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Coca Cola Mengniu low temperature milk will form a 230 billion industrial cluster. Nestle Shuangcheng held a board meeting. Ruixing was accused of making profits next year or as a whole. Diageo filed an arbitration against LVMH, and liangpin shops sold food substitutes,

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Coca Cola and Mengniu low temperature milk project will form a 20-30 billion yuan dairy industry cluster (Lu’an news website)


According to Lu’an news network today, on August 4, Zhang Shuguang, vice governor of Anhui Province, met with Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group. Both sides had in-depth communication on Mengniu’s development plan in Anhui Province. According to Lu Minfang, Mengniu’s modern animal husbandry has built three large-scale pastures and two factories in Anhui Province, with nearly 70000 cows on hand. Among them, Bengbu ranch has developed into the largest monomer ranch in Asia, and the fresh milk index has reached the EU standard. Relying on Anhui’s high-level pastures and factories, Mengniu’s fresh milk products in recent years have been favored by consumers all over the country once they come out, and have rapidly developed into the first brand of high-end fresh milk in China. Lu Minfang said that in the next step, Mengniu and Coca Cola will rapidly promote the construction of high-end finished low-temperature milk project in Bengbu. After the completion of the project, it will bring Chinese consumers the world’s most advanced technology of high-end dairy.

Zhang Shuguang said that the joint venture project of Mengniu and Coca Cola in Bengbu is a strong alliance between the world’s leading dairy enterprises and the largest beverage group, and will certainly become the dairy industry benchmark representing the most advanced technology level in the country and the world, and make new contributions to the revitalization of Anhui dairy industry and economic and social development. He asked the relevant departments of Anhui Province, Bengbu Municipal government and Wuhe County Government to do a good job in service guarantee, study supporting policies according to the actual needs of enterprises, and escort the early completion and commissioning of the project.


Coca Cola and Mengniu signed a contract to cooperate with Beijing Global Theme Park (state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Beijing Municipal People’s Government)


According to the official website of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the Beijing Municipal People’s government, the preparation for the operation of the Beijing universal theme park has been carried out efficiently. The contracted cooperative enterprises include Coca Cola, Mengniu, Alibaba and China Life Insurance.

Lucky coffee realized positive cash flow of single store in July, and the management is expected to make overall profit next year ( Finance)

Lucky coffee held its 2020 “mid year National Conference” on the weekend of August 8, according to a person close to lucky coffee. According to the business data released at the meeting, as of July, the cash flow of Ruixing coffee shop had been positive (due to the impact of the epidemic, more than 300 university stores have not yet opened). More importantly, based on current operating conditions, management expects to achieve overall profitability in 2021.

McDonald’s China and Burger King China respond to the topic of “carcinogens detected in packaging” (company news)

Today, in response to the detection of pfass in the fast food packages of Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, McDonald’s in China responded by saying, “food safety is always the top priority of McDonald’s. The food packaging materials used by McDonald’s in China did not add pfass (perfluorinated and perfluorinated compounds), which fully met the relevant national standards. Please feel free to use it. “

Burger King China responded through the official microblog: “the food packaging materials used by Burger King in China do not add pfass (perfluorinated and polyfluoro compounds), which fully meet the relevant national standards. Please rest assured


Nestle professional catering and meituan released “2020 catering night consumption and night snack category report” (company news)


According to Nestle China today, on July 9, nestle professional catering, together with the school of catering and catering owners of meituan University, released the report on the development of catering night consumption and night snack categories in 2020. The above report shows that “night economy” has become a new driving force for catering growth, and barbecue has become the market potential king of night catering; people aged 25-35 are the main force of catering consumption at night; the nighttime consumption of catering tends to be medium and high-end, with the highest proportion of 60-100 yuan per capita; the overall development of hotpot is sinking, and the growth rate of the first and second tier cities is more prominent.

Nestle Shuangcheng holds board meeting (Shuangcheng News)

On August 7, Nestle Shuangcheng Co., Ltd. held the 43rd online video board meeting to comprehensively summarize the work achievements in 2019 and look forward to the work objectives in 2020. Gao Jian, deputy director of Shuangcheng District, on behalf of the district government, suggested that nestle should take the lead in opening up the whole dairy industry chain relying on the unique advantages of Shuangcheng’s human resources and location. It is necessary to take the grain capacity building center as the platform to build a high standard experimental base quickly and build Shuangcheng District into the world’s largest organic grain production base in three years. We should continue to increase investment, optimize the product structure, develop and produce more new products with high added value and put them on the market, and expand the market share of Nestle products.


