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Ruixing received a wave of new news tonight. Yili has subscribed for 16.6% of the shares of Zhongdi dairy industry, Nestle has expanded its purna factory by nearly 450 million yuan, and Nongfu mountain spring is officially listed in September, and aoyoufa Yingxi

Hot company information and announcement


Resignation of two new directors of lucky coffee (company announcement)

Lucky coffee announced today that it had received resignation letters from Jie Yang and Ying Zeng. According to the letter, the two will leave the company’s board of directors with immediate effect. According to xiaoshidai, Jie Yang and Ying Zeng were appointed as independent directors of lucky coffee on July 14.

Ruixing will hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, and the former director Sean Shao will be reinstated (company announcement)

Lucky coffee announced today that it had examined the application for holding an interim general meeting of shareholders submitted by lucky cup Holdings Limited and fortune cup Holdings Limited. Lucky coffee will hold a meeting at 3:00 p.m. Beijing time on September 2, 2020 to vote on the reinstatement of Sean Shao as a director. Sean Shao is a former director of lucky coffee’s board of directors and former chairman of the special committee established by the board of directors.

Investigation on suspected unfair competition of lucky coffee (China) Co., Ltd. by the State Administration of market supervision


On Friday, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced that Ruixing coffee “disclosed” financial fraud and launched an investigation into its suspected unfair competition activities such as false transactions. According to the survey, Ruixing coffee (China) Co., Ltd. and lucky coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd. have unfair competition behaviors to make false achievements and publicize to the outside world through false transactions in order to gain competitive advantages, and relevant third-party companies have unfair competition behaviors to help false publicity.

China Securities Regulatory Commission informs the investigation and disposal of Ruixing’s fraud (CSRC)

On Friday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced that investigations by relevant departments showed that Ruixing coffee’s domestic operating entities, relevant managers and relevant third-party companies made up large-scale transactions, falsely increased income, costs, expenses, and false publicity, which violated the relevant provisions of China’s accounting law and Anti Unfair Competition Law. The illegal information disclosure of Shenzhou Youche Co., Ltd. and Beijing hydrogen dynamic Yiwei Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated to Ruixing coffee in China, violates the relevant provisions of China’s securities law. The Ministry of finance, the State Administration of market supervision and the China Securities Regulatory Commission will impose administrative penalties on the domestic operation entities and relevant responsible persons of Ruixing coffee, a number of third-party companies assisting in counterfeiting and false publicity, and two new third board related companies and relevant responsible persons. Recently, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has served a notice of administrative penalty to the parties involved in the case. If the relevant subject of responsibility is suspected of committing a crime, it will be transferred to the public security and judicial organs for further accountability.

It is said that Nongfu mountain spring is expected to be officially listed in September (IPO known early, snack generation)


According to the IPO news, Nongfu Shanquan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nongfu Shanquan”) plans to seek to be heard by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the middle of this month. It is preliminarily estimated that the company will be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September. CICC and Morgan Stanley will act as co sponsors, with a fund-raising scale of about US $1 billion. In this regard, Nongfu Shanquan said in reply to the inquiry of the snack agent today: “no comment.”


Employees of Budweiser Wuhan plant have increased their salary, and the output has exceeded the same period of last year since May (Changjiang Daily)


According to recent news from Changjiang Daily, Zhou Yu, director of Budweiser’s Wuhan factory, said that in the first half of this year, the output and output value of the factory had declined. “Despite the difficulties we face, we insist on not laying off workers or reducing wages. On the contrary, we have raised the average salary of all 429 employees by 5%. In the summer beer production peak season, another 5% increase is equivalent to a 10% increase.”. It is reported that the output of Budweiser Wuhan factory has exceeded the level of the same period last year since May this year, reaching an annual peak of 600khl in June. Production in July is also expected to surpass last year.


Yili and its holding subsidiary plan to jointly invest 2 billion yuan to set up Jianling master Fund (company announcement)


Yili announced today that it and its holding subsidiary Zhuhai Jianling equity investment fund management partnership (limited partnership) (referred to as “Jianling capital”) intend to jointly invest in the establishment of Jianling master fund with a scale of 2 billion yuan. According to the announcement, Jianling master fund mainly invests in various investment projects with development potential.

