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JUNLEBAO plus children’s formula! New products focus on 36 kinds of nutrition to help children grow up

After the launch of the new baby formula milk powder of Lujun in March this year, the new baby formula milk powder of Lujun was launched.

At the new product press conference on the same day, Liu Senmiao, vice president of JUNLEBAO dairy group, said that the newly launched little lubanquan weiai children’s formula was the company’s first full-dimensional nutrition children’s milk powder, which contained 36 nutrients. The new product is not only committed to providing new nutrition solutions for children’s growth, but also promoting vision, bone and immunity.

He also said that JUNLEBAO plans to build xiaoluban into a global leading brand of children’s milk powder in three years. In addition, the company plans to donate 100 million yuan of new children’s formula milk powder through various channels and ways.

According to the data, the newly launched Xiaolu banquan weiai series not only contains lactoferrin, zeaxanthin, double prebiotic FOS + GOS, DHA and other nutrients, but also “innovatively adds PS (phosphatidylserine) and vitamin K2”. According to reports, the new product has nutritional requirements for the growth and development of children aged 3-7, including brain nutrition, immunity, vision development, intestinal development and bone development.

As a partner of JUNLEBAO, John Reilly, global vice president of Kerry Group in Ireland, said that Quanwei AI milk powder is different from ordinary 4-stage milk powder. Lactoferrin, zeaxanthin, bifidogenic FOS + GOS and DHA added in the formula are all very important nutritional elements for children’s growth.

The director of IFF nutrition and health marketing, o’reit, said that little lubanzhi weiai children’s milk powder gathered many leading scientific and technological nutrition elements, fully meeting the five major nutritional needs of children aged 3-7 years.

Liu Senmiao, vice president of JUNLEBAO Dairy Group

In addition to the main selling point of “comprehensive nutrition formula”, JUNLEBAO’s two new children’s formula milk powder, one of which uses A2 protein milk source, the other uses organic milk source, hoping to create brand characteristics in milk source. The snack agent noticed that the prices of the above two types of children’s formula were 260 yuan / 800 g / can in the official flagship store of JUNLEBAO.

With the launch of the two types of children’s formula milk powder, JUNLEBAO’s children’s formula product lineup has been further expanded. At the same time, it also hopes to copy the high-quality and rapid development path of infant formula milk powder.

In fact, with the fierce competition of infant formula milk powder market, many milk powder enterprises have begun to take children’s milk powder as a new “race track”. Since this year alone, a number of imported and domestic milk powder brands have launched children’s formula products.

In this regard, some domestic nutrition experts pointed out that the unbalanced nutrition intake of children at the growth and development stage will lead to malnutrition, hidden hunger and other problems. It is suggested that in addition to achieving a balanced diet, children’s formula milk powder can also be used to supplement nutrition accurately to solve the problem.

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