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Xu Wenchao: how can Shandong people, who strive for the first place, join hands with manufacturers to win the future?

Speaking of Shandong people, what was your first impression? Forthright? Optimistic? Strive for the first place

Xu Wenchao, general manager of Tengzhou Hongrun Trading Co., Ltd
Xu Wenchao, general manager of Tengzhou Hongrun Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tengzhou Hongrun”), is a native of Shandong Province. He adheres to the principle of “do things today and finish today”. He strives to be the first in everything and leads the company to create annual sales volume of tens of millions.
Take the lead in the management of animation sugar game products, strive to be the first
The specialty comes from love. Because of his love, Xu Wenchao entered the leisure food industry in 2003. Because of his love, he always sticks to his duties as a distributor, so that the manufacturers can rest assured, let the employees learn something and help them make money!

As the saying goes, soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers. Xu Wenchao inherited the spirit of Shandong people to compete for the best. At the beginning of his business, he became the first in the local subdivision category by relying on the main animation sugar game products. Later, he established the leisure bulk department and leisure quantitative department.
“My goal is to operate in a variety of categories, so as to increase the company’s profitability, enhance the company’s ability to resist risks, and make the company bigger, so that employees will have more development opportunities and manufacturers can trust us more,” Xu said Under the leadership of Xu Wenchao, Tengzhou Hongrun mainly radiates Tengzhou, including 17 townships and 1.7 million people. The 45 employee company has four sales departments:
♦ 休闲食品散装部门
♦ 动漫食品部门
♦ 休闲食品定量装部门
♦ 新渠道拓展部

Xu Wenchao has always maintained the mentality of striving for the first place. He said: “each of our sales departments will give them a reasonable positioning before they are established. Once the positioning is clear, the corresponding positioning must be the first. For example, leisure bulk, animation products, leisure quantitative, the goal of each department is to achieve the first local subdivision category. In Tengzhou, we do relatively late, and it is difficult to pick up some big brands.
Therefore, the brands I choose are basically the first brand of subdivided categories. For example, Licheng is the first in fish sausage, Weilong is the first in spicy strips, Yashang is the first in sugar play category, Tianle is the first in animation food, and zihi pot is the first in self heating hotpot. The advantages of these brands are that they have their own characteristics in the subdivided fields, with good quality and not heavy tasks. Moreover, these manufacturers have good ideas and rapid development, which are suitable for our younger generation of dealers. “

The core of the development of trade companies is products. The products sell well and the team combat effectiveness will gradually improve. Xu Wenchao said: “every time we improve the quality, we have introduced key products, so the boss of a business company should take the brand selection as the top priority! The brands that I advocate now are basically the best enterprises in the Department positioning, such as Weilong, Yashang, zihi pot, lejinji, hello stomach, hawthorn, weimeixin, Tianle, etc
Adopt fission operation mode to improve product sales
In order to get a faster development, business companies must learn to build momentum. Xu Wenchao analyzed and said: “the gimmick must be the strongest point or the point that has the most chance to become the first. Contact animation sugar play products, let our company’s influence has been greatly improved. More manufacturers and peers know that Tengzhou Hongrun has done a good job. Our reputation in the leisure food industry is getting better and better, and we gradually have a lot of priority for leisure food. ”
When Tengzhou Hongrun was in its fourth year of development, it gradually entered a period of slow development. Xu Wenchao said: “the sales volume of each car is growing slowly. However many brands are connected, the sales volume is also very few.” This group of “dark clouds” has been hanging over Hongrun of Tengzhou for half a year. Xu Wenchao is deeply sorry for the manufacturers and employees. In order to dispel the “dark clouds” as soon as possible, Xu Wenchao extensively solicited opinions, and finally decided to adopt the fission entrepreneurial model, recombine the products, and split into an independent company, so that the better employees in the original team can participate in the new company and become shareholders and managers.
Driven by the fission entrepreneurial model, Tengzhou Hongrun has realized the key treatment of each brand, and the company’s sales volume has been rapidly improved in a short period of time, winning the manufacturers. Excellent employees have also been developed, have their own business, other employees compete to follow, hard work, the team gradually become more dynamic. At the same time, the sales volume of the original department is not reduced, and the profit is not reduced, but another department is added, which adds a new profit point for the company.
In this regard, Xu Wenchao said: “the times are developing very fast. It’s not that business companies are difficult to do, but the people who do business companies are professional. It’s not an era when we can do well if we try our best. We should go out and integrate into it, seek differences and seek development! “
Have fun, learn and make money
Xu Wenchao attributed all his achievements to the people around him. He said, “I don’t have any advantages. I just have a group of good brothers. No matter the manufacturers, the company’s team, or the customers, there are some iron brothers! In fact, if you really think about them, you can do it well. “
Let the manufacturer rest assured. Xu Wenchao believes that the relationship between upstream and downstream is no longer a simple business relationship. In the future, manufacturers will form a supply chain, and manufacturers will work together to win a win-win future!

