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A2 milk appointed a new general manager and CEO, chuanruixing’s head of public relations department left, Budweiser opened a restaurant, Meilu listing materials were received, Wuliangye and other seven CEOs were selected as the best CEO of Forbes China

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A2 milk appoints new general manager and CEO (company news)

A2 milk company announced today that David bortolussi was appointed general manager and CEO of the company. He will succeed Geoffrey babidge, the current interim chief executive, to take office at the beginning of fiscal 2021. Before joining A2, David bortolussi was the international president of Hanes brands, a clothing company. Earlier, he worked for Foster’s group, McKinsey and PwC.

Forbes released China’s best CEO list, 7 CEOs of food and beverage related enterprises were on the list (Forbes China)

According to the list of China’s best CEOs released by Forbes today, CEOs of seven food and beverage related companies are on the list, including those of Wuliangye, Haitian flavor, muyuan, Yili and Luzhou Laojiao. Forbes pointed out that Guizhou Maotai, which has the largest A-share market value, is absent from this year’s list due to management changes. It is reported that the research scope of the list covers a shares, Chinese funded Hong Kong stocks and overseas listed Chinese concept stocks. The inspection period of the best CEO is the operating performance of the company in which he works for three consecutive years. Details of the list are as follows:

Zang Zhongtang, head of Public Relations Department of chuanruixing coffee leaves (AI finance and economics agency)


Today, Sina Technology quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Zang Zhongtang, the head of Ruixing coffee’s public relations department, has resigned today. It is reported that Zang Zhongtang joined Shenzhou in 2012 and was responsible for the company’s public relations work. Since then has been in China car rental, lucky coffee and so on. After eight years of service, he has experienced the whole process of car rental and lucky coffee listing.


McDonald’s suing former CEO for severance pay recovery (Financial Times)

McDonald’s is suing Steve Easterbrook, the former chief executive, for concealing details of his sexual relationship with three other employees when he was fired by the board in November because of a close relationship with his subordinates, the Financial Times reported today. The hamburger chain said on Monday in securities filings and filings that it was seeking to recover the rewards and severance payments it allowed eastbrook to receive when he left office. Equilar, an executive compensation consultancy, reported at the time that the severance agreement he received was worth about $40 million. McDonald’s said it would not approve the Severance Agreement if it knew the extent of his “personal misconduct” at the time, but would take “dismissal for cause” action against him.


Budweiser cross border catering, the world’s first art concept restaurant landing in Shenzhen (company press release)


According to Budweiser, the world’s first art concept restaurant has landed at Poly Culture Plaza in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. According to reports, the store not only provides Budweiser products and cocktails made with Budweiser, but also introduces dishes with Budweiser flavor. In addition, there are also cross-border fashion items such as artist’s paintings and dinner plates integrated with Budweiser elements.



Unilever’s plan to merge headquarters may be affected by the approval of Dutch “exit tax” Regulations (Reuters)

Unilever may cancel plans to push ahead with the merger of its Dutch and London headquarters if the Netherlands passes exit tax regulations, according to documents released on Monday. Unilever said it would have to pay 11 billion euros to the Dutch government if the regulations were approved.


12 batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval document (decision) to be received information announcement (State Drug Administration)


Today, the official website of the State Drug Administration released 12 batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval documents (decision letter) to be received. The applicants are Zhongning Huanghe dairy products Co., Ltd., Hebei Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd., Jilin beingmei Dairy Co., Ltd. and feslan Dairy Co., Ltd. Details are as follows:


Feihe Longjiang infant milk processing project will become the largest single infant powder production line in China (Qiqihar daily)


According to the Qiqihar daily news today, Feihe dairy (Longjiang) infant milk processing project with a total investment of 550 million yuan has completed the investment of 310 million yuan, which will become the largest single infant formula milk powder production line in China at present.


IPO materials of Meilu have been accepted by SFC (SFC)


According to the CSRC’s website, the materials on “IPO and listing” of Meilu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. were received yesterday.


Relevant responsible person of boiler circle responds to “considering IPO”: rumor is not true (Financial Association)

According to the news from the Financial Association yesterday, for the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot material manufacturer “Guoquan” considering an IPO of $400 million to $500 million, the fastest time to carry out next year, the relevant person in charge of the pot circle said: the IPO rumors are not true, the company’s IPO plan is not convenient to disclose, the company’s current valuation is far more than $500 million.

