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Mead Johnson milk powder as promised to “new”! We talked to the CEO of Greater China

had predicted that a number of new milk powder products would be launched in China in the second half of this year. Indeed, it was “launched” as scheduled.

Yesterday, Mead Johnson held a press conference in Shanghai, and the new product of “pullray quanyue” infant formula milk powder joined hands with Mead Johnson brand spokesperson Wu Lei to “go out” and live broadcast in Jingdong synchronously. According to the document released by the food and Drug Administration in April this year, the new series has been successfully registered with milk powder formula.

At the press conference, Mr. xiaoshidai had an exchange with Enda Ryan, CEO of Mead Johnson Greater China. He further disclosed the company’s new product strategy and digital plan, and talked about the impact of the epidemic situation and performance.

Enda Ryan, CEO, Greater China, Mead Johnson

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“All round”

Rui Enda described the product as “exciting” because it had a lot of research and development results behind it.

Mead Johnson, who has been in the Chinese market for 27 years, is already a “global Chinese company,” he said. “At the beginning, we only imported products. Later, we built a production base in Guangzhou. So far, we have supplied 500 million cans (900 g / can) to the market. Then, we started the product strategy of “in China, for China”, including a lot of work on the composition of breast milk in China. “

“Pullray quanyue is a good example. It is a milk powder product specially developed for Chinese consumers by combining our local innovation capability with its global scientific research and technology.” He said.

Secondly, he told the snack food agency that there was a lot of big data based insight of Chinese consumers behind the new milk powder series.

“In the process of R & D of Pt Rui quanyue series, we have used a lot of big data to better understand consumer demand, such as the consumer big data from our channel customer Jingdong. We see that consumers need milk powder products that “promote the overall growth of babies.” Rinda said.

Mead Johnson’s new products

The launch of platinum Rui full jump series is positioned to bring “all-round nutritional support” for Chinese babies.

According to a notice issued by Mead Johnson yesterday, the series contains a prebiotic combination PDX + gos to mimic the effect of human milk oligosaccharides, as well as a combination of DHA and yeast beta glucan. “The multi-star elements of Mead Johnson gathered in the” a “can of platinum Rui all leap super, with the empirical support of 12 international clinical scientific research, help to improve nutrition leap in absorption, brain power, vision, protection and milk source Mead Johnson said.

China is a big market, and consumers have different needs, including origin, ingredients, etc. “We also have a super high-end brand, Lanzhen, which has a high lactoferrin content, MFGM, DHA and other ingredients, which can also help babies grow up in terms of cognitive development. However, pullray quanyue is specially designed to meet the needs of consumers for “comprehensive nutritional support.”

Launch of e-commerce

It is worth noting that this is a new milk powder product focusing on e-commerce channels.

“If we look at mothers today, 80% of them are post-90s, and they are very proficient in digital technology. Therefore, the business model of Pt Rui quanyue will be different from that in the past. Our approach is “digital first”, which will enable us to reach more consumers than ever before. ” Rui Enda told xiaoshidai.

In terms of channels, this is reflected in focusing on e-commerce channels and IPO in Jingdong.

“From a global perspective, China is a very interesting market. When I talk to my colleagues all over the world, everyone will be surprised at the speed of China’s development. The digital degree of China’s retail channels is the highest in the world, and the utilization rate of e-commerce and social e-commerce is very high. ” Ruienda explained that this is also to cater to the preferences of young consumers, who mainly spend in e-commerce.

“What we said is focusing on e-commerce, including many forms of e-commerce. For example, many offline mother and baby stores also have online business. This year’s epidemic has also accelerated the digitization of these offline stores. ” He said.

Wu Lei, the brand spokesman of Mead Johnson

The efforts of this new milk powder series to cater to the preferences of the post-90s are also reflected in its “unconventional” spokesperson selection.

