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Wang Jingfeng: 30 years of ingenuity, how does Ningbo’s big dealers develop their “golden eyes”


Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty, so is leisure food. There is no lack of products in the market, but a lack of dealers to find popular products. Wang Jingfeng, general manager of Ningbo Lianfa food trading company (hereinafter referred to as “Ningbo Lianfa commerce”) is a distributor who is good at discovering popular products. In the leisure food industry for 30 years, how did he maintain his original intention and become a famous distributor in Ningbo?
Wang Jingfeng, general manager of Ningbo Lianfa food trading company
find the market prospect and comply with the trend of snack diversification
Wang Jingfeng started his career as a speculator. He joked, “the weather is hot, and it’s not easy to do the speculation business. So we switched to the leisure food industry.” Although it was a joke, Wang Jingfeng conducted a lot of market research behind his career change. He said: “at that time, snacks were mainly sugar and fruit. With the change of consumption concept, the trend of diversification of snacks became more and more obvious. The research shows that the leisure food industry has a great market prospect.”
After his career change, Wang Jingfeng’s first product was Hangzhou Oumi. Slowly, he fell in love with the leisure food industry. Interest is the best teacher. Under the guidance of interest, Wang Jingfeng has successfully represented Qianye, jimanbede, little prince, lujiaoxiang, Mo Xiaoxian, Laoli, Dusheng, and a-pojia, creating an output value of about 100 million yuan.
Leisure food industry is rich in products, how to choose their own? Wang Jingfeng summed up his own experience, he said: “there is no lack of products in the current market, what is lacking is only the network red products with new traffic.

We choose our products carefully and carefully. First, we choose famous brands, which are easy to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Secondly, we should choose interesting and delicious products to stimulate consumers’ purchasing desire and ensure the continuous purchasing power of products. “
keep up with the trend and catch the popular products
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the changing speed of leisure food is also accelerating. How to grasp the popular trend of products has become a problem for many dealers. Wang Jingfeng introduced his experience. He said: “first of all, dealers should build their own popularity, so that they can win the trust of manufacturers and get the first time notice from manufacturers when they release new products. Secondly, they should participate in various exhibitions, such as the 2020 whole food exhibition held in Ningbo from September 5 to 7. It is necessary to understand the industry trend.”

Grasp the trend of popular products, but also inseparable from the dealer’s decision-making. In 2016, Wang Jingfeng had just come into contact with the pastry market when he met the newly listed Qianye toast. But seeing the price, Wang Jingfeng again had doubts. This new product is twice as much as ordinary toast. What magic is it? Wang Jingfeng said: “when I took a bite, I acted decisively. The taste of Qianye toast is totally different. Good products are not afraid of expensive Facts have proved that Wang Jingfeng’s decision is correct. After Qianye’s toast was sold, he received repeat customers on the same day. The sales volume of 2000-3000 cartons could be reached in one day, which greatly enhanced the market awareness of Ningbo Lianfa trade.

Of course, there are surprises and tribulations. After 30 years of working, Wang Jingfeng has inevitably encountered the problems of market transformation and low product sales. In the face of difficulties, he always maintains the spirit of craftsmanship. He said: “if we encounter difficulties, we should try to solve them. For example, if the sales volume of our products is low, we will do special price treatment in our own channels, and at the same time, we will implement buy give activities. Of course, as a dealer, we should learn to negotiate with manufacturers and solve problems together. ” With his own wisdom and experience, Wang Jingfeng has won the trust of manufacturers and the recognition of consumers.
coordinate upstream and downstream, return to physical stores
How to coordinate the relationship between upstream and downstream is one of the important standards to test the ability of dealers. Wang Jingfeng said: “it is the responsibility of dealers to let manufacturers rest assured and let customers make money.” In order to better coordinate the relationship between upstream and downstream, Wang Jingfeng implemented the service of direct delivery to the store in Ningbo Lianfa commerce and trade. He analyzed and said: “direct service to the terminal is our strong point. We will help to display, promote sales, etc., and improve the sales volume of our products.”