Wugu mill is expected to lose 50 million yuan in the first half of the year (company announcement)

Yesterday, the profit warning announcement of the five grain mill showed that it is expected to record a loss of about 50 million yuan due to the owners of the company as of June 30, 2020. In the same period last year, the profit attributable to the owners of the company was 105 million yuan.


Herbalife’s second quarter net sales hit a record high (company news)


According to the financial report of Herbalife for the second quarter of 2020 (up to June 30, 2020), Herbalife’s global net sales in the second quarter of 2020 increased by 8.6% year-on-year to $1.3 billion, setting a new record of the company’s best quarterly net sales. Among them, excluding the impact of foreign exchange, China’s second quarter net sales increased by 12% year-on-year.


To HK $8.55, China target raised


According to a research report released by Furui, the net profit of uni President China in the second quarter of this year rose by 7% year-on-year, and its performance was in line with expectations. Since the second half of this year, the company’s beverage business began to recover strongly, but the growth of instant noodle business began to slow down. At present, Furui raised its target price from HK $8.3 to HK $8.55, reiterating its “hold” investment rating.


Bain Mae: controlling shareholder Bain mein group plans to reduce its holding of no more than 1% (company announcement)


According to the announcement yesterday, due to the strategy of layout of big health industry and replenishment of working capital, the controlling shareholder of Bain Meimei group plans to reduce the shares of the company by centralized bidding within three months after 15 trading days from the date of announcement (August 11, 2020) (accounting for 1.00% of the total share capital of the company).


Old brand melon seed giant qiaqa food joins nut War (Interface)


According to the semi annual report of 2020 disclosed by qiqia food yesterday evening, the company achieved revenue of 2.294 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.46%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 295 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 33.97%. The report said that although the overall performance remained stable growth momentum. However, compared with the fast-growing online brands such as three squirrels and liangpin shop in the leisure snack industry in recent years, the company has achieved rapid growth in performance only by relying on online, but there is still a big gap between qiqia and qiqia. Therefore, the company strives to march into nuts to open up a moat for profit growth.

The case of Daniang dumpling related party’s acquisition of equity in Lugang town has been concluded (market supervision administration, xiaoshidai)


According to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, the case of Beifu Development Industry Co., Ltd. for acquiring the equity of Bellagio Holdings Co., Ltd. was completed on August 7, 2020. Beifu Development Industry Co., Ltd. is a related party of Daniang dumpling catering group Co., Ltd., and Bellagio founded a catering chain “Lugang town” focusing on Taiwan cuisine in 2001.


Shandong Yiyi dairy applied for reorganization (national enterprise bankruptcy reorganization case information network, people’s network)


On August 6, Shandong Yiyi Dairy Co., Ltd. applied to Zouping people’s court for reorganization on the ground that it could not pay off its due debts and its assets were insufficient to pay off all debts. Yesterday, Zouping people’s court accepted the reorganization application of Shandong Yiyi Dairy Co., Ltd. According to the 2015 people’s daily report, Shandong Yiyi Dairy Co., Ltd. is a leading agricultural enterprise specializing in the production of dairy products in Binzhou City, with a daily fresh milk of more than 40 tons. Its products cover more than 70 varieties of bus milk, yogurt and milk drinks. It is mainly sold to more than 20 provinces and cities such as Shandong, Henan and Anhui, and has nearly 300 distributors nationwide.


A collective outbreak of catering stocks, Haidilao soared by more than 13% in innovation, and reached a peak of 7% at a high of 999 (glonghui and xiaoshidai)


According to today’s news from glonghui, Hong Kong’s catering stocks broke out collectively. Xufulou group soared by nearly 37%, Haidilao soared by more than 13% to a new high, and jiumaojiu rose by 7% to break the top. Both Xiabu Xiabu and Jiale groups rose. As of today’s close, Haidilao shares rose 12.95% to HK $42.75. Ninety nine cents a share was at HK $15.3, flat with yesterday’s closing price.