Yili subsidiary plans to purchase Zhongdi dairy shares at HK $203 million (company announcement)


Yili announced yesterday that in order to further stabilize the raw milk supply and enhance the market competitiveness, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Jingang trading Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingang Holdings”) plans to subscribe for additional shares of China dairy Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongdi Dairy”) with a subscription amount of 432641, 522 shares, with a subscription price of HK $0.47 per share and a total subscription price of HK $203341515.34. After the completion of the subscription, Jingang holdings will hold about 16.6% of the issued share capital of China dairy.

Nestle invested nearly 450 million yuan to upgrade Purina Australia plant (company news)


Nestle Australia recently announced an investment of $90 million (now about RMB 448 million) to upgrade and expand its prina pet food factory, including the installation of new equipment. The investment represents a $200 million investment in the plant over the past 10 years, the company said.

Yihaijiali and Panda Dairy products will be held this week (time weekly)

According to today’s times weekly, 14 companies will make their debut this week (August 3-7), including Panda Dairy and Yihai Jiali.


Zhongcang grain: no ban on bringing mobile phones into grain depots (surging News)


According to today’s surging news, recently, it was revealed that the warehouse directly under Zhaozhou of Heilongjiang Branch of China Grain Storage Group Corporation was forbidden to bring mobile phones and other video and recording equipment into the reservoir area. Heilongjiang Branch of China National Grain Storage Co., Ltd. subsequently issued an information note explaining that it was in consideration of the safety of the personnel taking delivery of goods. In the operation area, the use of electronic equipment such as mobile phones has caused potential safety hazards. However, the practice of banning mobile phones is simple and mechanical, and has been severely criticized and ordered to correct.

Liu Shenghui, vice president of Feihe finance, resigned (company announcement)


Flying crane announced recently that Liu Shenghui, executive director and vice president of finance of the company, will resign from the above position due to personal health reasons, and will no longer hold any position of flying crane.


Aoyouliao’s revenue increased by 20.1% – 23.0% in the first half of the year (company announcement)


Recently, the Yingxi announcement released by Aoyou in the first half of 2020 shows that it is expected to realize revenue of about 3.780 billion yuan to 3.870 billion yuan from January to June of 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 20.1% to 23.0%; excluding the impact of non cash losses caused by changes in fair value of financial derivatives, after adjustment, the expected profit attributable to equity holders of the company is about 566 million yuan to 586 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase The length was 30.1% to 34.7%.

China Shengmu acquires bgreenbelt global exercise warrant B to subscribe for 141 million warrant shares (Zhitong finance and Economics)

According to Zhitong finance and economics news today, China Shengmu announced that on December 23, 2018, the company and the subscriber bgreenbelt Global Limited entered into a warrant subscription agreement B. On July 31, 2020, China Shengmu received the exercise notice from subscriber B. According to the terms of warrant B, China Shengmu is required to issue and issue a total of about 141 million warrant shares to subscriber B on August 6, 2020, accounting for about 1.68% of the expanded share capital.


Kraft Heinz’s second quarter net sales increased by 3.8% (company announcement)


Kraft Heinz recently released its second quarter results for 2020, which showed that net sales increased by 3.8% year-on-year to $6648 million. According to the financial report, the company’s goodwill impairment and intangible assets impairment in the second quarter totaled 2.873 billion U.S. dollars. In response, kraft Heinz said it marked the completion of the company’s strategy and five-year business plan, and said there was no substantial change in the overall valuation of the impaired business.

Taixing’s profit fell by 90% in the first half of the year (Ming Pao)


According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the group’s profit and loss were dragged down by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is expected that the revenue will decrease by about 20% in the first half of June, and the profit attributable to shareholders will be reduced by 80% to 90%. The group said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, that is, from January this year, it has had a significant impact on the operation of the group.


Japanese 7-Eleven 2.2 trillion yen acquisition of American convenience store


Seven & iholdings of Japan announced on August 3 that it would acquire speedway, a convenience store owned by marathon Petroleum Corp., an American oil refining company. The purchase amount is about 2.2 trillion yen (now about 144.6 billion yuan). According to the report, the above amount is the largest purchase amount in the world after the expansion of Xinguan epidemic. It is reported that Speedway is the third largest convenience store in the United States, with about 4000 stores.


