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Brand value exceeds 40 billion for the first time! Wandashan has been awarded “China’s 500 most valuable brand” for 17 consecutive years

Under the guidance of the “double 10 billion” brand strategy, Wandashan, the national team member of dairy industry, realized the growth against the trend with its strong market layout. Recently, world brand laboratory, one of the world’s leading independent brand evaluation institutions, released the list of China’s 500 most valuable brands in 2020.  

This year, Wandashan’s brand value exceeded 40 billion for the first time. According to the ranking list, Wandashan has won the title of “China’s 500 most valuable brand” for the 17th consecutive year with a brand value of 40.539 billion yuan, ranking 173 in the total. Compared with 2019, Wandashan’s ranking rose by two places in 2020, and the brand value increased by 10.71%.

Make a good start of “double 10 billion”


Sticking to the high quality standard and continuously deepening the consumption market is the key to Wandashan’s long-term stable position on the list. As an old brand dairy enterprise with 62 years of history, Wandashan has been adhering to the responsibility and mission of “contributing green food and caring for public health” based on China’s black land – Heilongjiang Province. It has built a demonstration area of safe dairy products industrialization in China, and has been highly recognized by the industry, society and consumers.


At present, Wandashan has formed an industrial chain model of integrated development of upstream and downstream. In the upstream, Wandashan has built a raw milk base in the “world’s golden milk source belt” area at 42-47 degrees north latitude. At present, the whole process of green milk source construction, organic raw material planting and scientific feeding management has been realized. The milk protein content, total number of somatic cells, total number of colonies and other indicators in fresh milk are all better than the European Union standard, reaching the world-class level.


In the downstream, Wandashan has created a rich product portfolio, including infant milk powder, colostrum products, liquid milk, adult milk powder, soybean milk powder and rice flour. In 2020, Wandashan won the award of “the most beautiful green food enterprise” by China Green Food Development Center for the fourth time, and became the only dairy enterprise in Heilongjiang Province to receive this honor.

With the goal of achieving leapfrog growth, Wandashan has formulated the strategic goal of “double 10 billion” in 2019, that is, to achieve revenue of 10 billion by 2025, and the market value will exceed 10 billion after listing. In addition, Wandashan also launched a brand-new brand concept of “do everything you can for your love”.

2020 is the first year for the implementation of the “double 10 billion” target. In order to get a good start and consolidate the fundamentals of brand growth, Wandashan has played a “combination fist” around brand promotion, consumer experience and new product layout.


In terms of brand promotion, Wandashan made a grand appearance as a special sponsor of CCTV’s large variety show “Star Avenue” in January this year. In terms of consumer experience, Wandashan and Jingdong jointly held a super ceremony of Jingdong domestic milk powder with the theme of “fresh intelligent manufacturing, Chinese power” in March this year, and invited users to experience the “intelligent manufacturing” process of domestic milk powder online.

In terms of new products, Wandashan’s series of A2 high-end products obtained organic certification in April this year, including liquid milk and formula milk powder. It is reported that this is the first batch of A2 β – casein organic dairy products certified by a third-party organic certification agency in China.

Then in May, to meet the different nutritional needs of children of different ages, Wandashan launched eight new types of Zhuge Xiaojiang children’s milk powder. The product formula was designed from the aspects of children’s brain development, vision development, growth and development, intestinal health and immune enhancement.

In addition, Wandashan will be in the near future on the full range of milk powder packaging for a comprehensive renovation. It is reported that Wandashan will assist in the fresh nutrition of raw milk materials through the double low process, namely negative pressure concentration and low oxygen content, and fully adopt two innovative technologies, namely patent can and patent cover, which are authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, to realize the brand-new packaging of milk powder products in the form of “patent can, lock every gram”.


Wandashan said: “in the future, Wandashan will focus on publishing and making efforts to segment the market, further optimize the product layout, and provide better products and services for consumers in the future.”


State owned enterprises’ responsibility during the epidemic period


At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic situation led to logistics transportation blocked. In order to ensure the “continuous supply” of Chinese baby’s ration during the epidemic period, Wandashan launched the “worry free program of Chinese baby’s ration” at the early stage of the outbreak. With the purpose of “ensuring safety, supply and nutrition”, Wandashan constantly adjusted the supply chain, operation strategy and coordinated production.


It is understood that Wandashan’s five infant formula milk powder factories have been working all the time during the epidemic, with an output of 50000-80000 tons to ensure the adequate supply of products. At the same time, Wandashan also meets the purchase needs of consumers through online and offline dual purchase channels, integrates expert teams to create parenting programs to answer questions and doubts of parents in the epidemic situation, from returning to work, returning to childbirth, nutrition supply to the last kilometer.


Not only consumers, but also other partners in the whole dairy industry chain were taken care of by Wandashan for the first time. During the epidemic period, due to the epidemic situation, Hebei dairy farmers could not sell milk. With the help of local government departments, Wandashan signed a fresh milk purchase and sales contract with Hebei xiongda dairy farm to solve the urgent needs of dairy farmers.


As a member of the “dairy national team”, Wandashan has always taken the responsibility of national dairy enterprises. In April this year, when the epidemic situation in Suifenhe, the border port city between China and Russia, was in urgent need, Wandashan also completed the overall planning as soon as possible, donating 10 tons of pure milk to Mudanjiang municipal government and distributing them to the local epidemic prevention units in Suifenhe.


According to statistics, during the three-month period from February to April 2020, Wandashan donated 13 dairy products and more than 200 tons of dairy products.


Thinking of the people’s thoughts and urgent needs of the people, Wandashan’s state-owned enterprise demeanor during the epidemic period has been widely praised and recognized by all walks of life in the community. The brand has soared in the adverse situation, showing the strength of domestic products.


Brand is not only the firm trademark of enterprises in the eyes of consumers, but also the sincere commitment of enterprises to consumers. The continuous 17 years of brand value growth is the process of Wandashan’s continuous growth and transformation as a national enterprise, and also the transformation of consumers’ recognition and trust.


In the future, with Wandashan’s insistence on quality and continuous innovation of products and services, the road of enterprise growth and transformation will be more and more broad, which will lay a solid foundation for building the first green and organic integrity brand of China’s dairy industry and the continuous growth trend of brand value year by year.

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