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Gold salesman: focus on imported products and strive to be a good brother of employees

“The beautiful Jiujiang River can be tied up. I will make the nest cloud pine here.” Since ancient times, Jiujiang has been filled with poetic and picturesque atmosphere. Here, a 19 person company, Jiujiang sanchen Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiujiang sanchen”) was born. Under the leadership of general manager Jiang Huibin, Jiujiang sanchen has become the second home of employees. Jiang Huibin has always played the role of a good elder brother of employees.
Jiang Huibin, general manager of Jiujiang sanchen Industrial Co., Ltd
From beverage to imported food, people’s livelihood is always on the mind

Jiang Huibin has been concerned about people’s livelihood since childhood. The saying “food is the most important thing for the people” is deeply engraved in his heart. After graduation from University, after a period of hard work, Jiang Huibin decided to follow the trend of the times, enter the fast food industry and act as Huiyuan juice agent. However, his dream of getting closer to people’s livelihood has always been in his heart.

Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. Jiang Huibin said: “we have been acting as a beverage agent for two or three years. Later, the fierce competition among some major brands led to our development entering a bottleneck period. At that time, we had little experience and could not find a suitable breakthrough point.” The company’s operation was in a difficult situation. Looking at the sad faces of his employees fighting side by side, Jiang Huibin once fell into self blame and guilt. He said: “there is no way out of heaven, there is a chance that we can act as Jardine. For the leisure food industry, the distribution cost is lower, and the storage requirements are relatively low. “
Through the concerted efforts of all of us, Jiujiang sanchen has finally successfully entered the leisure food industry, and Jiang Huibin has realized his dream of getting closer to people’s livelihood. Now, he has successfully represented buerjia, Weidu, Alibaba, tiantisi, Lvsheng, Aosai, KdV, shanghaojia, HAMAZAKI, Qifeng, fun park, good mood, Leda, Yashan, Dongji and other brands.
Decisive decision, follow the trend of products
At the end of 2016, Jiang Huibin met the most unforgettable thing in his career.
“Our local supermarket systems were all engaged in the real estate industry. At that time, their capital chain was tight and they were unable to pay us back in time.” Jiang Huibin recalled the predicament at the beginning, but was still worried. He said, “at that time, the whole company was quite difficult. We even started to consider the transformation or continue to go down the road.”

With a passion for leisure food, Jiang Huibin decided to take his employees to fight again. Therefore, he decisively cut down the products with high cost and low gross profit, saved expenses and overcame this difficulty.
After this ordeal, the development of Jiujiang sanchen went smoothly. Jiang Huibin said: “choosing the right product is very helpful. We have a core group of distributors, in which we will share the successful products. At the same time, we will pay attention to the popular products of tmall, Taobao and Jingdong, and add them to the company in time. Of course, I participate in the whole food exhibition and China ice show every year to grasp the industry trend. “

Focusing on the import of leisure food agents, not only need to grasp the product trend, but also to choose the appropriate channel. Jiang Huibin chose to focus on offline channels. He said: “we are a supermarket channel. After acting for products, we will first find stores with good customer sentiment and business for trial sale. If the product turns around well, we will gather the display resources in our hands, organize promotional activities, and maximize the exposure of our products.” Under the rhythmic operation of Jiang Huibin, Jiujiang sanchen has developed rapidly and gained a certain popularity in Jiujiang market.