Release of the information to be received from the approval document (decision letter) of 1 type of vicalant medical food (State Drug Administration)


Recently, the official website of the State Drug Administration released the information about the approval document (decision) of vicalant special medical use total nutrition formula powder, and the applicant was Harbin beilunst clinical nutrition Co., Ltd.



Registration approval document (decision) of Viagra 3 infant formula milk powder products to be received (State Drug Administration)


Recently, the official website of the State Drug Administration announced the information to be received on the registration approval document (decision letter) of three batches of Viagra infant formula milk powder. The applicant is viplus dairy Pty Ltd.


Rosen opens a simple convenience store in China and reduces the setting cost by 40%


According to the recent news from the Nikkei Chinese website, Rosen plans to open a prefabricated convenience store in China, which is jointly developed by Rosen and Panasonic. It can be conveniently opened in parks and other places, and the construction cost can be reduced by 40%. It is reported that the first prefabricated convenience store opened in Nanjing on July 31, and Rosen plans to open about 10 stores in 2020.


Budweiser launches non-alcoholic Budweiser (Fox Business)


According to foreign media news recently, Budweiser group has launched a new non-alcoholic “Budweiser zero” beer.



Coca Cola goes on sale in the United States next year


Coca Cola will launch its first Coca Cola coffee in the U.S. in January next year, with three flavors including deep baking, vanilla and caramel, CNN reported recently.


Mengniu president Cheng Davos, the first Chinese member of consumer goods Executive Committee (financial sector)


Recently, according to the news that the Executive Committee of Mengfang group (Mengfang group) has been officially held, the Executive Committee of Mengfang group has been officially held. Lu Minfang is the first Chinese member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) working group on consumer goods.


Nestle helps to achieve waste free treatment of manure from all farms directly supplied by Shuangcheng (company news)


According to Nestle China, by the end of July this year, all 116 Nestle farms in Shuangcheng District of Harbin city had completed the construction and use of cow manure treatment facilities. It is reported that since March 2019, Nestle factory agricultural service department in Shuangcheng District, together with local animal husbandry bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau, has carried out a direct supply scale pasture manure treatment project. The purpose of the project is to treat cow manure and urine, reduce the impact on the environment, and turn waste into treasure.


Xu Fuji won “2020 CDIE digital innovation enterprise Huaying Award” (company news)


According to Xu Fuji’s recent news, the company won the 2020 CDIE digital innovation enterprise Huaying award by virtue of “KitKat” digital integrated marketing case, which is also Qiqiao’s first “landing” in the domestic industry.


Nestle calls for “support breastfeeding and protect a healthy planet” (company news)


During the 29th World breastfeeding week, Nestle once again called for “support breastfeeding and protect the healthy earth”. It is reported that Nestle has carried out 16 breast milk related studies in the world, covering 20 countries. More than 2000 people have participated in these studies. A total of 8000 breast milk samples have been taken, and more than 1 million breast milk related scientific data have been obtained.

Quick reading of food industry information


Zhang Gong was appointed secretary of the Party group of the State Administration of market supervision and administration


In the first half of 2020, the unqualified rate of sampling samples of infant formula food decreased year on year (General Administration of market supervision)


Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a notice on the analysis of food safety supervision and random inspection in the first half of 2020. According to the circular, 4834 batches of infant formula food samples were randomly inspected in the first half of 2020, including 5 batches of unqualified samples. The unqualified rate of samples was 0.10%, and the unqualified rate decreased by 0.09% year-on-year.


Establishment of modern dairy industry evaluation system in China (Xinhua News Agency)


According to the Xinhua news agency, the group standard of “dairy farm grading and evaluation of modern dairy industry” released by China Dairy Association will be officially implemented on August 1. Liu Yaqing, vice president and Secretary General of China Dairy Association, said that the release of the group standard of dairy farm grading and evaluation of modern dairy industry is the first step of modern dairy industry evaluation. It stipulates the modern dairy industry from eight directions: rationalization of layout, scale of breeding, intellectualization of management, sustainability of development, standardization of production, improvement of varieties, welfare of animals and quality of products Methods and grading standards of comprehensive evaluation of dairy farms.


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