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How to excavate and guide the consumption demand when the 16th food plus small restaurant (Shanghai) is launched?

This is the 16th food plus event

Let’s explore this topic together

According to Nielsen and tmall data:

  • Every year, FMCG companies around the world waste more than $4 billion on unsuccessful new products
  • Nearly 30% of the new products with growth potential can not give full play to their potential due to lack of resources
  • The survival time of new products in the market is getting shorter and shorter, with an average of less than 18 months
  • Each year, there are more than 20000 new products in China’s FMCG market, with new products accounting for 17 billion RMB, accounting for 46% of the growth of FMCG
  • 80% of new products in China’s FMCG market come from local brands, and local and small and medium-sized brands have achieved rapid growth in recent years
  • In 2018, tmall’s new products exceeded 50 million, accounting for 31% of the total sales, and a super new product accounted for 30% of the store sales. New products in 2019 will become the core strategy of tmall. However, the survival rate of new products is only 60% (10 pieces sold in the new product cycle is regarded as survival), and it is only one in ten thousand possible to grow into a super new product

On the one hand, the diversified and selective market has led to the differentiation of consumers. New scenes, new media and new groups have become the engine of growth for enterprises. On the other hand, the competition of new products is extremely fierce, the survival rate is low, and Matthew effect is very concentrated. Whether it is a food giant or a food start-up company, pushing new is a must topic, and all the problems are: how to start a new business? How to ensure the survival rate of new products? How to create a super new product?


In the future, foodplus will carry out special discussions and activities on the theme of “Shangxin”.


Generally speaking, enterprises will do more or less market research, based on certain market insight and understanding and testing of consumer demand, whether it is to push new products or push new brands. If you don’t have enough insight and understanding of the market, you may make mistakes. For example, in the case of consumption upgrading, some enterprises judge that it is necessary to pull up the price band of products, which leads to the failure of bringing in new products and the loss of the original population. Some enterprises see the trend of healthy consumption and introduce new products without sugar and additives, but they can’t sell any more These new product research and development may make mistakes in the mining of consumer demand.

Please contact Jin long, general manager of food technology center and Weng Shuguang, manager of Yiming food products


Qiqia Food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern leisure food enterprise with traditional fried food and nuts as its main business, integrating independent research and development, large-scale production and marketing. After years of development, “qiqia” has grown into a leading brand in China’s nut stir frying industry. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 2, 2011, becoming the “first stock” in China’s nut frying industry. As the general manager of qiqia food technology center, Jinlong introduced the first T-Bag soft package jelly production line in China to solve the colloidal stability problem in the industry during the shelf life; designed the first domestic mixed nut beverage that can be drunk, and led the development of probiotics daily nuts. He will share the old brand food enterprises, how to innovate their products and harvest the new generation of consumers? 》。

Marketing center as product manager, led the development of children’s line “xiaomingxing” flavor fermented milk. He once served as sensory analysis engineer in Zhejiang Yangshengtang Natural Medicine Research Institute Co., Ltd., responsible for the research of plant yoghurt consumers, and had experience in operating yinwei tea store. At the same time, he also has entrepreneurial experience around children’s toys, clothing and animation. Weng Shuguang is keen on analyzing business phenomena from multiple perspectives and means, and his ability of slash is improved by his multi industry experience. He will share “new product development, how to understand consumer demand? 》。

I look forward to discussing with you. Food entrepreneurs, food practitioners and investors who are interested in the topic of “Shangxin” are welcome to sign up for this small dinner.

The theme, time and place arrangement of the 16th small dinner party

Topic: how to excavate and guide the consumption demand in Shangxin?  》 

Time: 16:00-21:00, August 1, 2020

Venue: No.50, Lane 612, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Cost: RMB 269 / person

Registration method: Click to read the original to enter the registration page

(PS: we will contact the list of applicants first and review them, so the registration may not be passed. Please understand.)


① 16:00-16:30 check in and free communication

② 16:30-17:00 introduction of foodplus and self introduction of all participants in the small dinner party

③ From 17:00 to 17:45, the general manager of the food technology center, Jin long, shared the theme of “how to innovate the products of the old brand food enterprises and harvest the new generation of consumers?”? “

④ (17:45-18:30) Weng Shuguang, Yiming food product manager, shared the theme “new product development, how to understand consumer demand”

⑤ 18:30-19:15 QA

⑥ 19:15-21:00 buffet + free communication

PS: there may be some force majeure factors on the site of small dinners, and the process will be adjusted on the spot.



As one of the food plus community activities, we aim to provide food entrepreneurs and Food & consumer goods investors with in-depth communication and high-quality social networking opportunities, invite sharing guests to share the theme, and also invite media covering food consumer goods and think tanks (such as consulting companies, design companies, etc.).


Each session will choose a relatively private environment suitable for communication. Since the first session was held in Shanghai in mid September 2017, this issue of Shanghai small dinners is the 16th one, which will be held once a month or two months.




Foodplus is a vertical community around food entrepreneurship. We focus on food consumer goods and focus on food start-ups with revenue within 100 million yuan from zero.


It was launched by Tracy, Sean and Haifeng in August 2017, and has been in full-time operation for more than one year. There are 7 team members. You can click here to learn more about foodplus.


We hope to gather the best food entrepreneurs in China through foodplus to explore the logic and law of food entrepreneurship, develop their own companies, and promote the development and innovation of the food consumer goods industry.


Our goal: to be YC in the field of food consumer goods, to be the incubator, accelerator and investment in the field of food consumer goods.

A review of past food plus dinners

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On the spot of the second phase of small dinners

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