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Mead Johnson plans to expand the plant by nearly 70 million US dollars, launch new super high-end milk powder from feslan, sign a new project for milk industry of Mengniu, Yili has completed the subscription of Zhongdi dairy shares, and 5100 mineral water jellyfish company has issued profit alarm

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Yili completes the subscription of Zhongdi dairy shares (company announcement)

According to Yili’s announcement today, its wholly-owned subsidiary Hong Kong Jingang trading Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingang Holdings”) intends to subscribe for the directional additional shares of China dairy industry, and the delivery has been completed. After the delivery, Jingang holding held about 16.6% of the issued share capital of China dairy. Yili said the investment is conducive to further stabilizing the supply of raw milk and improving market competitiveness.

Mengniu signed cooperation agreement on “Ulanqab milk industry project of China Dairy Industry Park” (Ulanqab Municipal People’s Government)

On August 11, Ulanqab signed a cooperation agreement with Mengniu, officially opening the “Ulanqab milk industry project of China Dairy Industry Park”. According to reports, the project plans to build eight dairy farms in Ulanqab within five years, with a total stock of more than 50000.

Starbucks (Kunshan) Coffee Co., Ltd. completes land contract signing (Kunshan natural resources and Planning Bureau)

On August 6, the contract for the plot of Starbucks (Kunshan) Coffee Co., Ltd. was signed. With a total investment of 1.09 billion yuan and an estimated annual sales of 1.08 billion yuan, Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park project is mainly engaged in the import and export of coffee beans, baking, packaging, storage, logistics distribution, distribution and training related to coffee baking, and is expected to achieve an annual roasting of 11600 tons of coffee beans. According to reports, the project has been listed as a major reserve project in Jiangsu Province.  


Mead Johnson plans to invest nearly $70 million to expand a Holland entity

According to foreign media reports recently, Mead Johnson plans to invest US $67.7 million to expand its plant in Zeeland province of the Netherlands. The expansion will include building renovation and the establishment of new employee access. According to relevant documents, the expanded plant will become Mead Johnson’s “global supply and Technology Center for hypoallergenic infant formula” and meet the regulatory standards of multiple export markets. The report also said that the expansion projects will enjoy local tax incentives in the next 12 years.

US sports drink bodyarmor says it plans to surpass CNBC by 2025

According to CNBC yesterday, Mike Repole, founder of the sports drink brand bodyarmor, said he hoped the company could become the No.1 sports drinks manufacturer in the US market by 2025. “Either go bankrupt within five years or become the number one brand of sports drinks by 2025,” he said in an interview The goal means that bodyarmor needs to surpass Pepsi Gatorade and Coca Cola. According to Stanford University data, Gatorade, borriel and bodyarmor accounted for 70%, 15% and 13% of sports beverage revenue, respectively. Coca Cola is the second largest shareholder of bodyarmor, the report said.

Fengyi International’s net profit in the first half of the year increased by 49.8% (company announcement)

In the first half of the year, net profit rose 49.8% to $611 million, while revenue rose 12% to $22.658 billion, according to the half yearly report released by Wilmar international yesterday.


Tibet water resources development and profit police, net profit in the first half of the year is expected to decline by about 65% (company announcement)

Tibet water resources (Note: 5100 mineral water mother company) issued profit warning notice yesterday. Revenue and net profit in the first half of 2020 are expected to decline by about 45% and 65% respectively year-on-year, the announcement said. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main cause of the disease: two. The loss of financial assets is increased; three, a small amount of loss should be accounted for in the investment in the equity method; four, the increase in net income partially offset the impact of the decrease in the estimated profits of the company.

“Zhongjing food”, the founder of Lentinus edodes sauce, launched its first meeting and said Laoganma was a competitor (Securities Times)

On August 11, Zhongjing food, the founder of mushroom sauce, successfully passed the Municipal Committee’s deliberation on the gem. Zhongjing food was founded in 2002. At first, it mainly engaged in seasoning ingredients such as pepper oil. Then, it took the lead in launching Zhongjing mushroom sauce in 2008, becoming the pioneer of mushroom sauce category in China. Zhongjing food said in the prospectus that its competitors include seasoning enterprise Laoganma, Haitian flavor industry, jixiangju, fansuoguang and other industry giants.


Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed on GEM (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

According to the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed the latest pre disclosure documents of listing yesterday. According to the documents, Shanghai Hairong mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of bakery raw materials such as vegetable butter, chocolate and jam, among which the main products are vegetable butter series products. In 2017-2019, the revenue of Shanghai Hairong is 471 million yuan, 541 million yuan and 584 million yuan respectively, and the net profit is 69.593 million yuan, 72.9328 million yuan and 76.7182 million yuan respectively.

Broo and cub, Australia’s largest brewer, once rose nearly 100% (Aohua Finance Online)

Bro, the Australian brewery company, has signed a brewing agreement with Carlton & United Breweries (cub), Australia’s largest brewer, to produce bro’s quality beer and bottled liquor products, according to an announcement today. The agreement will increase the production and supply capacity of its high-quality beer and bottled liquor products. The agreement starts this month and lasts for 24 months until August 31, 2022. Affected by the announcement, broo rose nearly 100% in the morning.

It’s said that Kirin of Japan has acquired Indian craft Brewer

Ankur Jain, chief executive of B9 beverages, an Indian brewer, told Reuters on Tuesday that the company was in talks with international brewers and investors to sell up to 20 per cent of its shares, but did not specify whom to negotiate. Reuters quoted four industry sources as saying that B9 beverages has held talks with Kirin holdings, one of Japan’s largest brewers. In response, a spokesman for Kirin Holdings said that “at present, there is absolutely no discussion on” related issues.

