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How to seize the opportunity in the wave of catering pre packaging? We concentrated our thinking in this industry map, food plus

[about foodplus · 2020 catering prepackaged food ecological conference] this is the first time that foodplus has held an “ecological conference”. We hope to find some neglected but important topics and topics that can represent future trends. Around these topics, we invite important companies and senior & practical guests in the industry to conduct in-depth discussion and exchange, so as to let the relevant public Companies and practitioners have the opportunity to further or even re understand what they are doing.


Catering and prepackaged food is not a new topic. However, in the past, the topic discussed more in the industry is the retail of catering, which is based on the perspective of catering enterprises. In this conference, we re-examine it from the perspective of prepackaged food. If we think about the issue of prepackaged food in the consumer goods industry, we may have different thinking and judgment, and even strategies.


This ecological Conference on food and beverage prepackaged food will be held in Shanghai on August 15.

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When we talk about the concept of food and beverage prepackaging, we realize that we are defining a direction that is developing rapidly and has certain concern, but the society generally lacks systematic cognition.


That’s why we think that based on the continuous attention, research and insight of foodplus to the industry, we have the opportunity to define this emerging category and export our cognition accordingly.


We also have our own ideas about why we should use the “industry map” as the cognitive bearing form – we hope to provide more inspiration and inspiration for category research in this systematic and visual form.


In the field of research and analysis, “industry map” is not a new concept. In the era of the development of the Internet industry, many research institutions, media and investment institutions have launched their own “industry map” and “industry map”. These “Atlas” either disassemble the business model of the industry, or describe the industrial chain, or analyze the players and the competition situation.


So, what kind of granular information, what kind of judgment and value output can be called “industry map” — in other words, what is the appearance of the industry map conforming to foodplus standard?


In this regard, we hope that the industry map we have made can reflect the research starting point that foodplus has always insisted on in the research of industry and category proposition, which provides value for innovation, entrepreneurship and investment in the food industry.


Different from the Internet industry atlas which focuses on business model analysis, the food consumer goods industry with a longer history and industry precipitation is not likely to have a very fierce business model change. The value of the industry map needs to be further explored in the complex and rich players, brands and products.


Of course, food and beverage pre packaging has its particularity and epochal characteristics in consumer food products. We clearly see that it is developing from “industry trend” to independent industry. There are a number of fast-growing new players and traditional brands with “rejuvenation”, star products and even new sub categories. Behind these, there are also catering retail and new cooking Scene, lazy economy, single economy and so on a series of multi category interwoven era concepts.


In this context, we hope that this map of catering pre packaging industry can provide some inspiration and inspiration for the industry on the following issues:

What is the concept of food and beverage pre packaging? How to give a clear and accurate definition?

Which players are affected by the trend of catering pre packaging? In other words, what opportunities should they be?

If catering pre packaging is an industry, what is the length of the industry chain?

Who are the players on the catering prepackaged track and what are they doing? What is the overall pattern of competition?

When a company wants to enter the catering pre packaging industry, what are the choices when developing products? How to judge some opportunities behind product selection?

How about the supply chain of catering pre packaging industry? What are the main supply chain models and choices in product manufacturing & development?

The past and present of the development of food and beverage prepackaged products? What are the important events? What are the social and historical reasons behind this development?

Who are the consumers in the catering pre packaging market? What is the general picture? What promotes the development of catering prepackaged consumer market?


So far, we also believe that no matter for the traditional CpG players, the players in the catering industry, or the players in the channel and supply chain, whether it is for multinational giants, local large companies & regional companies, or emerging start-up companies, we can find relatively equal opportunities in the course of catering prepackaging – everyone can participate in this vigorous development and extension &The connotation also comes in the expanding category market competition. These players and characters are also the objects that we hope this industry map can bring value.







In order to answer the questions from the online and offline industries, we have collected the relevant online and offline product categories, the nature of their online and offline products, and the types of online and offline products they have collected, as well as the characteristics of their online and offline products, The database of China’s catering pre packaging industry was established.


On this basis, we classify and structure the three intertwined but independent concepts of brand, product and company in the database at different levels, and sort out the fields from product characteristics, core brands, and company attributes, categories and development stages.


