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Golden salesman: let e-commerce blossom in the rest food industry and create a new Shanghai beach


China’s online leisure food market has grown rapidly. In 2018, the sales volume of online leisure food reached 62.13 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 23.4%. With the rapid development of national economy and the improvement of residents’ consumption level, China’s online leisure food market will continue to expand in 2020. Leisure food e-commerce has formed an industrial chain of support chain, platform e-commerce and brand business. Ms. Qian ye, general manager of Shanghai Yiyue Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yiyue”), firmly grasped this vine and took root in the Shanghai leisure food market. She said that the way of life is to operate. Everyone has his own Shanghai beach.

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For the dealers in the e-commerce industry, the iteration speed of snack update is accelerated, and it is better to follow the trend than to create the trend by ourselves. As a result, Qian also summed up her own unique selection method. All people like delicious food. So Qian also tried to eat it in advance when choosing the food. The beautiful package and successful attraction of dopamine products attracted her attention.
This is the worst time and the best time. In this era, the post-90s and post-00s gradually become the main force of online snack shopping, and young people’s consumption is more impulsive and ahead of time. In the face of such an online shopping force, dealers should not only indulge in beautiful packaging when selecting products, but should always pay attention to the changes in the product market. Qian also divided the product market into incremental market and stock market.
In the face of the incremental market, Qian will discuss with the manufacturers to formulate the most effective scheme to improve the exposure before the product completely breaks out. At the same time, it will do the stratified training of the population and quickly set up a benchmark.

In the face of the stock market which has formed a user group, what dealers need to do is to locate the relationship between brand and category, and quickly stretch the upper position. The stock market is based on the analysis of competitive products and the analysis of the current market situation. Even if the number of competing brands is very large, there will always be some people who have been missed. Finding these groups and promoting them is an effective way to improve sales.

integrates data and new product R & D, attaches importance to user requirements

Do not follow the trend, but do the founder of the trend. As a rest food e-commerce, learning to integrate data and new product R & D is the basic requirement. So, what data do you need to pay attention to?
Focus on user data. Users are the purchasers of products. What dealers should do is to improve the user recognition of products and stimulate their purchasing desire. Qian also pays close attention to the changes of users’ demands, and feeds back to the manufacturers at any time according to the needs of users, so as to optimize products and achieve win-win situation of upstream and downstream. Under the leadership of Qianye, Yiyue has been recognized by both upstream and downstream customers, and it plays an important role in Shanghai beach.
Focus on channel data. The growth rate of e-commerce channels is relatively fast, accounting for only 0.3% in 2013, and has increased to 8.0% in 2018. Qian ye, who was born in e-commerce, naturally chose to focus on online channels. Channels and users have the closest contact, and they can sense the market changes as quickly as possible. As dealers, they should keep communication with channels, do well in e-commerce data, and ensure that channel personnel can increase sales volume in the way they like and are good at, cooperate with each other to improve the sales volume of products together. This is a good model.
With consumers’ consumption habits of Omni channel shopping becoming more and more obvious, the future leisure food e-commerce will further open up online and offline channels and strengthen the integration of all channels. “Offline stores can provide consumers with more immediate and high-quality services. By integrating e-commerce channels into offline channels, consumers will have a better service experience,” Qian explained

integrates the market deeply and connects the past with the future

In the future, China’s leisure food e-commerce industry has broad development prospects and huge market potential. At present, the market demand of China’s leisure food shows a continuous growth trend. More and more young people tend to buy leisure food online, especially in the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, online shopping has become the main channel for many users, and the market scale of China’s leisure food e-commerce industry still has a lot of room for improvement.
After this epidemic, more and more dealers realize that they can obtain huge market share under the category through e-commerce marketing. Not only that, Qian also found that by analyzing market changes, segmenting user needs, and making product consumption scenarios, more and more new brands were born. She believes that this is a golden opportunity for brand operators.
The opportunity is fleeting, and Qian has begun to lead Yiyue to set foot in its own brand and better meet the brand-new matrix. The so-called unity of knowledge and practice is to spend more energy to perceive the market. Now, Yiyue has gradually become a part of customers, helping customers operate channels, so as to occupy a larger share of the market. “Yiyue has made the biggest change. In the future, we will give consideration to both brand service providers and private brand providers to better integrate into the leisure food market,” Qian said
September 5-7, 2020 total solar eclipse exhibition will be launched
Top 25 of China’s candy and snack e-commerce golden sellers in 2020
The following is the top 25 list of Chinese candy and snack e-commerce golden sellers in 2019
Serial number region corporate name person in charge
One Shanghai Shanghai Yiyue Trading Co., Ltd Zhou Wenling
Two Fujian Quanzhou Tongce Network Technology Co., Ltd Yao Yibao
Three Zhejiang Ningbo Lingdong import and Export Co., Ltd Yan Xi
Four Shanghai Shanghai Fuchen Food Co., Ltd Zuo Xiaowang
Five Hunan Changsha century Kalun e-commerce Co., Ltd Tang Ke
Six Beijing Beijing Jiaqiang Weiye Trade Co., Ltd Shen Qiang
Seven Hunan Yiyang linlixiang Food Co., Ltd Zou Jiqiao
Eight Shanghai Shanghai yunsen e-commerce Co., Ltd Cao Qicheng
Nine Guangdong Chaozhou Chaoan jiuteng e-commerce Co., Ltd Cai tenghao
Ten Fujian Quanzhou Duoyou Food Co., Ltd Liu Boyong
Eleven Henan Jiaozuo Shishang Wuyu Trading Co., Ltd Li Yonggao
Twelve Fujian Quanzhou Haitou e-commerce Co., Ltd Zhang Ran
Thirteen Shaanxi Xi’an Duxiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Wang Tieyun
Fourteen Shanghai Shanghai Niuniu food store Xia Guoquan
Fifteen Fujian Xiamen Yecheng import and export trade Co., Ltd Chen Zengjie
Sixteen Shanghai Shanghai Erdong Trading Co., Ltd Chen Jian
Seventeen Zhejiang Zhejiang Wanxiang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd Liu Xinggui
Eighteen Shanghai Shanghai shengfanxing Trading Co., Ltd Zhao Chen
Nineteen Guangdong Guangzhou duochen Trading Co., Ltd Lin Yong
Twenty Shanghai Shanghai cuixiangji Trading Co., Ltd Qiu Shengxian
Twenty-one Fujian Quanzhou Fengze Shangke Food Co., Ltd Zhang Jiner
Twenty-two Shanghai Shanghai Taisi Trading Co., Ltd You Zhixiong
Twenty-three Hubei Xiangyang Sanyi Trade Co., Ltd Deng Huan
Twenty-four Hunan Changsha Xiongyue e-commerce Co., Ltd Liao Xiaolong
Twenty-five Zhejiang Hangzhou henghao Trade Co., Ltd Wang Congliang
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