In order to help the terminal improve product sales, Wang Jingfeng specially summarized his own experience:
  • Hold member day activities
“Our main products include jimambede and Qianye for pastry, Laoli and Dusheng for meat products, grandma’s house for potato chips, and xiaobenniu for snacks. These products will be displayed in advance during the membership day,” he said
  • Hold out of store tasting activities regularly

  • Hold buy and give activities
In today’s society, with the increasingly developed network, live delivery has gradually become an indispensable sales mode in the market. Under the leadership of Wang Jingfeng, Ningbo Lianfa commerce and trade has created a brilliant record of e-commerce sales of about 100 million yuan. However, Wang Jingfeng said: “there are many snack shops in Ningbo, and the category of network products is relatively single, and eventually it will return to the physical stores.” In the face of the ever-changing leisure food market, Wang Jingfeng said: “in the future, we will continue to support physical stores, integrate online and offline sales channels, and bring benefits to physical stores.”

As the host of Ningbo, Wang Jingfeng said that he would welcome manufacturers from all over the country with the most full spirit, find better products and work together for a better leisure food market!
September 5-7, 2020 total solar eclipse exhibition will be launched
Top 100 high end cake dealers in China in 2020
The following is the list of top 100 high-end cake dealers in China in 2019
Serial number region corporate name
One Sichuan Chengdu Meishi Meike food trade
Two Shandong Dezhou Dongjing Food Co., Ltd
Three Jiangxi Ganzhou Mingtai Food Co., Ltd
Four Guangxi Guangxi maichao Trading Co., Ltd
Five Zhejiang Hangzhou Boheng Food Co., Ltd
Six Anhui Hefei Aiwei Trade Co., Ltd
Seven Hunan Hunan Changsha Yingfeng Food Trade Co., Ltd
Eight Zhejiang Huzhou gaojianfeng food trade
Nine Jiangxi Ji’an Qingyuan Fuhong Trading Co., Ltd
Ten Guangdong Jieyang Rongbin trade firm
Eleven Fujian Jinjiang caicaicaiji food company
Twelve Jiangxi Nanchang Hanbang Longxiang Food Co., Ltd
Thirteen Jiangsu Nanjing shiboyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd
Fourteen Zhejiang Ningbo Lianfa business
Fifteen Zhejiang Ningbo Fangfang food company
Sixteen Fujian Sanming Blue Moon Trading Co., Ltd
Seventeen Guangdong Shantou Pengyun food trade firm
Eighteen Jiangsu Wuxi duogou food company
Nineteen Hunan Changsha Baixin snacks
Twenty Guangdong Zhongshan runqi Food Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-one Anhui Anhui Sulong industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-two Shandong Dongying Hongming Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-three Jiangxi Duchang Liangxing trading firm
Twenty-four Guangdong Foshan Mi Shi Le Trade Co., Ltd
Twenty-five Guangdong Guangzhou xinjian’er Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-six Zhejiang Hangzhou Golden Apple Food Co., Ltd
Twenty-seven Jiangsu Jiangsu Changzhou Houyu leisure food company
Twenty-eight Gansu Lanzhou Xionghui jinhexiang food trade
Twenty-nine Guangdong Meizhou Chenxu Food Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty Jiangxi Nanchang Qiangde Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-one Jiangxi Nanchang Yinzhen Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-two Jiangsu Nanjing Opel Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-three Shandong Shandong Dongying Bosheng Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-four Guangdong Shantou Libin Food Co., Ltd
Thirty-five Shanghai Shanghai haozhang Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-six Tianjin Tianjin Lecheng Xinfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-seven Tianjin Tianjin yidingsheng Food Trade Co., Ltd
Thirty-eight Hubei Wuhan Shanlang Trading Co., Ltd
Thirty-nine Shaanxi Xi’an duodayu Trading Co., Ltd
Forty Henan Anyang xingduo Food Co., Ltd
