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Lanhe dairy industry takes turns to “assist” the upgrading of sheep milk powder, and a large number of new products are on the way!

With the help of Lanhe dairy, which mainly focuses on differentiation in infant formula powder market, it intends to extend this sub category to a wider consumer group.


Recently, Wu Wenwen, general manager of Lanhe dairy’s new nutrition division, revealed that Lanhe dairy will launch a number of new sheep milk powder products in August, including women’s milk powder, children’s milk powder, middle-aged and elderly milk powder and whole family milk powder, so as to expand the company’s advantages in the sheep milk powder market.


“Sheep milk powder is the top priority of Lanhe dairy strategy.” Wu literature said.

Wu Wenwen, general manager of Lanhe new nutrition division

“Higher nutritional value of sheep milk”


At present, Lanhe dairy has two series of infant formula registration, namely Lanhe sheep milk powder series and Lanhe spring goat milk powder series, which are imported from New Zealand.


“In the past three years, Lanhe dairy’s infant milk powder sales have maintained a three-digit growth every year.” Wu Wenwen revealed that since 2017, Lanhe dairy has been awarded the title of “the fastest growing New Zealand dairy export enterprise” certified by Deloitte, a world-famous accounting firm, for three consecutive years, with growth rates of 445%, 938% and 968% respectively.


“China’s goat milk powder market is in a vigorous growth momentum, and the annual growth rate is in a leading position in all categories of milk powder.” Wu Wen theory.

According to the data, the market scale of China’s infant formula milk powder increased rapidly from 3.2 billion yuan in 2014 to 10 billion yuan in 2018, maintaining a double-digit growth rate of 3 times that of milk powder, becoming a new growth point of infant formula milk powder market.


In fact, the high growth rate of goat milk powder has also attracted many milk powder enterprises. Since the end of last year, Yili, Jianhe and Huishi Qifu have launched their first infant formula.


However, at present, infant powder which is the main selling point of “sheep milk source” is rare. And the snack generation learned that in order to cope with the situation of intensified competition of goat milk powder, Lanhe dairy industry should establish its own advantages through sheep milk powder.

Wu Wenwen told the snack generation that although goat milk and sheep milk belong to goat milk, their nutritional components are quite different.


“Sheep milk, for example, contains twice as much fat and protein as milk and goat milk. In addition to protein, fat and other macro nutrients have obvious advantages, sheep milk is also rich in minerals and vitamins and other trace elements Wu Wen theory.


Wu also said that sheep’s milk has many other characteristics, which make it an ideal choice for infant formula milk, including easy digestion and absorption, natural smell free, and HMO content of milk oligosaccharides higher than that of milk and goat milk.


“Compared with milk and goat milk, sheep milk has smaller fat particles and higher content of medium and short chain fatty acids, which can be digested and absorbed more quickly in the gastrointestinal tract. The digestion and absorption time of breast milk is 30 minutes, that of sheep milk is 40 minutes, and that of milk is 4 hours. ” Wu literature said.


He believes that sheep milk has obvious category advantages in terms of conventional ingredients and functional nutrients, which also proves its huge market space and development prospects.


New sheep milk powder reserve


During the exchange, the snack generation learned that the market development of sheep milk infant formula powder to a certain extent depends on the control of upstream resources, especially the core raw material – sheep D90 desalinated whey powder.


“Whey liquid is a by-product of cheese production. Due to the fact that Chinese people do not have the habit of eating cheese, the whey powder used for infant formula production in China is still 100% dependent on imports.” “Among the desalinated whey powder from sheep milk used for infant formula, the D90 standard is currently the highest in quality and the cost of raw materials is higher,” Wu said


It is reported that since Lanhe acquired ALIMENTA, an Italian enterprise, in 2016, the company has owned 70% of the world’s D90 desalinated whey powder and 60% of the world’s sheep granny source. “The sheep milk powder of Lanhe adopts D90 desalinated whey powder.” Wu literature emphasizes that.

After gaining advantages in the upstream industry chain, Lanhe dairy began to actively layout the Chinese market, and continued to make efforts in new product and consumer brand education to boost the upgrading of sheep milk powder category.


Wu Wenwen revealed to the snack agents that in addition to the soon to be listed women’s milk powder, children’s milk powder, middle-aged and elderly milk powder and whole family milk powder, Lanhe dairy also plans to launch special formula milk powder and organic milk powder for sheep’s milk.


He said that Lanhe dairy has made good progress in the research of deep hydrolysis of goat milk protein. It is reported that the company has established the “Lanhe international goat milk research center”, which invests more than 15 million yuan every year to carry out in-depth research on the nutritional components of goat’s milk, the difference between goat’s milk and milk’s composition, and the comparison of nutritional components between goat’s milk and breast milk.


In addition, the company’s organic sheep milk demonstration base certification in Sardinia, Italy, has entered the final stage.


Multiple assistance to category Education


In terms of consumer communication, Lanhe dairy industry has always carried out sheep milk education around young consumers.


It is understood that more than 60% of the sales of Lanhe dairy industry come from the second and third tier provincial capitals and prefecture level cities, and the core consumer group is the young parents of the post-90s and 95s in these cities. “They have a broad vision and a higher education level. They are also more receptive to new things and pursue higher quality products.” Wu literature said.


According to Wu Wenwen, the above young parents tend to search for information from multiple channels before making decisions. Therefore, the most effective way to communicate with this group is category education. “Through four comparisons, namely, comparing brand, nutrition, word of mouth and price, let them understand the category advantages of sheep milk.”.


It is understood that Wu Xin the monster killer is not only promoting the brand to more young parents, but also promoting the famous variety of advertising and promoting the brand this year. It also sponsors or names many popular shows and network dramas that are popular among young people, including the joint mango TV, the reality show “friends listen to it”, and the drama of “perfect relationship”, “master of heart 3” and “two world Huan”.


In July, Lanhe dairy industry became the general denominator of the third season of comedy variety show “talk show Convention”. According to data from Sina Weibo, the program has read more than 3.1 billion topics. The search results of station B show that the number of videos related to the program has exceeded 100000.


“We pay close attention to the real preferences of the post-90s and 95s, grow up and experience together with young parents in a compassionate way, carry out category education in the way they like to see, and enhance brand goodwill. In this regard, we are different from the common infant formula brands. ” Wu Wen theory.


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