Be the big brother of the staff and go to the future together
The stability of the team determines the life span of an enterprise. The employee mobility of Jiujiang sanchen has always been controlled within 5%, which has become a rare “legend” in the industry. Jiang Huibin analyzed and said: “when I work, I am the boss and they are employees, but usually we are a family. We will organize a party every month. If there is something important in the family, we will help together. In this kind of atmosphere, even if individuals have small emotions, they will soon be infected by others. And our company didn’t have many employees, so the team was very stable. ” Jiang Huibin has made great efforts to become a big brother of the staff and won the trust of all the staff. Since ancient times, Jiujiang has been a tourist attraction for literati, and now Jiujiang sanchen has become a unique “scenic spot”.
With a stable team, Jiang Huibin is more committed to improving the popularity of the team in the leisure food industry. “The industry has a good development prospect, but in recent years, the channel has been more subdivided. As a dealer, we should adapt to the situation and form our own unique advantages,” he said. Our company focuses on the import of leisure, online red food and sugar play, and does not touch other products, so it is relatively easy to manage. This is our advantage. “

In order to realize the company’s better development, Jiang Huibin changed from the traditional purchase and sales mode to the current exclusive mode. He said: “now all online red products and sugar game products in this region are our exclusive business. In the future, we will continue to focus on imported leisure food, further enhance the market reputation of Jiujiang sanchen, and seek greater benefits for my employees.”
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Two Fujian Jinjiang Huage Food Trade Co., Ltd
Three Hebei Cangzhou Longhan Trading Co., Ltd
Four Shandong Shandong Linyi Shunlin Trading Co., Ltd
Five Fujian Fuzhou Kangwang Trading Co., Ltd
Six Shandong Tengzhou Hongrun Trading Co., Ltd
Seven Henan Henan good mood Trade Co., Ltd
Eight Guangdong Jieyang yijiamei food company
Nine Fujian Quanzhou Bosheng Trade Development Co., Ltd
Ten Fujian Longyan Wanming Trading Co., Ltd
Eleven Yunnan Kunming leduo Food Co., Ltd
Twelve Zhejiang Cangnan Tongshun non-staple food company
Thirteen Shanxi Linfen zhangmingxing Trading Co., Ltd
Fourteen Jiangxi Ganzhou Youyu Trade Co., Ltd
Fifteen Hunan Liuyang Meilong Trading Co., Ltd
Sixteen Anhui Anhui Sulong industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Seventeen Hebei Shijiazhuang Datong Trading Co., Ltd
Eighteen Guizhou Zunyi Chengxing Trade Co., Ltd
Nineteen Shaanxi Xi’an Le Bao sugar and game company
Twenty Shandong Qingdao Jinquan Fuyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-one Jiangxi Jiujiang sanchen Industrial Co., Ltd
Twenty-two Hebei Shijiazhuang leiyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-three Guangdong Zhongshan Shengzhou Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-four Fujian Xiamen Niu doctor Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-five Fujian Fujian Linlin Food Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-six Fujian Zhangzhou liujiawei Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-seven Guangdong Meizhou Zongwei Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-eight Jiangxi Jiangxi hongrunhe Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-nine Fujian Xiamen jialixin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty Hunan Yueyang Furui Food Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-one Hubei Wuhan cocoa sweetheart food
Thirty-two Jiangxi Fuzhou Jinyu Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-three Hunan Changsha Zhenheng Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-four Henan Henan Nie Jin Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-five Jiangsu Nanjing qiaopin Hall
Thirty-six Henan Henan Xingqiao Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-seven Chongqing Chongqing Tongxin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-eight Shandong Rongjin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-nine Shandong Jinan Dongsheng Trading Co., Ltd
Forty Shandong Zibo Guanqi Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-one Hainan Hainan Junjun Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-two Shanxi Taiyuan yichangyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-three Yunnan Kunming chenfan (jupinyou) Co., Ltd
Forty-four Heilongjiang Harbin hongxianghe food company
Forty-five Liaoning Shenyang minghaoji import food company
Forty-six Shandong Qingyun Xiangyue Food Co., Ltd
Forty-seven Jiangxi Nanchang Hongguang Food Co., Ltd
Forty-eight Hunan Changsha Yonghong food Co., Ltd
Forty-nine Shandong Dezhou huayixuan Food Co., Ltd
Fifty Liaoning Dalian Jishi economic and Trade Co., Ltd
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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Preview of whole food 2020
Time: September 5-7, 2020
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Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
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