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Is it an opportunity for catering enterprises or for packaged food enterprises? |Foodplus · ecological Conference

[about foodplus · 2020 catering prepackaged food ecological conference] this is the first time that foodplus has held an “ecological conference”. We hope to find some neglected but important topics and topics that can represent future trends. Around these topics, we invite important companies and senior & practical guests in the industry to conduct in-depth discussion and exchange, so as to let the relevant public Companies and practitioners have the opportunity to further or even re understand what they are doing.


Catering and prepackaged food is not a new topic. However, in the past, the topic discussed more in the industry is the retail of catering, which is based on the perspective of catering enterprises. In this conference, we re-examine it from the perspective of prepackaged food. If we think about the issue of prepackaged food in the consumer goods industry, we may have different thinking and judgment, and even strategies.


This ecological Conference on food and beverage prepackaged food will be held in Shanghai on August 15.

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From the development stage of China’s food industry and catering industry, these two industries are currently in a very critical time point and node. The core phenomenon of this time point and node is that the standardization development of catering and the development of food quality and flavor are infiltrating each other. The most likely state is that there will be convenient, standardized and delicious packaged food There will be a huge potential market for different types of food.


The trend of prepackaged food in catering industry, whether catering enterprises, or packaged food enterprises, or even upstream supply chain enterprises, should think about how to seize this trend and how to make themselves have a place in this big market. Even if it is a small place, there is a chance to establish a big business in the Chinese market.


Aiming at the deep integration of catering and prepackaged food, we have written and published an insight article, which mainly analyzes why catering prepackaged food is a big opportunity, and how to grasp these opportunities for different types of companies.


Today, we want to focus on the food prepackaged catering. For catering enterprises and packaged food enterprises, who is more likely to grasp this trend and establish large-scale business. At the same time, for different types of enterprises how to develop this business, we invited what kind of guests to share in-depth at the 2020 catering prepackaged food ecological conference.


1. The prepackaged catering is not only an opportunity for chain catering enterprises, but also an opportunity for innovative catering enterprises as well as for time-honored catering enterprises


As a catering enterprise, no matter how large the scale is, catering service and packaged food can be developed in parallel. If the scale of packaged food business can exceed the scale of catering service, this will be a completely different situation. Even if the packaged food business accounts for less than 50% and remains at about 20% – 30%, it can also make a catering company’s business structure and development value have great difference The same.


Guangzhou Restaurant is similar to such an example. Even its packaged food business scale is much higher than that of catering service business. According to the data of the prospectus and annual report, the revenue of Guangzhou Restaurant increased from 1.555 billion RMB in 2014 to 3.029 billion RMB in 2019, of which the catering business increased from 390 million yuan to 667 million yuan, and the packaged food business increased from 1.136 billion yuan to 2.291 billion yuan, nearly doubling its revenue The growth was mainly contributed by the packaged food business.


Under the strong growth of overall revenue driven by the packaging food business, Guangzhou Restaurant has also increased from more than 4 billion RMB when it was just listed to nearly 16 billion RMB now.


Guangzhou restaurant also mentioned its development strategy in its annual report in 2019, that is, “catering establishes brand and food creates scale”, which is one of the successful examples for catering enterprises to develop prepackaged food business. The business data reflected behind this is that the growth rate of packaged food business was 21.07%, and that of catering business was 10.95%. The growth rate of moon cake in packaged food business was 14.79%, and that of quick-frozen food was 34.79%.


Imagine, if a catering enterprise, catering service business scale maintained at more than 1 billion scale, packaged food business also maintained at more than 1 billion scale, in the future development, catering and packaged food can interact and promote each other, even if the catering business development is slow, the packaged food business can have its own vitality after reaching such a scale, and this business structure will also be able to have its own vitality Make a catering business very different.


It will become the mainstream trend in the future for catering enterprises to develop packaged food business and expand the packaged food business, which will greatly change the competition pattern between the catering industry and the food industry. In this case, as a catering enterprise, we must consider how to pre package, and take this as one of the company’s core development strategies, and parallel this business with catering business , with independent team and relatively independent organizational structure, reporting directly to the chairman or general manager, or even directly responsible by the chairman or general manager.


We can roughly divide the catering enterprises into three types, namely chain catering enterprises, innovative characteristic catering enterprises and time-honored catering enterprises. Next, we will analyze what kind of prepackaged food opportunities these three types of catering enterprises have.


Chain catering enterprises refer to those catering enterprises with large-scale stores, which adopt the unified management and operation mode, such as Haidilao, Xibei youmian village, grandma’s home, jiumaojiu, Xiabu Xiabu, Baisheng China, McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. some old-fashioned catering enterprises also adopt chain operation, such as Quanjude, but the foundation and advantages are different from others Chain catering enterprises are slightly different, so we focus on analysis in the category of time-honored catering enterprises.


