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Starbucks upgraded its first flagship store in mainland China, posing as an “old Ganma” employee for arrest. Yum! China may be listed twice in September. The Royal mother company of Hamburg closed hundreds of stores, and unified central control made more than 1 billion yuan in half a year

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Pretending to be “old Ganma” employees to cheat, two were arrested (wechat official number of Nanming District People’s Procuratorate, surging News)

According to the wechat official account of the people’s Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City, on August 7, 2020, the people’s Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City, approved the arrest of Cao and Liu, the suspects who pretended to be the staff members of “Laoganma” company for cheating on August 7, 2020. At present, the case is being further handled. Prior to that, Tencent applied to seal up and freeze Lao Ganma’s property of 16.24 million yuan due to contract service disputes. On June 30, Laoganma company issued a statement saying that it had never conducted any commercial cooperation with Tencent and had reported the case to Guiyang police.

It is said that Yum China will be listed in Hong Kong for the first time or in September (Bloomberg)

According to a person familiar with the situation today, yum! China plans to launch a second listing as early as September in Hong Kong, China. It may raise about $2 billion in Hong Kong through its stock sale, according to the company. People familiar with the matter said the company has submitted its application for listing in secret, and details such as the timing and size of the offering have not been finalized and may change. A representative of Yum China declined to comment, the report said.

In the first half of the year, uni president made a net profit of more than 1 billion yuan, and beverage revenue decreased by 7.4% year on year (company announcement)

Unified enterprise China disclosed its 2020 interim performance report today, showing that in the first half of this year, the company recorded an income of 11.817 billion yuan (the same below), a year-on-year increase of 3.0%; the profit attributable to shareholders was 1.065 billion yuan, up 6.8% year-on-year; the gross profit margin was 35.8%, down 0.8%. According to the announcement, the proportion of the company’s food business income increased, among which “laotan pickle” and “tangdaren” showed double-digit growth. The first half of the year’s revenue of “opening a small stove” achieved multiple growth compared with the same period last year, and the proportion of food business performance increased significantly. In terms of different businesses, the first half income of food business was 5.207 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 22.0%; the income of beverage business was 6.291 billion yuan, decreased by 7.4% compared with the same period of last year, and increased by 46.7% quarter on quarter in the same year.

President of Yashili international group visited Shuozhou (Shuozhou News Network)

On August 6, Chen Zhenliang, Secretary of Shuozhou municipal Party committee, and Xiong Yanbin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, had a discussion in Yingxian county and Yan Zhiyuan, President of Yashili international group. The two sides exchanged views on speeding up project construction and achieving win-win cooperation. Yan Zhiyuan said that in the next step, Yashili International Group will strengthen its confidence in development, increase investment in Shuo around the strategic layout, attach great importance to scientific research, continuously improve product quality, expand and strengthen enterprise brand, spare no effort to accelerate project construction and promote cooperation to achieve greater results.

Nestle Greater China CEO visits Suning Carrefour headquarters

Recently, Rashid Qureshi, chairman and chief executive officer of Nestle Greater China, led the heads of various product lines to visit Carrefour headquarters in Suning. He said that the sales of Nestle, Wyeth, Taitaile, xufuji and other brand products should achieve comprehensive growth in Carrefour, of which the brand of “Madame” should achieve more than 1.5 times of growth. During the talks, the two sides also re planned and strengthened the promotion mechanism, resource input and personnel allocation of major nodes such as 818, mid autumn national day, double 11 and CNY.

Golden dragon fish gem IPO meeting (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

According to the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, on August 6, the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the results of the 13th review meeting of the municipal Party Committee on the gem in 2020, which showed that Yihai Jiali Jinlongyu grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd. (the first batch) met the issuing conditions, listing conditions and information disclosure requirements. According to the data, Yihai Jiali Jinlongyu plans to issue no more than 542 million shares, accounting for no less than 10% of the total share capital after the issuance, and plans to raise 13.87 billion yuan of capital. As one of the largest agricultural products and food processing enterprises in China, the company’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of kitchen food, feed raw materials and oil technology products. According to the arrangement, the purpose of the fund-raising was all invested in the kitchen food business.

Wahaha Bottled Water Inner Mongolia base phase II is planned to be completed by the end of August (Inner Mongolia Chifeng Balinyou banner government network)

According to today’s news from the government website of Balinyou banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, the main body of the production workshop of Wahaha Bottled Water Inner Mongolia production base project invested and constructed by Chifeng Huayuan Beverage Co., Ltd. has been completed and transferred to the indoor construction stage, and all construction is planned to be completed by the end of August. After the project is put into operation, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 60 million yuan, an annual sales revenue of 50 million yuan, an annual profit of 7.5 million yuan, and an annual tax of 4 million yuan. It can directly provide 100 jobs and promote the employment of more than 3000 outlets. The second phase of the project plans to build a warehouse and distribution warehouse, an automatic bottled water production line, a health drink production line, a comprehensive office building and supporting facilities, with an annual production capacity of 6 million barrels of bottled water (about 120000 tons). According to the data, the total investment of the project is 100 million yuan, which is divided into two phases. At present, 43 million yuan has been invested. One warehouse and distribution warehouse and one full-automatic barreled water production line of phase I project have been completed and put into operation in August 2019.