Forty-one Sichuan Chengdu Yipin Tongchuang Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-two Hunan Hunan Jifeng Food Co., Ltd
Forty-three Fujian Xiamen Walson Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-four Guizhou Guizhou Bangjie industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-five Jiangsu Suzhou aqigo snack restaurant trade Co., Ltd
Forty-six Jiangsu Suzhou Jinmen suxiangguo Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-seven Zhejiang Taizhou Kaili Food Trade Co., Ltd
Forty-eight Tianjin Tianjin Zhuoer Trading Co., Ltd
Forty-nine Jiangsu Nanjing Pan’er leisure food wholesale trading company
Fifty Henan Zhengzhou love snack house business management Co., Ltd
Fifty-one Henan Zhengzhou Yuyan Food Co., Ltd
Fifty-two Beijing Beijing jingzhenghang Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-three Hebei Shijiazhuang Xinfadi Trade Co., Ltd
Fifty-four Shanxi Taiyuan Tanghai Trade Co., Ltd
Fifty-five Shanghai Shanghai Chunlian Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-six Guangdong Shenzhen shenhongguo Trading Co., Ltd
Fifty-seven Hubei Wuhan Guoxiong cake company
Fifty-eight Shandong Heze Wangge Food Sales Co., Ltd
Fifty-nine Jiangsu Nanjing Shifang food sales center
Sixty Fujian Zhangzhou Yihe Fengxi Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-one Xinjiang Urumqi jinyibo Trading Co., Ltd
Sixty-two Anhui Anhui Shuangfu Food Co., Ltd
Sixty-three Beijing Beijing Anye Senmiao Trading Co., Ltd
Sixty-four Hebei Cangzhou Hongyun Huaao Food Co., Ltd
Sixty-five Guangdong Dongguan Hongguan Food Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-six Guangdong Guangzhou Liangji Food Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-seven Yunnan Kunming SHANGZHENG village Trade Co., Ltd
Sixty-eight Shanghai Shanghai Shuo Yan Trading Co., Ltd
Sixty-nine Tianjin Tianjin mingpinhui Trading Co., Ltd
Seventy Guizhou Bijie hongshengda Food Trade Co., Ltd
Seventy-one Guangdong Dongguan Dingwei Department Store Co., Ltd
Seventy-two Fujian Zhangzhou Fuduo industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Seventy-three Shanghai Shanghai Qingjing Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-four Tianjin Tianjin Guosheng Trading Co., Ltd
Seventy-five Hunan Changsha Huasheng supply chain Co., Ltd
Seventy-six Yunnan Yunnan Dianyuan Food Co., Ltd
Seventy-seven Hunan Chenzhou Yuexiang Trade Co., Ltd
Seventy-eight Jiangsu Yancheng Shengsheng Baiqi Trading Co., Ltd
Seventy-nine Guangdong Shenzhen xumaoyuan Industrial Co., Ltd
Eighty Shaanxi Xi’an Dianlong food company
Eighty-one Shaanxi Shaanxi Zhangfeng Trading Co., Ltd
Eighty-two Tianjin Tianjin baishihui Trading Co., Ltd
Eighty-three Zhejiang Wenzhou Maidian food trade
Eighty-four Anhui Hefei Huada cake industry
Eighty-five Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Yiyi Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-six Zhejiang Jiashan Jiawang Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-seven Sichuan Chengdu Spring Food Co., Ltd
Eighty-eight Guangdong Dongguan Fangfang Food Trade Co., Ltd
Eighty-nine Shandong Liaocheng Dongchangfu Pengfei Food Co., Ltd
Ninety Henan Henan Hesheng Trade Co., Ltd
Ninety-one Guangdong Chaozhou Jinxing Food Co., Ltd
Ninety-two Henan Henan Fufa Food Trade Co., Ltd
Ninety-three Shandong Weifang beibaile Trade Co., Ltd
Ninety-four Liaoning Shenyang Heping District baixu Qianguan food company
Ninety-five Guangdong Guangzhou Longlu Trading Co., Ltd
Ninety-six Zhejiang Tongxiang marine non-staple food business department
Ninety-seven Fujian Quanzhou Yida business
Ninety-eight Fujian Fujian Hancheng Chuang Hui Trading Co., Ltd
Ninety-nine Jiangsu Wuxi Weidan Food Trade Co., Ltd
One hundred Jiangsu Xuzhou Yida cake industry
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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Preview of whole food 2020
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Hall 1, hall 3, hall 8
Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 890 exhibitors
Estimated audience: 89000
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