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Live online | food consumer goods brands, how to play with byte system traffic?

In the FoodPlus observation, a good tiktok product is a carrier. From the product differentiation, packaging to purchase one, it is better at catching the bonus period traffic from micro-blog, WeChat, to Xiaohong book and jitter, and to get traffic and potential energy, and such representatives are full of money.

Tiktok, 700 million tiktok, 1 billion 500 million MAU, today’s headlines, jitter, and flick volcano, headline traffic is no doubt that the brand can not ignore DAU. Throughout the industry, the top line flow is undoubtedly still in the dividend period. So, is it suitable for you? How can we grasp and make good use of the head stream?

Specific process of live broadcast

① , 18:50-19:00, Xiao Qi invites everyone to enter the meeting room (special reminder, 19:00 is the time for the official start of the activity)

② , 19:00-19:10 introduction of foodplus

③ , 19:10-19:40, Wang Zheng, person in charge of commercialization of byte jump, and CAI yunqi, manager of byte jump commercialization, shared the theme “methodology of e-commerce drainage in food and beverage industry”

④ , 19:40-20:10 QA interactive session (special reminder, it will ensure that you can get something, you can think about the questions you need to ask in advance)




Foodplus is a vertical community around food entrepreneurship. We focus on food consumer goods and focus on food start-ups with revenue within 100 million yuan from zero.


It was launched by Tracy, Sean and Haifeng in August 2017, and has been in full-time operation for more than one year. There are 7 team members. You can click here to learn more about foodplus.


We hope to gather the best food entrepreneurs in China through foodplus to explore the logic and law of food entrepreneurship, develop their own companies, and promote the development and innovation of the food consumer goods industry.


Our goal: to be YC in the field of food consumer goods, to be the incubator, accelerator and investment in the field of food consumer goods.

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