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Vice president of Shuhai supply chain, CEO of Sunday and director of Huiji food product brand confirmed to participate in the first food and beverage prepackaged food ecological Conference

Two years ago, foodplus wrote an article on “prepackaged Catering: origin, development, enlightenment, entrepreneurial thinking and future development”. We analyzed the current situation of prepackaging of Chinese catering brands, and took Haidilao’s prepackaged food exploration as a key case, and around the basic aspects of food consumer goods entrepreneurship, we made “entrepreneurial” thinking and Trend Outlook on the development of catering pre packaging.

During the epidemic period, catering brands accelerated online, take out, retail and prepackaged food. However, catering is different from food in terms of on-site experience, service temperature and fresh taste. In addition, the restaurant management of catering is different from the central kitchen and the factory supply chain management of food, and the way of channel sales and marketing investment is also different.

How to judge whether the catering brand needs to enter the field of prepackaged food?

How to use advantages of catering brands to cut into prepackaged food?

How do catering and prepackaged food business lines work together?

How to control the efficiency and cost of prepackaged food?

How to make the product? How to do research and development of signature dishes? Gift box first test water market?

How to choose the supply chain?

How to increase the sales of products and step out of the catering sales radius?

How to build a brand?

When catering brands enter the field of prepackaged food, which pits will they step on? How to avoid detours?


Sichuan rattan pepper chicken, Xinjiang Dapan chicken, Thai winter Yin Gong How can prepackaged food get inspiration from catering scenes?

Liuzhou Luoshi powder, Chongqing noodles How to modernize local flavor food?

How to win the hearts of the younger generation of consumers driven by taste through innovation and iterative upgrading?

FD freeze dried noodles, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, self heating rice What are the next hot spots of category / product upgrading?

What’s the gap between vegetarianism and mass market? Is there a path to follow?

From the perspective of investors, what are the medium and long-term impacts and opportunities of the epidemic on catering and prepackaged food? What are the characteristics of quality start-up companies?


The first food and beverage prepackaged food ecological conference, you can not hear in other conferences, many dry goods content. At present, Qiu Nian, vice president of Shuhai supply chain, Wu Yanzi, CEO of Sunday, and Chen Miao, brand director of Huiji food products, have confirmed their attendance.

蜀海供应链成立于2011年6月,是集销售、研发、采购、生产、品保、仓储、运输、信息、金融为一体的餐饮供应链服务企业,为广大连锁餐饮企业及零售客户提供整体食材供应链解决方案服务。除满足海底捞业务需求外,公司先后服务于“7-11”便利店、九毛九、新白鹿、青年餐厅、遇见小面、丰茂烤串、管氏翅吧、韩时烤肉等1000余家知名餐饮连锁及零售企业 。


星期零,国内新型植物肉市场的开拓者,2019年9月创立于深圳。创始团队曾经营“青苔行星”蔬食料理品牌。以大众更易接受和喜欢的方式倡导植物性饮食, 在潜移默化中改变人们的饮食结构,使人类和自然可持续发展是星期零的行动纲领。星期零与棒约翰、新元素餐厅、红荔村肠粉、喜茶、拉面说、奈雪的茶等都餐饮和食品品牌展开了合作。


This is a conference covering all ecological resources from factory, brand, channel, consumer, prepackaged food. Here, you can get the latest industry trends and venture capital trends, first-hand industry dry goods experience, face-to-face resource docking and exchange. Looking forward to the future, start to practice. On August 15, tomorrow Plaza, 389 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, “foodplus · 2020 catering prepackaged food ecological conference” is waiting for you.



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