Starbucks to upgrade taiguli flagship store in Sanlitun (company news)

Starbucks’ first flagship store in taiguli, Sanlitun, Beijing, will be upgraded tomorrow. According to reports, the brand-new Starbucks flagship store in Sanlitun taiguli will introduce bar mixato innovative winery, including 30 creative cocktail, wine and craft beer. Cai delining, President and chief operating officer of Starbucks China retail, said that Starbucks’ long-term development strategy in China has never wavered and is still increasing investment.

Peet’s Coffee Shanghai Xintiandi Black Label store opens (company news)

Today, the world’s largest pure coffee company, JDE Peet’s’s coffee chain brand Peet’s Coffee, is officially opened in Shanghai’s new world’s Black Label store. According to public information, there are currently 20 outlets in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing.

COFCO will invest 50 billion yuan in Hubei in the next five years (Hubei Daily)

In an interview with Hubei Daily on July 31, LV Jun, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of COFCO group, said in an interview with Hubei Daily on July 31 that COFCO plans to invest 50 billion yuan in Hubei in the next five years to boost Hubei’s high-quality development. According to reports, in terms of dairy industry, Mengniu Dairy intends to build an industrial park with an annual output of 1 million tons of dairy products in Hubei Province and become the largest dairy industry base in Central China.

Mengniu Wuhan low temperature dairy factory project started, China Resources snowflake and liangpin shops achieved double-digit growth (Wuhan Dongxihu District Government Network)

In the first half of this year, 41 major projects with a total investment of 43.6 billion yuan, including Anchuang Xinyuan and Mengniu low-temperature dairy factory, were successfully started in the first half of this year, according to the news released by Dongxihu District government network of Wuhan city. In addition, among the 338 Industrial Enterprises above designated scale, the output value of key enterprises such as China Resources snowflake and liangpin shop has achieved double-digit growth.

Yili promotes Qiqihar daily processing of 1000 tons of liquid milk project (Qiqihar Municipal Government Network)

According to the information from Qiqihar Municipal government website today, leaders of meiris District of Qiqihar city and Luo Yan, assistant to the president of Yili Group, held docking talks yesterday on the market prospect of dairy industry development in the normalization stage of epidemic prevention and control, and the promotion of Yili dairy industry’s daily processing of 1000 tons of liquid milk project.

Construction of two ten thousand dairy cattle farms in Feihe (Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government Network)

Flying crane has invested 1.2 billion yuan in Longjiang County and Tailai County this year to build two 10000 head dairy farms, according to Heilongjiang Provincial People’s government website yesterday.

Mead Johnson cross border Center Launches Global traceability system (Nansha District People’s Government of Guangzhou)

Recently, the launching ceremony of Mead Johnson cross border center and joining the global traceability system was held in the global premium distribution center of Nansha bonded logistics park. At the launching ceremony, the Innovation Work Bureau of Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone and Mead Johnson nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. exchanged the memorandum of cooperation on building global traceability system, marking that Mead Johnson officially joined the global traceability system created by Nansha’s fully independent intellectual property rights. According to reports, Mead Johnson’s cross-border distribution center will rely on the digital platform to complete general trade import, cross customs transfer and transfer, etc., to meet the service requirements of various trade modes and marketing channels. Mead Johnson has used the distribution center as the cargo assembly base of its surrounding markets, and the import and export volume is expected to reach 3-4 billion yuan in 2020.

Price reduction of goat milk powder nearly 50%, Hongxing Meiling’s price raising strategy failed (China business daily)

According to Beijing Business Daily yesterday, red star Meiling Dairy Co., Ltd., a goat milk powder manufacturer, recently announced that the price of its infant milk powder “fuyangyang” has been reduced by 140 yuan, a 43% reduction. In addition, the reporter of China Business Daily found on the Jingdong platform that red star Meiling’s many kinds of children’s milk powder and adult milk powder were promoted, with a maximum discount of about 50%. Song Liang, a dairy expert, said this means that the price raising strategy implemented by Red Star Meiling since 2018 has failed. Red Star Meiling announced that the company will adjust the retail price of Fuyang infant formula milk powder from 328 yuan / 800g to 188 yuan / 800g. The new price will be implemented nationwide from 0:00 on August 5. The online platform will be responsible for the promotion and drainage, and the stores will undertake the sales.

China tea signed strategic cooperation with Pu’er City to establish China tea Yunnan raw material center (company news)

Yesterday, China tea and Pu’er Municipal People’s government signed a framework agreement on the strategic development of tea industry in Kunming, and officially established the Yunnan raw materials center of China tea. Wu Fei, deputy general manager of China Tea Co., Ltd., said that Pu’er tea business has always been the key development direction of Chinese tea, and Pu’er City is one of the important regions for China tea industry layout and raw material procurement. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with Pu’er municipal government is an important step in the layout of Chinese tea in Pu’er, and also a new round of exploration on the business development of Pu’er tea.