These types of chain catering enterprises have the advantages of regional or national store network, good brand awareness, dishes, ingredients or beverage products with their own characteristics, based on chain operation and management, standardized central kitchen and food supply chain, which are the basis for the development of packaged food business.


For example, Haidilao takes hotpot seasoning as its first prepackaged food product line, which relies on the reputation and consumption habits of the hotpot brand, and develops a composite seasoning product line and a self heating food product line on this basis.


For another example, McDonald’s has developed instant coffee business and packaged retail coffee business on the basis of in store ground coffee business in the U.S. market. However, McDonald’s did not operate these two businesses by itself, but authorized Coca Cola and JM Smucker respectively.


However, more chain catering enterprises do not carry out prepackaged food business at present, such as grandma’s family, jiumaojiu, Xiabu Xiabu, Baisheng China, etc., and most of these companies have the foundation to vigorously develop the prepackaged food business. For example, the sauerkraut products of jiumaojiu catering can be developed as pop packaged food, and Mapo of grandma’s family Tofu and whole chicken dishes can be developed as popular packaged food. For example, sipuyugabu can be developed around hotpot seasonings, seasonings and self heating food like Haidilao, or focus on the development of frozen food products.


Innovative characteristic catering enterprises refer to Xi Cha, Naixue tea, Lele tea, wenheyou, Baman, long ago, Xi Shaoye, Wagas, new element, Yingji coffee, manner coffee, etc. The innovation features are embodied in the distinctive brands and products, which are young and innovative compared with the catering enterprises of the same type.


The advantage of this type of catering enterprises is that they are younger on the basis of characteristics and innovation, which is the basis for the development of packaged food business. They can operate this business around young people and innovative communication methods, especially in the early stage.


For example, relying on super wenheyou, wenheyou has established a very good reputation in the food circle. At the same time, it has opened sub brand stores around crayfish and Changsha stinky tofu. Wenheyou’s packaged food business is based on crayfish and stinky tofu.


For example, with the help of the authorized brands of cheese tea and poplars, poplars introduced the earliest types of products in the market, such as cheetory tea and peach syrup , began to vigorously develop prepackaged food and beverage business, such as setting up a sub brand xixiaocha bottling plant, launching NFC juice and bubble water products, and at the same time, the main brand of Xicha also launched Greek yogurt, ice cream, tea bag products, etc.


As an innovative characteristic catering enterprise, it should give full play to its own advantages, including characteristics, younger groups, digital communication mode, and develop packaged food around its own characteristic products and tastes and with young consumer groups as the core.


The catering companies such as Wuwei restaurant, Quanjia restaurant and Zhijia group have been listed all over the country, including Wuwei restaurant, qijialou, and so on, However, the business is relatively aging, which is not well operated. Many time-honored catering enterprises such as Changsha catering group and Anhui tongqinglou have not yet packaged food business.


As a time-honored brand, the core advantages lie in the cultural heritage, the flavor inherited from history and the mass base, while the opportunity point lies in the aspects of youth, digitization and modernization. In terms of grasping the opportunities of the times, wufangzhai has done particularly well in the past 1-2 years.


In fact, in addition to China’s time-honored catering enterprises, there are also some regional catering brands with a certain history, such as Shanghai wangjiasha, Changan big brands, Nanjing big brands, etc. These catering enterprises with a certain cultural heritage also have a good foundation of packaged food.


At the 2020 food prepackaged food ecological conference held by foodplus, we invited a number of representative innovative catering enterprises and upstream catering supply chain enterprises to share in-depth how catering enterprises develop prepackaged food business.

At the same time, we will release the first food and beverage prepackaged food industry map produced by the foodplus research and analysis team. The map will show what kinds of catering prepackaged food have been developed by different types of catering enterprises and packaged food enterprises, which can provide a lot of reference and inspiration for catering companies to develop packaged food.  

If we are interested in the industry map, we will also conduct live online activities before the food packaging convention. We can pay attention to the official account of FoodPlus and receive relevant information in time.


At the same time, we will release an in-depth analysis article on the food pre packaging in the next few days, with the theme “how can catering enterprises do a good job in prepackaged food?”? 》, please look forward to it.



2. The opportunity of packaging food enterprises is not only in convenience food, frozen and refrigerated food, but also the power of compound seasoning


For packaged food enterprises, we can divide them into two types: one is consumer goods company, and the other is upstream food supply chain company. The former includes large food companies such as Master Kang, uni president, CJ Xijie, Pu Meiduo, etc., and also includes start-up food companies such as zihiguo, ramen, single grain and liziqi, and the latter includes new hope Liuhe, Zhengda Group and Jiajia Jilin group, Shuanghui and other agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises.