At the same time, through this relatively structured database, we can directly carry out research on different objectives by means of screening and dynamic perspective, whether it is investors directly looking for the target, or doing industry pattern research, or entrepreneurs’ product insight.






To study development and future, we should first look at history. Although food and beverage prepackaging is a relatively “new” concept, from the perspective of category development and evolution, independent categories such as convenience food and frozen food have their own development history, and self heating hotpot, prefabricated dishes and other categories and subdivision categories also present a clear development stage.


Therefore, under the complex and dynamic category concept of food and beverage prepackaging, we selected the category with certain historical accumulation and regular precipitation, combined with the development research of related categories in the major global markets, and analyzed the development history based on the Chinese market.




In this process, in addition to the category itself development context, important events, turning point & milestone research, we also try to start from the factors of industrialization & industrialization, marketization & Population Flow & economic development, population growth, Urbanization & education, etc., combining with the formation of different types of consumption demands, the invention and application of important technologies The underlying reasons for the change of different scenes behind the food and beverage prepackaged categories, and find some core logic in the category changes.

Foodplus · food and beverage prepackaging map – industry bottom development motivation (part), source: foodplus · research and analysis team





In order to deconstruct the wave of catering prepackaging and find out the opportunities, we have explored the core roles in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain in a similar way.


At the end of the supply chain, through typical case studies, we have listed all kinds of factories, large and small, which are supporting the wave of catering prepackaging. We have a clear insight into the upstream layout, and extracted the development and production mode of catering prepackaged products, forming the database of upstream industrial chain.


Based on the underlying database, we studied the coding of brands and products, and produced an industry competition pattern chart to see through these diverse players and their current competitive blueprint.




In addition, on the research of catering pre packaging channels, our research and analysis team visited all kinds of online and offline representative channels, explored the existing location, aggregation and development space of catering prepackaged products and players in these channels, and made a 2 * 2 Matrix Analysis of online offline / catering retail channels.




Finally, we also choose to return to the consumer level, from the consumer psychology, practical needs, consumption scenarios and other aspects, to abstract & analyze the consumer end consumer group portraits and behavior change trend, which constitute the theoretical basis for us to clarify the underlying logic of the wave of catering prepackaging.

Foodplus · consumer insight analysis (process draft), source: foodplus · research and analysis team

The industrial chain is the core plate in our whole industry map. We try to use this chart to present the whole catering prepackaging industry chain at a glance – in every link of the chain, we can grasp the key information at the first time.


In addition, based on the above research process, we analyzed, studied and even predicted the product innovation, market opportunity point, technological breakthrough and other dimensions. We have condensed these thoughts into the “food plus · 2020 catering pre packaging industry map”.


Access method

It will be officially released on August 15, 2020 at the “2020 · catering prepackaged food ecology conference”


The complete contents of Atlas & database can be obtained through the following ways:


1. Online purchase, online direct purchase is supported after release, and the price is RMB 98. Interested users scan the QR code below and enter the “food plus · snack bar” to make an appointment.



2. We will send out a map & database for each industry partner who will attend the 2020 food pre packaged food eco conference? You can register directly through the link at the end of this article or click here). It can be obtained through the following ways: after purchasing the ticket, Xiaoqi (wechat ID: foodplus007) of foodplus operation officer will join the “2020 · catering pre packaging industry group”, and you can get it at the conference site by using the ticket purchase record.


3. At the same time, we will also hold an online live broadcast of “foodplus · xlab” at 8:00 p.m. on August 11, 2020 (Tuesday). Members of this industry map research group will share and discuss online, and select 5 audiences to send out “foodplus · 2020 catering pre packaging industry map” and “foodplus · 2020 catering pre packaging industry database”. Welcome interested friends to sign up by identifying the QR code of the live poster below.

About foodplus · xlab live


The first live broadcast will be held on the evening of August 11, 2020. Members of the research and analysis team of foodplus, the author of the catering prepackaging industry map, will share the live broadcast of “self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, snail powder, high-end instant noodles… Enlightenment of catering pre packaging behind the changes of convenient food”. The live broadcast will also draw the audience to send out the tickets of “2020 · catering prepackaged food ecological conference” and “foodplus” ·2020 food and beverage pre packaging industry map “.

Food and beverage pre packaged food ecological conference in 2020

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