Phase II of Yili organic dairy products project in Arong Banner has been signed (Hulunbeier Municipal People’s Government)


According to the official website of Hulunbeir Municipal People’s government, the autonomous region, Hulunbeir City, Arong Banner and Yili Group have successively issued a number of supporting policies for a series of dairy industry revitalization projects such as Yili organic dairy products project. At present, the contract for phase II of Yili project has been completed, and the construction of phase I and series of milk source base construction projects have started simultaneously. As of July 28, the investment has been 125.79 million yuan.


Kang Yongqing, investment director of Yili Group, talks about dairy breeding base project (Yuncheng channel of Yellow River News Network)


On August 7, Jin Guo, deputy secretary of Linyi County Party committee and head of Linyi County, met with Kang Yongqing, director of Investment Management Department of Yili Group, at the plenary session. The two sides held docking talks on the construction of dairy breeding base project. Kang Yongqing expressed the hope that the two sides will further discuss and exchange, promote the implementation of the project and reach cooperation.


Yili inspected industrialized dairy farming project in Pinglu county (Yuncheng daily)


On August 6, Kang Yongqing, director of Investment Department of Yili Group, and his party inspected the industrialized dairy farming project in Pinglu county. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the site selection and cooperation prospects of the project.

Yili fresh milk protein higher than EU standard (Beijing business daily)

According to recent news from Beijing business daily, the relevant person in charge of Yili revealed that from January to June 2020, the average protein content of Yili fresh milk reached 3.28g/100g, higher than the EU standard of 2.9g/100g.


Mengniu Wei Wei: accelerating digital trial, e-commerce growth of 200% during the epidemic period (Beijing News)


According to the Beijing News yesterday, Wei Wei, vice president of Mengniu Group, said that the traditional sales channels were greatly impacted during the epidemic period, and Mengniu accelerated its digital and intelligent attempt. From February to March this year, the overall growth of Mengniu’s e-commerce reached 200%, and the sales of “Jingdong home” channel increased by 400%.

Yuanqi forest Tianjin base is planned to be put into operation in the first half of next year (Guangming net). Recently, the project of Yuanqi forest north production base has been implemented in Tianjin Xiqing development zone. It is understood that the project plans to invest 500 million yuan in Xiqing Development Zone to build Yuanqi forest north production base, covering an area of more than 70000 square meters, mainly producing tea drinks, functional drinks, dairy products, etc. The above-mentioned projects are planned to start construction within this year and officially put into operation in the first half of 2021. After the new project is put into operation, it is estimated that the annual output value can reach more than 1.5 billion yuan.

Qiqia food’s revenue in the first half of the year increased by 15.46% (company announcement)

According to the first half of 2020 results released by qiqia food today, the operating revenue increased by 15.46% to 1.987 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 33.97% to 220 million yuan.

“Baozi No.1 stock” will be listed soon (Interface)

According to today’s interface news, on August 6, the IPO of the parent company of Barbie steamed bread, Zhongyin Barbie Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongyin Barbie”) passed the IPO smoothly, one step away from becoming the “first share of steamed buns”. According to the prospectus, China Beverage Barbie was established in 2010, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of Chinese style pastry quick-frozen food. It is a Chinese style pastry quick-frozen food manufacturing enterprise with “chain store sales as the main part and group catering sales as the auxiliary”. By the end of June 2019, there are 15 Direct stores and 2784 franchise stores in China.

KFC’s first small town model stores opened in China, and the first KFC town in Henan Province is located in Fengqiu County (Henan Daily)

According to recent news from Henan Daily, Fengqiu County is the first model store of KFC town in Henan Province. According to reports, in addition to KFC’s regular menu, small town model stores also provide more personalized consumption choices for county market in terms of product pricing and marketing. In addition, the town model store will also give priority to recruiting parents of left behind children in the county. According to the report, yum! Brands China (KFC’s parent company) continues to invest in Henan and will lead more foreign enterprises to invest in Henan.


