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After confirming the eyes, why does this spicy and sour powder taste so delicious?

In the dead of night, I suddenly meet overtime

Don’t you feel empty in your heart?

Final exam, stay up late to endorse

Don’t eat barrel Kanto cooking is not feeling memory online?

Weekend time, sleeping in bed chasing drama,

If you don’t eat the bowl of Huajia powder, do you think that the beauty of xiaohuaxiaosheng has declined?


Eating is an eternal topic

Eat convenient fans, is the comfort of countless young people at night

Did you eat it today?

A kind of

hot and sour noodles can be traced back to the period of the Three Kingdoms. After Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei got married in the peach garden, the owner of the peach garden chose sweet potato flour as the main ingredient, and added the hot pepper, old pickled cabbage, brown sugar and yellow lotus, implying that the friendship of the three people is as long as noodles, and they can experience the ups and downs of life together. Later generations because of its sour and spicy taste, gradually changed into “hot and sour powder.”.

In recent years, hot and sour powder has developed from a local snack to a famous national specialty food. In 2018, the number of online hot and sour powder consumers will reach 10 million, with the growth rate of 113%. At the same time, hot and sour powder packaging food has attracted much attention. The hot and sour powder products were searched on several e-commerce platforms, among which there were more than 40 related brands, and the monthly sales volume of the highest single product could reach 38000 pieces, about 220000 boxes, indicating the popularity of the market.

such a huge market, qianbawu hot and sour powder drives colorful auspicious clouds to bring the gospel to those who are looking for the food with good luck. At the same time, it also comes with Guandong cooking and Huajia powder, which has become the “essential good product” in the home.

Why is Chiba house so popular?

Pure sweet potato powder as raw material, “coating” press

Those who can’t be skinny are always in turmoil, and those who can’t be fat can’t be bullied!
With 100% Guizhou sweet potato powder as the raw material, the fans of
thousand bakery house, without any additives, ensure the low calorie of sweet potato powder itself, increase the feeling of satiety, and bring comfort to the hearts of young people. It is an ideal food for weight loss at home. Once the dormitory affection destroys, the devil snail powder has been loved by the majority of women, and has become the catalyst to cultivate feelings in the dormitory.
In terms of equipment, qianbakewu has changed the previous extrusion method and adopted the most advanced “coating type” production technology in China. The vermicelli is smooth, chewy and has endless aftertaste.

Qianbakewu convenience fans highlight the concept of “health and convenience”, change the old-fashioned collocation, add multiple bags of high-quality ingredients, and make it convenient for Buddhist eating. It is worth mentioning that the thousand baked house is convenient for the fans to soak up for a long time, supplemented by the right sour and spicy bread, which brings hemp in the sour and spicy in the hemp. The taste is really impressive
Aiming at young women, upgrade product packaging
in the new era of consumption, 10% of the people after 1995 and 00 have reached 40% of the consumption power, which has become the new responsibility of consumption. Qianbawu is convenient for fans to accurately target their eyes on the main consumers of the younger generation. A young girl who works overtime late at night said: “every once in a while, I want to eat sour and spicy food, and I feel that life has reached its peak.”
The packaging of
product is a “ID card” which is different from similar products. Qianbawu creates a brand for young consumers and uses fashionable and environmentally friendly barrel shaped packaging to outline the healthy and convenient brand image. In particular, the opera image of sour and spicy powder series with sunglasses is deeply engraved in the minds of consumers, which greatly stimulates the desire to buy again.
Flexible sales channels and civilian pricing


A 6031 campus store to learn about it!!!
Qianbawu focuses on offline channels, convenience stores, supermarkets, campus stores There are familiar figures everywhere. In the campus without mobile phone company, after a day’s study, I went back to my dorm and sat around the table with my roommates, chatting with a bowl of powder and tasting hot and sour. Many years later, when I think of this period of youth, do you still think of the hot and sour years in those years?
since you choose the campus store, you should meet the consumption standard of students. Qianbakewu is convenient for fans. It costs about 10 yuan a box. Do you feel it’s cheap?
With its excellent quality and low price, qianbawu is favored by young consumers offline.
Continuous improvement, support partners

In the hot and sour rivers and lakes, qianbawu is in the ascendant. Young consumers are more and more in pursuit of unique new products. Qianbawu attaches importance to the opinions of every consumer and constantly improves the food production and packaging.

A kind of

Dealers have built a bridge between qianbawu and consumers. In order to continuously provide more quality and convenient fans for consumption, qianbawu has made great efforts to find partners and constantly launched incentive policies, attracting many famous dealers. If you choose the qianba house, you have chosen the trend.

Ingenious, fresh, sour, spicy and hot

Qianbawu instant fans include four series: authentic Chongqing spicy sour powder, authentic Liuzhou flavor, fresh and hot, snail powder with rich soup, Guandong cooking with powder and spicy flavor, and Huajia powder with strong garlic flavor, which is your favorite? At the same time, qianbawu hot and sour powder has also introduced new products with the taste of beef in golden soup and chicken soup in the original cup. Have you eaten it?

There are always 18-year-old people who like convenience fans. Young people are a stable consumer group. Qianba house will continue to work in this market, constantly strengthen the layout of famous chain convenience stores in China, and negotiate to enter Wal Mart, Carrefour and other large-scale supermarket systems to provide better convenience for fans.
The future is very long, qianbawu is convenient for fans to accompany young people to stay in youth forever.
Investment hotline: Mr. wang-18162097799

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Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia, editor: Liu Yuting

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