Reassure employees. Xu Wenchao said: “I have tasted all the ups and downs along the way. At the beginning, there was no big brand support. The team gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement. Therefore, no matter what stage the company develops, it has to achieve its employees! From the initial savage growth of the team, to the fission entrepreneurial model now, this is a process in which dreams gather together and teams forge dreams. “
Let the terminal rest assured. Always pay attention to the terminal demand, find its own highlights, increase added value, and make customers feel dependent on Tengzhou Hongrun. Xu Wenchao emphasizes that the dealer should serve the terminal as the consultant of the terminal, rather than simply as a seller to maintain the terminal.

There is a huge potential for the development of China’s leisure food output value. Xu Wenchao thinks that all the remaining dealers are persistent and unique. He said: “we must adhere to what we insist on, lock in the direction and strive to be the first.”

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Four Shandong Shandong Linyi Shunlin Trading Co., Ltd
Five Fujian Fuzhou Kangwang Trading Co., Ltd
Six Shandong Tengzhou Hongrun Trading Co., Ltd
Seven Henan Henan good mood Trade Co., Ltd
Eight Guangdong Jieyang yijiamei food company
Nine Fujian Quanzhou Bosheng Trade Development Co., Ltd
Ten Fujian Longyan Wanming Trading Co., Ltd
Eleven Yunnan Kunming leduo Food Co., Ltd
Twelve Zhejiang Cangnan Tongshun non-staple food company
Thirteen Shanxi Linfen zhangmingxing Trading Co., Ltd
Fourteen Jiangxi Ganzhou Youyu Trade Co., Ltd
Fifteen Hunan Liuyang Meilong Trading Co., Ltd
Sixteen Anhui Anhui Sulong industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Seventeen Hebei Shijiazhuang Datong Trading Co., Ltd
Eighteen Guizhou Zunyi Chengxing Trade Co., Ltd
Nineteen Shaanxi Xi’an Le Bao sugar and game company
Twenty Shandong Qingdao Jinquan Fuyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-one Jiangxi Jiujiang sanchen Industrial Co., Ltd
Twenty-two Hebei Shijiazhuang leiyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-three Guangdong Zhongshan Shengzhou Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-four Fujian Xiamen Niu doctor Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-five Fujian Fujian Linlin Food Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-six Fujian Zhangzhou liujiawei Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-seven Guangdong Meizhou Zongwei Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-eight Jiangxi Jiangxi hongrunhe Trading Co., Ltd
Twenty-nine Fujian Xiamen jialixin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty Hunan Yueyang Furui Food Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-one Hubei Wuhan cocoa sweetheart food
Thirty-two Jiangxi Fuzhou Jinyu Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-three Hunan Changsha Zhenheng Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-four Henan Henan Nie Jin Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-five Jiangsu Nanjing qiaopin Hall
Thirty-six Henan Henan Xingqiao Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-seven Chongqing Chongqing Tongxin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-eight Shandong Rongjin Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-nine Shandong Jinan Dongsheng Trading Co., Ltd
Forty Shandong Zibo Guanqi Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-one Hainan Hainan Junjun Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-two Shanxi Taiyuan yichangyuan Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-three Yunnan Kunming chenfan (jupinyou) Co., Ltd
Forty-four Heilongjiang Harbin hongxianghe food company
Forty-five Liaoning Shenyang minghaoji import food company
Forty-six Shandong Qingyun Xiangyue Food Co., Ltd
Forty-seven Jiangxi Nanchang Hongguang Food Co., Ltd
Forty-eight Hunan Changsha Yonghong food Co., Ltd
Forty-nine Shandong Dezhou huayixuan Food Co., Ltd
Fifty Liaoning Dalian Jishi economic and Trade Co., Ltd
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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