“Wu Lei, as our spokesperson, can help us reach out to more young mothers and let them know about our new series of Pt Rui quanyue.” Rui Enda said that although Wu Lei, a 20-year-old young actor, has not set up his own family, he is actually a “beautiful generation” baby who grew up drinking Mead Johnson milk powder.

Digital acceleration

In addition to e-commerce, Mead Johnson’s actions in digital transformation also include reaching consumers through various “cloud” channels, such as smart speakers and online live broadcasting.

“I think China is always the world’s leader in digitization, and the epidemic has accelerated some of these retail trends that have been developing rapidly before. For example, we see the rise of live broadcasting, and we think it’s a trend that will continue. ” Rui Enda said to xiaoshidai.

The reason, he explains, is that, first of all, it’s a digital form that people can easily access. Secondly, live broadcasting can bring people information in the form of entertainment, and can also be combined with e-commerce sales.

“For consumers, it can provide value. For brands, because we can directly communicate with mothers, introduce products through live broadcast, and conduct consumer education, this also brings us great value. ” He said that traditional TV advertising can only communicate in one way, while new digital channels allow brands to listen to consumers.

He told xiaoshidai that for these online channels, Mead Johnson currently has a lot of energy devoted to “content” and will continue to invest in the future. “Our brands and products need to communicate effectively with moms through attractive content, and we have done a lot in this regard. I think we will work with more companies, just like we did with Xiaomi. ” He said.

Xiaoshidai learned that in November last year, Mead Johnson and Xiaomi reached a strategic cooperation. Through Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence voice device “Xiaoai schoolmate”, mothers can ask questions about Mead Johnson’s products or parenting. In March this year, the two sides jointly launched AI smart maternal and child service platform “meizan Institute”.

In addition, ruienda mentioned that the company has also developed a small program called “Mead Johnson children’s wonderful idea decoding treasure”. Mothers can also ask questions about parenting or maternal and child nutrition and get answers. Mead Johnson can also provide some direct services through this small program.

“So our overall strategy is: more content, more online, more direct interaction with moms.” He concluded.

“Meet expectations”

When asked about the impact of this year’s epidemic, rinda told foodie that since Mead Johnson has a great global supply chain, it has not experienced any production and supply problems; in terms of sales performance, it has “met expectations”.

“Our sales performance is actually the same as we had expected before the outbreak, but the way we realized it was quite different from what we expected.” “There is no doubt that the online business has grown significantly, while Lanzhen has also seen strong growth,” he said

“Due to the epidemic, there will be some different performance of our product sales channels, but on the whole, we are very satisfied with the performance.” Rui Enda told xiaoshidai.

Talking about the rising trend of some domestic milk powder brands in recent years, ruienda said that Mead Johnson is “very ambitious” for the Chinese market and will continue to launch new products.

“The reason why we do this is, first of all, we have a very strong R & D capability in China. In terms of R & D, we not only” in China, for China “, but also the products developed in China will be sold to other global markets, including the United States.” He said.

Second, he says, it’s because young mothers today have a lot of different segmentation needs. “For example, some prefer domestic milk powder, some prefer imported milk powder from Europe, some pay more attention to milk powder that can help baby’s brain development, and some prefer milk powder that provides comprehensive nutritional support. Therefore, we will continue to expand our product line in the Chinese market and launch different products to meet the different needs of mothers. “

“I think (the rise of domestic milk powder brands) is a good thing for China’s whole (milk powder) category. The government has done a lot of great work in this respect to promote good market competition, which will make everyone stronger and promote us to continuously innovate our products and services.” Rinda said.

Looking forward to the next few years, he said, while the birth rate is expected to continue to decline, there are also opportunities. “For example, we have a strong research platform, and our expertise in brain development, digestion, absorption and immunity can also be applied to other fields. So, we will expand our existing product portfolio, such as introducing children’s nutrition. “

“I think the concentration of China’s milk powder market will increase in the next few years, and we want to be one of the most powerful companies in the market.” Rinda said.

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