixty-five Hunan Hunan Changsha Yingfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Sixty-six Jiangsu Changzhou kaihong leisure food
Sixty-seven Fujian Jinjiang Luoshan Guangyang Food Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-eight Jiangsu Suzhou Jinmen suxiangguo Trading Co., Ltd
Sixty-nine Guangdong Shenzhen shenhongguo Trading Co., Ltd
Seventy Shanghai Shanghai YanHan Industrial Co., Ltd
Seventy-one Hubei Wuhan Fulilai Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-two Guangxi Nanning Shuangfu Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-three Hunan Changsha Huasheng supply chain Co., Ltd
Seventy-four Hubei Wuhan Lushi Guoxiong Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-five Fujian Quanzhou Yida Trading Co., Ltd
Seventy-six Jiangsu Nanjing huixiangyuan Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-seven Jiangsu Nanjing Shifang Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-eight Shandong Hongyixing (Shandong) Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd
Seventy-nine Guizhou Guizhou Bangjie industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty Fujian Zhangzhou Fuduo industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-one Hebei Shijiazhuang Ronghe Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-two Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Yiyi Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-three Shaanxi Shaanxi Zhangfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Eighty-four Shanxi Taiyuan Tanghai Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-five Anhui Anhui Shuangfu Food Co., Ltd
Eighty-six Jiangsu Wuxi xixusheng Trading Co., Ltd
Eighty-seven Shandong Tengzhou Hongrun Trading Co., Ltd
Eighty-eight Guangdong Zhongshan Shengzhou Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-nine Anhui Hefei Kangxi Food Trade Co., Ltd
Ninety Yunnan Kunming Baijiali Food Co., Ltd
Ninety-one Liaoning Shenyang Shuangsheng Trading Co., Ltd
Ninety-two Hubei Wuhan Qiqi Commercial Marketing Co., Ltd
Ninety-three Henan Henan Hesheng Trade Co., Ltd
Ninety-four Guangdong Guangzhou Liangji Trade Food Co., Ltd
Ninety-five Tianjin Tianjin baishihui Trading Co., Ltd
Ninety-six Liaoning Dalian huameiya Trade Development Co., Ltd
Ninety-seven Yunnan Kunming chenfan (jupinyou) Trading Co., Ltd
Ninety-eight Hunan Changsha Yuewang food
Ninety-nine Jiangxi Pingxiang Anyuan Wangda Trading Co., Ltd
One hundred Henan Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd
Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

Past review

Preview of whole food 2020
Time: September 5-7, 2020
Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (181 Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)
Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 890 exhibitors
Estimated audience: 89000
Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food
Contact: 15810224093 Li Jun
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