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Kangduomier brings the little prince the same style, the British noble milk powder deeply cultivates the Chinese market

Speaking of candomile, everyone’s first impression is: this milk powder is not ordinary. As a well-known brand in the UK, Michelle is a household name in the UK. Candomile is originated from Lake District National Park in England. It has a history of 100 years in the UK. In 2018, candomile won the trust of the British royal family with its excellent quality. According to British media reports, Prince Louis has also become one of Condor’s clients.

In China, candomile is famous for her dedicated boss. In early 2018, the British Prime Minister visited China and brought the owners of HSBC, BP, Standard Chartered Bank, Aston Martin, the London Stock Exchange and other major enterprises. Among them, there was the CEO McMahon of Condor honey who carried two cans of his own milk powder. At that time, news pictures released by authoritative Chinese media also attracted strong attention. Since then, kangduomier has become popular in China’s milk powder industry.

In 2020, Condor won the international Monte Gold Award and the Queen’s award, which once again proved the extraordinary strength of candor honey. The Queen’s award was originally proposed by a Committee presided over by the Duke of Edinburgh and initiated by the Royal Warrant Royal Certification Association. The queen of England awards the award on the advice of the prime minister.

Despite the challenges posed to businesses by the outbreak of the coronavirus, candomile’s sales in March reached record levels, the BBC reported. The company has also been identified by the government as the only supplier of infant formula for people who have been granted health start-up vouchers, said Ross, CEO of candomille UK.

Kangduomi’er’s remarkable achievements are made through the strict control and ingenuity of every link. Kangduomier milk powder is derived from the ecological pasture of Lake National Park in England. The natural environment here has become a unique natural pasture. In order to protect the natural environment of the lake area, there is only one pasture. The number and feeding mode of dairy cows are strictly limited. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones that are harmful to the environment are not used. All cows are free to disperse in the pasture of the reserve Step, eat natural grass, drink clear water in the forest. The total number of bacteria in the fresh milk here is less than 30000 / ml, which is the highest standard area in the world and can be said to be the freshest milk in the world.

From the production of fresh milk to the production of milk powder, the whole process is completed in the British town of Kendall, and the fresh milk is a national certified milk source. The technology uses the advanced technology of locking fresh to ensure the active nutrients of milk. Kangduomier milk powder adopts natural milk fat formula, containing OPO naturally, adding parent calcium and iron, etc., and pays attention to natural balanced nutrition.

Some clinical studies have compared ordinary milk powder with formula containing OPO structural lipid. It was found that infants fed with OPO formula had stronger bones and better calcium absorption than those fed with normal formula. The results showed that the fat loss and calcium loss were reduced by 30% and 30% respectively, while the absorption rate of calcium in the diet was increased by 57% and the softening rate of stool was 20%. The contrast effect is very obvious.

The content of OPO in natural milk fat was much higher than that in vegetable oil by 10%. Like natural breast milk, natural whole milk is rich in phospholipids, which can help the normal development of infants’ nerves and reduce the incidence of acute otitis media, fever and asthma.

Because of its outstanding performance, kangduomi’er has been sold in more than 30 countries around the world, and has also landed on TV screens in Hong Kong and Macao. Overseas, it has also been recommended by many Baoma live TV stations. In 2020, Kang duomi’er will land in grass bar hemp. Zhong liti and ye Yixi will lead the group to grow grass. Spicy mother’s planting grass will be highly praised by the guests present.

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