New York Hamburg brand shake shack will open in Beijing (Xinhua)

According to today, Beijing Sanlitun store, a brand of online hot hamburger from New York, will officially open on August 12. The store is located on the south side of the square in taiguli South District, Sanlitun. This is the first store opened by the brand in Beijing and the 12th store opened in China.

South African brewery abandons R 5 billion investment plan (Ministry of Commerce)

According to a recent announcement on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Namibian newspaper reported that the South African beer company owned by Budweiser InBev, the world’s largest beer company, recently announced that it would give up 5 billion South African rand investment to increase production due to the South African government’s resumption of the second prohibition of alcohol this year. It is estimated that South Africa’s first three-month prohibition has resulted in about 118000 job cuts in the beverage industry and about R12 billion in government revenue, while the second nine week ban could result in 84000 job losses and r15.5 billion in GDP losses.

Hamburg Royal mother company plans to close hundreds of stores in response to the epidemic (Reuters)

Restaurant Brands International Inc (RBI), the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons, said on Thursday it would close hundreds more stores this year as it wanted to strengthen capital to withstand sales shocks from the outbreak, Reuters reported yesterday. Sales of Burger King and Tim Hortons have been hit hard in recent months as the epidemic has limited food in restaurants and reduced demand for takeout breakfast and coffee. Burger King’s overall revenue fell more than 25% in the second quarter. The company expects the number of stores by the end of 2020 to be roughly the same as last year, slightly more than 27000, but it will continue to open new restaurants as planned. PoPeyes, the company’s fried chicken brand, maintained growth and expanded in markets such as China.

CICC: Heineken or achieve rapid volume in the medium and short term (tonghuashun finance and Economics)

According to tonghuashun finance and economics yesterday, CICC released a research report on China Resources beer yesterday. It is expected that the company’s revenue in the first half of fiscal year 2020 may drop by 7% year-on-year, and the sales volume will drop by a high number of units. The research paper also pointed out that the overall recovery trend in the second quarter was better, and Heineken entered a period of rapid volume, which led to the improvement of profitability. With the decrease of channel inventory and the rapid warming of weather, the industry output increased by 5.7%. Considering the rapid response of China Resources beer to the epidemic situation, it is estimated that the company’s sales volume increased by about 10% year-on-year. At the beginning of May, the company made a high-profile listing of fresh “Heineken star silver”, and its distribution was strong. According to the announcement of Heineken group, the sales volume of Heineken in China in the second quarter achieved double-digit year-on-year growth, and the research report predicted that the sales volume of Heineken in the whole year would increase by 40% to 200000 tons.

Unilever Nigeria announced business amlive

According to foreign media today, Unilever Nigeria PLC announced a strategic review of the planned spin off of the global tea business. In a document submitted to the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the review assessed the full range of options for the tea business as an independent entity to reflect the potential of new business.

Quick reading of food industry information



According to the latest research data released by Nielsen today, China’s FMCG sales grew steadily at a 7% growth rate in all channels in June; the offline market recovered slowly and the online consumption potential continued to release. Among them, in June this year, the total sales of soy sauce, instant noodles and carbonated drinks increased by 14%, 6% and 8%, respectively. Compared with the same period last year, some categories including ready to drink coffee (+ 102%) and bulk chocolate (+ 91%) led the rise in online channels in June this year. As of June this year, with the housing economy phenomenon, the sales volume of staple food in offline channels increased strongly by 12%, including packaging flour (+ 56%), packaged rice (+ 27%) and noodles (+ 27%). In addition, due to the impact of certain epidemic situation, consumers lack strong consumption motivation, and the growth rate of (- 10%) beverage sales is not satisfactory. In addition, maternal and infant (- 17%) and personal care (- 11%) products showed inter channel transfer, and offline (excluding maternal and infant stores) performance was affected to some extent. Looking at the development of Omni channel categories, the sales volume of staple food (+ 18%) and maternal and infant products (+ 9%) exceeded the same period last year due to the influence of housing economy and health trend.

No. 1 company of Guangzhou Panyu daluotang frozen food market was found to have negative results (Guangzhou Health Commission)

According to the official wechat of Guangzhou Health Commission, on August 6, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention informed the center for Disease Control and prevention of Panyu district that the new coronavirus was suspected positive in the packaging of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil sold to Zhanjiang from daluotang, Panyu District. On August 6, the result was negative by the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention. Panyu District attached great importance to this, and immediately monitored the employees and the external environment of the dalaotang cold storage. At present, all the results are negative. In the next step, Panyu District will continue to carry out full coverage detection on all employees and external environment of the cold storage in daluotang area, continuously maintain sensitivity, achieve early detection and early disposal, minimize the harm of new coronavirus to public health, prevent transmission through agricultural trade, aquatic products and other product trading markets, and ensure the health and life safety of the broad masses of people.

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