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The first industry live broadcast of foodplus, let’s talk about the logic behind the hot pot, snail powder, high-end instant noodles and other popular categories

[about foodplus · xlab] this is the first live broadcast brand of foodplus for the food consumer goods industry. As an industry researcher and insighter focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and investment in the food consumer goods industry, foodplus hopes to export more thoughts and ideas and bring more inspiration and inspiration to the players and partners of various industries in the development of China’s consumer food industry.

The live content of foodplus · xlab will be mainly output by the research and analysis team of foodplus. At the same time, we will invite industry partners with unique thinking to capture the topics worthy of attention in the industry, and jointly create a serious, rigorous, interesting and humorous live column of food consumer conduct industry.

P. S. “foodplus · 2020 catering prepackaging industry map” and “foodplus · 2020 catering prepackaging industry database” have been launched. This is also the first time that foodplus released the industry map. We have condensed our thinking and insight into the opportunities in the catering pre packaging industry. Interested partners are welcome to [click here] for more information.

In the field of food consumption, if there is a place for the growth of food products under the trend, there must be a place for food consumption.


The epidemic situation has greatly stimulated the scene demand of eating at home, and put forward more and higher requirements for food safety, storage resistance and eating convenience. Therefore, it has a promoting effect on the whole of prepackaged convenient food, whether it is traditional instant noodles or “new” convenience food such as self heating hotpot, which has emerged in recent years

Under the influence of the epidemic, the transaction amount of convenience food on Jingdong platform increased by 3.5 times during the Spring Festival, among which, 15 million packages of instant noodles alone were sold;

During the Spring Festival, the turnover of Master Kang exceeded 20 times year-on-year, the unified turnover exceeded 15 times, and the turnover of imported instant noodle brand Nongxin increased by more than 16 times;

According to Suning big data, from February 3 to February 6, the sales volume of instant food products in Suning small shops increased by 174% month on month, and the sales of instant noodles increased by 342% month on month;

During the period, convenience food and snack sales increased significantly. In pinduoduo’s “no closing for Spring Festival” activities, there are more than 1000 kinds of fresh fruits, convenient fast food and leisure snacks, with sales of more than 100000;

After the outbreak, “instant noodles” and related keywords on Taobao increased 200 times;

From January to February 2020, the sales volume of Mo Xiaoxian self heating products increased by 200% compared with the same period last year; the revenue of dalonggu self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot increased by 300% year-on-year, with a daily sales volume of 2 million yuan during the peak period; Xiaolongkan said that in the past two months, the sales volume of self heating food was conservatively estimated to be more than 30 million yuan, an increase of more than 90% compared with the same period last year.


In contrast, the catering industry has suffered a significant blow due to its greater dependence on offline store experience

In the first quarter of 2020, the national catering revenue was 602.63 billion yuan, down 44.3% compared with the same period in 2019,

Haidilao’s revenue in the first half of this year decreased by about 20% compared with the same period in 2019. Compared with the revenue of 911 million yuan in the first half of last year, the company is in a state of loss in the first half of this year.


Behind the growth of convenience food under the epidemic situation is the change of consumption demand and scene under the influence of major social events. If we look further, this change in consumer demand at the social level has shown its mechanism in the category of convenient food long before the outbreak of the epidemic, and has also directly affected the category change of the large category of food consumer goods.


On the one hand, instant noodles, a large category of convenience food, has experienced an obvious “quadratic growth curve” exploration road, and has been exploring in the upgrading of high-end products; on the other hand, new convenient food products are constantly emerging, and new technology application and morphological innovation have promoted the improvement of the whole category in the dimensions of taste, convenience and eating experience, and also to a certain extent The category boundary of convenience food has been displayed, among which the self heating hotpot has developed into an independent sub category.




If we switch to the perspective of consumption and take the convenience food category as a whole, we can see more underlying logic of social consumption level from the internal changes of categories – consumption scene changes, which are the reset and change of different consumption demands. As a matter of fact, consumers have different solutions to the problem of “eating”, especially “eating”, thus showing complex and vivid behavior choices.


Behavior choice constitutes an industry opportunity, which is why we should systematically and deeply discuss the topic of food and beverage pre packaging.


Whether it’s “prepackaged Catering: origin, development, enlightenment, entrepreneurial thinking and future development” released two years ago, or if the deep integration of catering and prepackaged food is a future, what opportunities will China’s market have and how to seize these opportunities? 》Is it an opportunity for catering enterprises or packaging food enterprises? 》As well as our upcoming 2020 food and beverage prepackaging industry map, we all regard catering prepackaging as an industry opportunity and a structural opportunity.


