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China’s fortune 500 has 14 food and beverage companies on the list, yiyimengniu Haidilao and other companies have risen!

The latest “power territory” of Chinese food and beverage listed enterprises has been announced.

In the list of China’s top 500 fortune 2020 released by fortune today, the list of the remaining 14 enterprises on the list remains the same as last year, except for China Grain and Oil Holding Co., Ltd., which has completed privatization and delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March this year.

In the food and beverage industry sub list is still meat giant Wanzhou International, the company’s annual revenue of 166.274.6 billion yuan ranked 67th in the total list.

In the sub list of “40 companies with the highest profit margin in China’s fortune 500 in 2020”, Guizhou Maotai ranked first with a profit margin of 46.38%.

The rest of the food and beverage companies included in this sub list were Wuliangye, which ranked 16th, Yanghe shares, ranked 24th, and Haitian flavor industry, which ranked 36th.

Snack agents browse the list and see that the ranking of food and beverage enterprises in the latest list has changed significantly compared with last year.

Among them, Yili, Guizhou Maotai, Mengniu, Wuliangye, Haidilao and Haitian ranked higher than last year, while Wanzhou International, China Resources beer, Qingdao beer, Meilin zhengguanghe, Yanghe, Guangming dairy, Dali food and COFCO Tunhe sugar industry ranked lower than last year.

In addition, Fulinmen’s parent company, China Cereals and oil holdings, also “disappeared” from this year’s list of enterprises due to its announcement of privatization at the end of November last year.

It is worth noting that, as the only catering company in the top 500 list, Haidilao, which has just been on the list for a year, has seen its annual revenue increase by about 56%, rising from 482 last year to 350th this year, leaping 132.

However, novel coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions on consumer protection and the restrictions on consumer premises in July 6th and January 2020 have led to a significant impact on the company’s business since January 2020. The expected revenue for the 6 months ended June 30, 2020 was down by about 20% compared with the same period in 2019. In addition, it also expects to record a net loss of profits attributable to owners of the company during this period.

CITIC Securities pointed out in the latest research report on Haidilao a few days ago that the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic has a direct impact on catering enterprises in the short term. It is expected that the biggest negative impact of the company will be reflected in the first half of 2020, and the recovery trend of follow-up business is relatively clear.

“Considering the impact of the epidemic on revenue reduction but relatively rigid staff costs, we expect the company to achieve only a small profit in 2020. But judging from the trend, there will be a significant recovery in the second half of the year, and a significant rebound is expected in 2021. ” According to the paper.

In fact, the epidemic in the first quarter of this year also affected some food and beverage enterprises on the list. From the perspective of industry segmentation, in addition to the catering industry which is most directly impacted, it also includes beer and condiments related to catering channel consumption. The specific “report card” of each company in the first half of the year is yet to be disclosed in the interim report to be released later.

Fortunately, with the opening of the second half of the year, market confidence has gradually recovered. It is pointed out that there is a recovery trend of beer and condiment market.

Taking Haitian as an example, CICC pointed out in its Research Report on the company in mid June this year that the most difficult period in the first quarter has passed, and the revenue growth rate is expected to recover from the second quarter. In addition, during the epidemic period, the company increased the investment and layout of 2C channel, forming a certain complementary to 2B channel.

In a research report published recently, Goldman Sachs also pointed out that China’s beer industry saw a strong recovery in the second quarter, including increased demand and replenishment of sales channels for the summer. However, there is still no recovery in the night shows and some commercial restaurants. The agency also raised the target prices of Tsingtao beer and China Resources beer respectively, and was optimistic about China Resources beer and gave a “buy” rating.

Citigroup also recently raised the target price of China Resources beer to HK $60.8, and expected the company’s sales performance to recover strongly in the second quarter, reiterating its “buy” rating.

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Looking at the latest list of China’s fortune 500 in 2020, the annual revenue threshold of listed companies is close to 17.8 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10% compared with last year. According to, China’s GDP exceeded 99 trillion yuan last year, “which means that the total income of the 500 listed companies on the list still exceeds half of China’s GDP in that year.”.

From the industry point of view, the top three patterns of this year’s list have not changed. Sinopec, PetroChina and CSCEC are still the top companies in the list. With the gradual profitability of some head Internet service companies, the net profit created by the Internet industry increased by more than 300% year on year.

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