Shandong Yangchun goat milk dairy Co., Ltd. pure goat milk acidity exceeds the standard (China net food)


On August 7, 2020, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision issued a notice on food safety supervision and sampling information in 2020 (issue 34, 2020). Among them, the pure goat milk produced by nominal Shandong Yangchun goat milk dairy Co., Ltd. and operated by the 58th store of Beijing Shouhang Guoli Trading Co., Ltd. does not meet the national food safety standards. The test result is 15.4 ° T, and the standard value is 6 ~ 13 ° t.


Tyson food is sued by family members of employees (Fox Business)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be a family complaint against fourth employees who died in the outbreak of Tyson’s food factory, according to foreign media yesterday. Tyson had been involved in three similar lawsuits in June.


Great John has opened about 200 stores in China (Yahoo Finance)


According to foreign media today, as consumers ordered more pizzas during the outbreak, same store sales in North America and the international market increased by 30.3% and 13.9% respectively in July, implying that franchisees are making profits again. According to the report, great John still has great growth opportunities. In China, for example, the company has only about 200 restaurants, and the number of stores is a long way from pizza hut.


Blue bottle coffee on line in Tokyo

According to foreign media yesterday, in order to provide products to consumers at any time during the outbreak of the epidemic, blue bottle coffee has launched vending machines in Tokyo to sell signature coffee, roasted coffee beans and other seasonal commodities. It is reported that the machine is jointly launched by blue bottle coffee and Mitsui real estate company.

Quick reading of food industry information


Positive results of packaging samples of frozen seafood products imported by Yantai enterprises in Shandong Province (surging News)


On August 9, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone found that three enterprises imported frozen seafood products from Dalian port from the same foreign cargo ship, and the detection results of NCV nucleic acid were suspected to be positive. On August 10, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention reexamined that 3 outer packaging samples were positive. After verification, except for a small amount of products processed for export, the rest of the products were stored in the cold storage and did not flow into the market. Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone has sealed up all epidemic related products for the first time, killed all related enterprises and surrounding areas, and carried out centralized isolation and nucleic acid detection on all the people closely contacted with the batch of products, and the results were negative.


The Ministry of commerce promotes the branding and chain operation of convenience stores, striving to reach 300000 by 2022 (Beijing News)


On August 11, according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, the general office of the Ministry of Commerce printed and issued the notice on the three-year action to carry out the three-year action of branding and chain stores of convenience stores nationwide, and strive to achieve the total number of brand chain convenience stores to reach 300000 by 2022.


Baoding infant formula milk powder sales special rectification achieved phased results (Hebei provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau)


According to the Hebei provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, since the beginning of the operation in May, a total of 939 infant formula milk powder business entities have been inspected in Baoding City, and 129 problems have been found, all of which have been rectified. In the next step, the Municipal Bureau will continue to carry out special rectification actions to severely crack down on the sale of counterfeit, expired, three no milk powder and false publicity that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, purify the market order of infant formula milk powder, ensure the safety of infant formula milk powder, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


Effect of special rectification of solid beverage and other foods in Yunnan (China Food Safety News)


According to a recent report from China food safety daily, the market supervision department of Yunnan Province has carried out the special rectification of solid drinks, pressed candy and substitute tea, and achieved phased results. By the end of July, the provincial market supervision departments had inspected 4021 food production and operation enterprises and ordered 43 problems to be rectified.


CSCI: Baijiu will have a good performance in four quarters (Securities Times)


According to today’s news from the securities times, an Yaze, chief analyst of food and beverage of China Securities Construction Investment Co., Ltd., issued a paper saying that in the first half of the year, liquor companies cleared their inventory and controlled the delivery of goods; in the second half of the year, they accelerated the delivery schedule, superimposed on the recovery of demand, and the performance certainty improved quarter by quarter. Compared with the low base of 20q1 / Q2, Baijiu will have a good performance in four quarters. At least from the perspective of the next year, the liquor industry will maintain a high prosperity.


Russian veterinary and plant quarantine supervision bureau: Russia will be able to export milk powder to China in the near future


According to the Russian satellite news agency, the information service of the Russian Federation veterinary and plant quarantine and Supervision Bureau announced that the Ministry and the General Administration of Customs of China discussed the possibility of exporting milk powder to China, and the first batch of five enterprises may be decided in the near future. In addition, China will expand the list of Russian enterprises approved to export dairy products to China, including 6 dairy processing enterprises. Therefore, there are already 37 Russian enterprises that can export products to China.


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