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Bellamy China welcomes new leader! The veteran has worked for Budweiser, Coca Cola and Nestle

This year, Bellamy, a brand of organic milk powder, which has made continuous efforts in China, has ushered in a “new commander” who is familiar with the local FMCG market.

Xiaoshidai recently learned that Bellamy has newly appointed Zhang Yi as the chief executive officer of China. The company confirmed the latest personnel appointment news when replying to the inquiry of xiaoshidai.

“Bellamy has recently appointed Mr. Erich Zhang as chief executive officer of Bellamy China, which will take effect in early August 2020.” Bellamy told the snack generation. The company pointed out that China has always been Bellamy’s most important market in the world, “the importance of China’s market is increasingly prominent, Zhang Yi’s participation can be seen as a signal of Bellamy’s accelerating development in China.”

Get rid of the old hand

It is understood that Zhang Yi officially joined Bellamy in July this year. Before that, he served as general manager of Budweiser Asia Pacific Shanghai region. It is worth noting that Zhang Yi has 18 years of rich experience in the food FMCG industry, and has successively worked in Nestle, Coca Cola and Budweiser Asia Pacific three Fortune 500 companies.

It is reported that Zhang Yi’s position as CEO of Bellamy China is a new position. Bellamy revealed to the food agency that Zhang Yi will be fully responsible for the overall business promotion of Bellamy brand in China in the future, “especially the formulation and implementation of strategy, market and sales strategy”.

Information picture

The snack agent checked Zhang Yi’s LinkedIn information and found that he had been in contact with sales and marketing management at Nestle since 2002. After leaving Nestle, Zhang Yi has been working for Coca Cola company for more than 11 years from September 2005 to February 2017, and has served as provincial manager, senior marketing business manager, operation strategy director and key account leader.

Before joining Bellamy in July, Zhang was the general manager of Budweiser Asia Pacific Shanghai. During his work at Budweiser, he also served as director of commercial operations and other positions. Generally speaking, Zhang Yi’s career experience involves strategy, sales, marketing, M & A integration, and even the management experience of key customers from provinces and regions to the whole country.

The first on the left is Zhang Yi, general manager of Budweiser Asia Pacific Shanghai

It is also the first line of experience in market management across the country.

“Mr. Zhang Yi has rich experience in FMCG integrated management and sales marketing, and is an excellent professional manager with both localization and internationalization.” The company said.

Accelerate the force

In fact, Bellamy, who has always been ready to go, needs a leader who is familiar with the Chinese market and channel playing methods.

A snack agent once introduced that Bellamy recently launched its first super high-end organic goat milk powder series in Australia, and plans to list in China through cross-border e-commerce channels soon.

Earlier in May, Bellamy also launched beta genica-8, an ultra high-end platinum organic infant formula milk powder. It also plans to introduce it into China through cross-border e-commerce. This is Bellamy’s first organic A2 milk powder.

Over the past two years, Bellamy has been distributing its products in the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce channels, covering infants, children, pregnant women and other age groups, forming a dual product line of milk powder and complementary food. While offline, Bellamy launched its Chinese version of organic rice noodles in March this year.

According to the plan, Bellamy’s first Chinese version of infant formula milk powder series will also be officially launched in the near future, so as to complete the on-line and off-line Omni channel layout of infant formula powder.

According to the third-party statistics, Bellamy’s market share of organic milk powder in cross-border e-commerce channels reached a new high in the first quarter of this year, continuing to rank first in sales with 55%. Bellamy organic rice noodles ranked second in the cross-border e-commerce channel. This also means that the next offline channel is the target that the company should focus on.

After Bellamy was officially taken over at the end of last year, Mengniu has set more specific goals for the brand. Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group, commented at the first quarter performance meeting this year that Bellamy’s performance in the first quarter was “very good, higher than expected”. It is expected that the brand can achieve nearly 20% growth in the whole year. He also said that even without considering the offline channel, it is estimated that Bellamy can achieve more than 10% growth.

Under the leadership of the new coach, how will Bellamy achieve rapid catch-up in China’s milk powder Market? Let’s wait and see.

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