Now, we have the opportunity to focus on the observation, thinking and precipitation of foodplus in this direction. We also hope to gather industry partners who pay attention to this direction through our output, so as to find more inspiration and Inspiration on the track where there are many undefined and undiscovered opportunities.


In this live broadcast of foodplus · xlab industry, we will focus on the following three core issues.


1. From hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, snail powder, high-end instant noodles… The action and logic of catering brands behind the rise of new convenience food products & popular items


Behind the explosion of convenience food, we noticed that besides traditional CpG companies, players in this industry also have catering brands, whether it is a listed company like Haidilao, or a fast-growing new tea drink like tea, as well as many smaller catering brands in the entrepreneurial stage.


We hope to sort out our industry players in the field of food and beverage prepackaging, observe and think about their actions, and discuss some industry logic behind them in the live broadcast – which catering brand players are competing on this track? What are their respective concerns? What is the logic behind it?





2. Enlightenment of the origin, prosperity, decline and rebirth of instant noodles


In the process of instant noodles research, we use some historical methods for reference. We find out the key events and core nodes of the instant noodle industry in each development stage, and then analyze the important changes in the macro-economy, social level and technical level in the corresponding period, as well as the corresponding impact, to excavate the underlying logic behind the development and change of the instant noodle industry.


For example, from 1991 to 1992, China’s instant noodle industry ushered in the first important turning point. The landmark event was that Master Kang put into production in Tianjin and launched the epoch-making large single product “braised beef noodles”. Behind this, there was an important factor at the bottom of the society, that is, the social population flow brought about by the progress of urbanization.


And so on. From 2013 to 2016, the overall sales of instant noodles in China declined for four consecutive years. What factors caused this? Now, the instant noodle industry is gradually recovering. What are the reasons behind this and the possible opportunities in the future?


How is the second growth curve of instant noodles formed? At present, has the connotation / extension of instant noodles changed after the emergence of new products such as pre packaged instant boiled fabrics, self heating noodles and so on?


We will share and discuss these issues one by one in the studio.




3. Self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, self heating rice, self heating barbecue, self heating fish, self heating soup… Will self heating plus lead category change?


Is there any opportunity for technological change to lead to the birth of new categories or even create structural opportunities in a relatively mature category?


We can start from the self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot as the representative of the rapid development of self heating convenience food, mining the industry innovation logic behind “self heating”.


In fact, the self heating technology was invented by Russian Engineer Yevgeny Fedorov as early as 1897. Since then, many countries have provided self heating field meals for the army, which has been widely used in World War I and World War II. However, the concept of self heating did not come to the eyes of Chinese consumers until around 2015 and exploded. What kind of era background and consumer base have provided a solid soil for the self heating concept to take root?


In the numerous and diverse “self heating + catering” categories, why is the first one to ignite the market is self heating hotpot?


Nowadays, the concept of “self heating plus” has become popular. The market share of all self heating products in convenience food has risen from 4.4% in 2018 to 7.6% in 2019, and the market share will further show in 2020. Self heating rice, self heating snail lion powder, self heating barbecue, self heating fish, self heating noodles, self heating soup, self heating porridge In this era when everything can be heated by itself, what other food and beverage categories have the potential to produce explosive products?


Is self heating plus a structural innovation opportunity for catering pre packaging? Welcome to the studio to discuss with us.



Food plus research analysts joining the studio


Members of the research and analysis team, pioneers in the field of consumption, have done cloud computing, and have done strategies in well-known Internet companies. The current research direction is brand strategy and how to find the breakthrough point of product innovation, focusing on convenience food and functional food.

We are exploring the laws, logic and philosophy at the bottom of the FMCG industry through the platform of foodplus. We will meet brave, tough and innovative friends to make the world more delicious.



A member of the research and analysis team of foodplus, who has invested in primary market and master fund, loves and adheres to the consumer industry.

He likes literature, history and philosophy, hoping to enrich his inner world and strengthen his cognition of the objective world. Focus on beverage, pets, snacks and other fields, good at learning from history, insight into the nature and trend of things.

We have also prepared a sincere live fan welfare

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1. One spectator was selected and a ticket worth 999 yuan for 2020 catering pre packaged food ecological conference was presented

2. Five audience members were selected to present a food plus · catering pre packaging industry map X5 + catering pre packaging industry database use right X5 with a value of 98 yuan

3. Ten spectators were selected and sent out 5 pieces of shell powder and 5 pieces of nuts



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