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In response to the case of the grandson of the founder of red bull in Thailand, Nestle was appointed as the chairman unit of the first dairy industry special committee of China International Fair. JUNLEBAO invested 70 million yuan to build a ranch, and bubs promoted children’s vitamins

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The dairy industry special committee is set up in the Expo, and Nestle is the president unit of the first special committee (Xinhua net)


As the countdown to the third China International Import Expo was 100 days ago, on July 26, nine participating enterprises in the food and agricultural products exhibition area jointly established the dairy industry professional committee, and Nestle was the chairman unit of the first special committee. Zhang Suyi, senior deputy general manager of Nestle (China) Co., Ltd. and global cross-border e-commerce business, expressed the hope that the future dairy professional committee would help China to build a sustainable dairy and dairy development system by discussing topics such as the balance of social needs, new technologies and development trends of animal husbandry.


JUNLEBAO invested 70 million yuan to build smart family demonstration ranch (Zanhuang County People’s Government)


On the morning of July 26, JUNLEBAO fully intelligent future family demonstration ranch started construction in Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, which is the first family demonstration ranch to adopt intelligent full robot breeding. The total investment of the project is planned to be 70 million yuan, which will build a smart family demonstration ranch with full robot feeding and milking and full intelligent management.


Unilever to divest Kenya tea growing company


Limuru tea, a Kenyan tea growing company, said on Saturday that Unilever would operate as an independent company as it evaluated its global tea business. Limuru tea said in the circular that the divestiture would end by the end of 2021. The company also said Unilever’s stake in limuru tea would not be affected.


McDonald’s will continue to suspend the resumption of CNBC in the United States


According to foreign media, as the number of coronavirus infections in some parts of the United States continues to soar, McDonald’s has decided to suspend the plan to restart dining in American restaurants for another 30 days. Starting August 1, the company will also require customers to wear masks. On July 1 this year, McDonald’s announced that it would suspend the reopening of its restaurant service in the United States for three weeks.


Probiotics “the first stock” keto bio launched on GEM today (Securities Daily)


According to today’s news of Securities Daily, Beijing Ketuo Hengtong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ketuo biology”), the “first stock” of probiotics, has successfully landed on the gem in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company’s initial public offering of 20.63 million a shares at a price of 23.7 yuan per share, with a total amount of raised funds of 489 million yuan. According to its listing prospectus, the company’s revenue in 2017-2019 is 284 million yuan, 318 million yuan and 308 million yuan respectively, and the company’s net profit attributable to its parent company in the same period is 71.3477 million yuan, 91.9193 million yuan and 93.2841 million yuan, showing a steady growth trend year by year.


Thailand’s TiSi desire to “draw a clear line” with the founder’s grandson (Reuters)


Thailand’s Tencel group is trying to draw a line with wallayu, the grandson of Red Bull founder Xu Shubiao, according to Reuters on the 27th. The reason is that the Thai police said on Friday that they had dropped the charges against walayu, who was indicted for hit and run many years ago, sparking dissatisfaction among the Thai public. Thailand’s Tencel group said the brand was run by wallaya’s uncle and had no direct relationship with walayu. “The group clarifies that walayu has never played any role in the management and day-to-day operations of the group, is not a shareholder, and has never held an executive position within the group,” the company said in a statement released on Saturday

New Zealand adopts the amendment of milk industry reorganization act, Fonterra rejects the adjustment of raw milk rights (stuff)


According to foreign media yesterday, New Zealand passed the amendment of the milk industry reorganization Act (DIRA). The new rules allow Fonterra to reject milk from new dairy farm reconstruction projects and expand its right to reject raw milk that does not meet its own standards.


BABS launches vitamin and mineral supplements (company announcement)


Today, BABS announced its entry into the vitamin and mineral supplement field, launching a new brand “Vita bugs” aimed at infants and young children, and reached sales cooperation with Australian retailer chemist warehouse. The company said the new products will also be listed in Asia through channels such as the China strategic cooperation alliance.


Qiqia releases two new nuts strategic products (company news)


On July 25, the company announced the launch of two “nut +” strategic new products cloud launch conference of “master the freshness, lead the future: qiqia probiotics daily nut and qiqia breakfast daily nut oatmeal. Among them, the daily nut oatmeal has been on-line trial sale for three months, with a sales volume of 100000 bags.

Naixue launches Limited cold tea co branded with Voss (company news)


Naixue’s tea official micro today announced that the brand and Voss, a brand of natural mineral water imported from Norway, have launched two co branded Limited cold brewing teas, namely “Jasmine dyed summer cold tea” and “wintersweet fragrant cold tea”.


Catering agency brand fit8 completed the first round of financing with tens of millions of yuan (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton today, fit8, a new domestic catering brand, has recently completed the first round of financing with tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing is led by Fosun Ruizheng capital and followed by individual investors Li Jing and Dai Jun. During this year’s 618 period, ffit8’s Omni channel sales exceeded 10 million, and landed at Luo Yonghao’s live studio to create the first 45000 box sales performance.

“The future bar world” online training course released by poly plus China (company news)


Today, the Chinese version of “future bar world” online training course was officially released by the United Nations Institute for training and research, which is free of charge to Chinese bartenders, bar practitioners and users over the age of 18 on the edapp mobile learning platform. It is reported that the training course not only shares industry knowledge and action plan, but also advocates sustainable bar operation and responsible alcohol consumption concept.

Quick reading of food industry information


Special food related support policies of the 3rd China International Fair will be extended to import health food and formula food for special medical purposes (Jiefang Daily)


According to the recent news of Jiefang Daily, it was learned from the third mobilization meeting of market supervision and service guarantee that the support policies for special food in the fair will be expanded from the import of infant formula milk powder to the import of health food and formula food for special medical purposes.


“Physical examination” for special food production enterprises in Liaoning Province (Liaoning Daily)


A few days ago, Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued the work plan for inspection of Liaoning special food production quality management system in 2020. The inspection objects are the health food and infant formula milk powder production enterprises which have obtained the food production license. Among them, 100% of infant formula milk powder production enterprises are subject to system inspection, and the system inspection rate of health food production enterprises is more than 50%. The examination time was from July to November.


Turkey’s first batch of dairy products shipped to China


According to Turkey’s official news agency – annadoru news agency on July 22, yazgan, a Turkish dairy company, held a ceremony to launch whey powder into China in the city of taikirda. Yazgan, chairman of the company, said in his speech that the company today exports 200 million US dollars whey powder to China and is proud to be the first enterprise to export whey powder to China.


China Cuisine Association releases the report on the resumption of catering industry in the first half of 2020 (Industry Development Department of China Cuisine Association)


Recently, China Cuisine Association released the report on the resumption of catering industry in the first half of 2020. According to the report, in the first half of 2020, China’s catering revenue reached 1469.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 32.8%, and the growth rate decreased by 42.2 percentage points compared with the same period of last year. At present, the operation of most catering enterprises in China has recovered to 70% – 80% of that before the epidemic. The decline rate of catering market continues to decrease, showing a gradual recovery trend.

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