No matter what type of packaged food enterprises, it is important to choose the direction and category, focus on and focus on it, because the large single product strategy is one of the core strategies that consumer goods companies must consider. At the same time, to establish an advantage in a certain direction and category, we need to continue to plough and invest in product R & D & technology, supply chain, channel, brand and consumption The advantages are gradually established in the dimensions of consumer cognition and team.


Why is it important to focus on a specific direction & category?

Types and representative products of prepackaged food products in China, photo source: food plus research and analysis team

In our insight article last week, we sorted out the product types and representative products of prepackaged food in China. Taking frozen and refrigerated food as an example, in this direction, it is further divided into food ingredients and cooked & ready to eat. If we choose the category of frozen food, the core is based on the upstream supply chain, and different food material categories are different for the supply chain For example, pork, beef, mutton, poultry and seafood are very different agricultural fields and supply chain structures. If we choose this direction, it will be a competitive disadvantage if we do not have our own agricultural and animal husbandry supply chain for a long time.


If we take the frozen and refrigerated cooked food & ready to eat products as an example, regardless of the food material supply chain, because cooked food & ready to eat products are heated or directly consumed, and there is no need to cook any more, so seasoning is very important. Whether the products can be continuously iterated on the basis of seasoning is very high for R & D and technology, but it should be established on seasoning and new dishes research and development The advantages can not be realized in the short term, but need continuous and long-term investment.


Take convenience food as an example. Whether it is instant noodles, self heating food or instant noodles, how to establish a wide range of consumer awareness is very important. At the same time, the establishment of channel network is also very important. In order to penetrate the products into various types of retail channels and circulation channels, it also needs long-term investment, whether it is for the start-up packaging food enterprises This is especially true for large-scale packaging enterprises that have entered the new type of convenient food.


For different types of packaged food enterprises and enterprises entering different types of prepackaged food products, we also invited guests from different backgrounds to share with us, including upstream food supply chain enterprises and convenience food enterprises.


We also invited a special packaging food enterprise, a domestic star artificial meat brand, to take the catering enterprise as the carrier of channels, customers and product popularization in the trend of prepackaged food.

At the same time, we have invited investment institutions that have made many investments in the field of convenience food to see the opportunities of catering prepackaging from the perspective of investors. Also invited a number of catering enterprises packaging food visual design companies to share the importance of vision for catering prepackaged food.


3. Under the trend of prepackaged food, who has more opportunities?


Around the trend of deep integration of catering and prepackaged food, the scalability of catering enterprises is more and more extensive than that of packaged food enterprises, which is embodied in the fact that there are many entry points for catering enterprises to develop packaged food. They can start from special dishes, classic ingredients, and special flavor, and the extension of special flavor in packaged food It can be extended to condiments, drinks, snacks and so on.


Packaging food enterprises should look for opportunities around pre packaged food, and focus more on the main course and convenient food. Relatively speaking, the choice of entry direction will be narrower. If they want to expand into other categories, they also need to have a certain foundation and recognition of the core product line.


From this point of view, catering enterprises have more foundation and advantages than packaged food enterprises in the initial stage, which can play a key role in the early stage and business growth period. However, packaging food enterprises do not have such advantages and need to be established from scratch.


However, on the other hand, catering enterprises have a certain foundation, but if the foundation is not so good, it will not bring good value to the development of packaged food business, on the contrary, it may bring some bad effects, that is, brand potential and consumer influence can not support the good development of packaged food business in the early stage, so we need to consider food and beverage at this time Brand and packaged food brand should be invested in both directions, or the investment and development of packaged food business should be suspended.


The corresponding is that packaging food enterprises do not have such a burden. They can start from scratch, look for market gaps, conceive brands and product lines from scratch, and realize early good development by using the experience of packaging food enterprises in consumer goods.


The above is more from the early stage of the development of food and beverage prepackaged food business. If it is from the perspective of medium and long-term development, the opportunities of catering enterprises and packaged food enterprises are almost equal, because whether it is catering enterprises or packaged food enterprises, it is always a matter of food consumer goods. When the business scale has a certain foundation, it should be further improved Step by step growth requires the ability of supply chain, product development and innovation, brand building, marketing and omni channel operation, which are on the same level for certain scale catering enterprises and packaged food enterprises. This time depends more on capital strength and team ability, which will determine who has the ability to win.


However, driven by the trend of prepackaged food, catering enterprises and packaged food do not have a competitive relationship, but how to jointly expand the market. Although it is the general trend, different types of companies are also needed to cultivate the market. When the market becomes larger, even a small share is also a large-scale business.


The following is the complete guest list and agenda of the foodplus · 2020 catering pre packaged food ecological conference. Welcome to the conference to find your prepackaged food solution.

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