The first Coca Cola life Pavilion in Shandong Province (tonghuashun finance and Economics)


Yesterday morning, Shandong’s first Coca Cola life hall officially landed in jiajiayue living port business district. It is reported that the “Coca Cola theme experience Pavilion” has created an embedded place for online celebrities to tell the story of jiajiayue’s online red food and Coca Cola’s brand through live network.


Tongyi enterprise launches cooked noodles for the first time (company news)


Today, uni president announced its first foray into the cooked noodle market, and launched the “Manhan table top half rib and half meat beef noodle”.



Diageo arbitrates LVMH for not receiving dividends (Financial Times)


According to recent financial times news, Diageo has filed an arbitration procedure against LVMH, a French luxury goods group, demanding that the company pay a dividend of 181 million euros. The dividend should have been paid by Mo è t Hennessy, a joint venture in high-end wine and spirits, but Diageo said it did not receive any dividend in fy2019. It is reported that. Mo è t Hennessy’s brands include MOET, cook, Kaige, Hennessy and CH â teaud’yquem.


Shengyuan Huizi and beibeibeiram hold the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation (


On August 8, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shaanxi youhuizi Nutrition Food Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shengyuan international, and Shanghai beibelam maternal and Infant Products Co., Ltd. was held in Fufeng science and Technology Industrial Park. It is reported that the cooperation between the two sides involves science and technology research and development, policy striving, business cooperation, talent training, capital operation, etc.


Yinan Zhongdi animal husbandry to sign capital increase agreement (company announcement)


According to the recent announcement of Zhongdi Dairy Co., Ltd., Linyi finance and finance equity, Linyi new and old kinetic energy conversion fund, Yinan new and old kinetic energy conversion fund and Beijing Zhongdi breeding stock entered into a partnership agreement on the establishment of a limited partnership. After the signing of the partnership agreement and the completion of all parties’ investment, the limited partnership, Beijing Zhongdi breeding stock, Yinan Xingyi agricultural development and Yinan Zhongdi animal husbandry will enter into an agreement on capital increase to Yinan Zhongdi animal husbandry. The announcement said that after the completion of capital increase, the company’s equity percentage in Yinan Zhongdi animal husbandry will be diluted from 80% to 68%. The transaction constitutes the sale of Zhongdi dairy’s equity in Yinan Zhongdi animal husbandry.


Meituan’s daily delivery volume exceeds 40 million (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton news yesterday, meituan delivery announced that the order volume on August 8 exceeded 40 million.


Liangpin shop sells substitute food (Interface)


According to recent news from the interface, on August 6, liangpin store launched the “liangpin Feiyang” protein substitute milk shake in a low-key manner in its official online shopping mall. The product form is the popular bottle brewing type of the current substitute food products. At present, the product has been online, liangpin shop, offline shop opened. Liangpin shop said that the “triple sugar black technology” (one low rise sugar, two interfering sugars and three suppressed sugars) possessed by liangpinfeiyang patiently is the exclusive technical solution of liangpinpu, and has applied for a national patent.


According to the data released by Danone’s maternal and child dietary program, more than 90% of the surveyed mothers did not meet the average requirement of vitamin A (Qilu 1 point)


Recently, the first research results of “Dietary Nutrition Survey and analysis of maternal and child population” (hereinafter referred to as “maternal and child dietary nutrition survey research”) assisted by Danone newdihia was published in the international academic journal Nutrition Journal. Studies have shown that there is an imbalance in the dietary intake of lactating mothers, and most of them need to improve their dietary nutrition intake. It was suggested that the requirement of vitamin A and other trace elements in lactation was even higher than that in pregnancy, but 94.5% of the surveyed mothers had lower vitamin A intake than the reference intake.

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Recommend “solid drink” to infants, a doctor in Huizhou is suspended for examination


In May this year, some parents and netizens reported that some doctors in Huizhou second maternal and child health care hospital recommended “solid drinks” to infants and young children, according to the official micro blog of the Publicity Department of Huicheng District Committee of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, in May this year. According to the investigation of the investigation group, there was indeed the behavior of doctors in charge of recommending “teyiyoulong peptide protein solid beverage” (trade name: Baoshi Baole AI +) to infants with allergic symptoms to common milk powder. At present, the health law enforcement and supervision department of Huicheng District has suspended doctors from their posts and removed them from their current posts. At the same time, they have the right to stop prescribing and performance deduction.


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