Yutianchuan coffee, the head brand of guaer coffee, won the exclusive investment of Xingwang investment (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, Xingwang investment has recently completed the exclusive investment in yutianchuan coffee, the head brand of guaer coffee. Yutian coffee is a portable coffee product. According to the data, yutianchuan coffee ranked first in the annual sales volume of the ear / coffee liquid category on the tmall platform in 2019. After obtaining the investment, yutianchuan coffee will continue to promote the market share of guaer coffee products.

Hexiaoma six stores open at the same time, adopting the mode of “online ordering and taking” (Netease Technology)

According to Netease technology today, he Xiaoma announced the opening of six stores in Shanghai. It is reported that it has launched the online new economy “online booking cabinet take” mode. Users can place an order in advance in HEMA app, scan the code to pick up the meal in the pick-up cabinet, and complete the whole digital performance within 2 minutes. As for the future store opening plan, HEMA CEO Hou Yi said that by the end of this year, HEMA will open 60 stores along the Shanghai subway station.


Daoxiang branch stores resume business today (Ming Pao)

According to the Ming Pao, Daoxiang, which had previously announced that the whole line was closed due to the epidemic situation, announced this morning that its branch would resume business today (December 12) and offer a 20% discount on takeout to attract customers.


Female employees of haoliyou company in South Korea commit suicide by bullying in the workplace (people’s daily)

According to people’s daily news, in March this year, a 22-year-old female worker in Yishan factory of haoliyou Food Co., Ltd. committed suicide due to workplace bullying and sexual harassment, leaving a suicide note involving haoliyou. On May 21, Korea’s haoliyou food company issued an official position on a, claiming that the death of a was “not directly related to the company”.

Subsequently, the Ministry of employment and labor of South Korea sent labor supervisors to haoliyou company for special investigation. After investigation, it is determined that a leader’s behavior of forcing his subordinates to write a letter of repentance belongs to workplace bullying. Haoliyou company said in an interview that the company has held a disciplinary committee to punish the person responsible for the incident, and has accepted the enterprise culture rectification requirements of the Ministry of employment and labor, and will actively implement the rectification.

Organic Royal Mei Su Jia’er Hong Kong version launched

Recently, Royal mercuril Hong Kong version of Royal fasland launched a super high-end organic infant formula, which was first listed in Hong Kong, China. According to the introduction, the product is the main source of “organic first layer milk source essence”. At the same time, the milk source traceability system is used. Consumers can scan the two-dimensional code on the packaging cans and trace back from the company’s multiple organic ecological self ranching to production and sales. The snack agent noticed that the new product series has been sold online in the official wechat stores of Mercure in Hong Kong, and the price of three-stage single can is 445 yuan.

Wandashan officially released organic A2 series products (company news)

Yesterday afternoon, Wandashan officially released organic A2 series products and colostrum functional products, and announced that its whole milk powder product line packaging was renewed. According to the introduction, in terms of organic A2 series new products, Wandashan has subdivided the consumer groups, and released a total of 4 A2 β – casein organic new products according to the different nutritional needs of pregnant women, children and families of all ages.

Nestle Garbo promotes snacks for teething infants (company news)

On August 11, Nestle Garbo announced the launch of its first cereal based product, sooth’n ‘check teething sticks, to relieve the discomfort of teething in infants and young children.


Tiansi Group officially publicized the brand endorsement lineup of Red Bull and launched the marketing activity of “you are real bull and Red Bull supports you” (company news)

Recently, Thailand’s Tencel Group officially launched the Red Bull brand “you are really bull, Red Bull is supporting you” marketing campaign and announced the Red Bull brand endorsement lineup. According to reports, the “real bull marketing campaign” aims to promote its new product in the global Red Bull product matrix, Red Bull Vitamin flavor beverage. By the end of June this year, the product has been listed in 244 cities in 30 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, and is in rapid development.

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Detection of new coronavirus in frozen shrimp imported from a restaurant in Wuhu, Anhui Province (CCTV News)

On August 10, in the routine test of cold chain food and employees in Jinghu District of Wuhu City, it was found that the nucleic acid test results of NCV in the outer packaging samples of frozen shrimp imported from one restaurant were suspected to be positive. On August 11, Wuhu CDC rechecked the sample, and the result was positive. After verification, the epidemic related products were stored in the refrigerator of the store after purchase.


Australian dairy authority raises milk production forecast for fy2025 (AA)

The analysis results released by the Australian dairy authority today show that in the medium growth forecast, the industry can restore and maintain profitability, confidence and solidarity. By 2024-2025 (fiscal year 2025), milk production is expected to reach 9.6 billion liters, 1 billion liters more than the current expected production (the “variable” forecast). The bureau also said that external constraints such as resource availability will grow slowly again from fiscal year 2025, and under the same forecast, Australia’s total production will reach 10 billion liters in 2030 fiscal year. On the other hand, the joint efforts of the government and the industry to reduce and eliminate regional constraints are expected to lead to a “high growth” forecast of production of 11.6 billion liters.


Zhang Gong was appointed director of State Administration of market supervision and Administration (personnel department)

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Global CEO survey reveals permanent changes brought about by the new epidemic (AP)

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey of 699 CEOs around the world, AP reported today. According to the survey, most CEOs believe that the shift to remote collaboration (78%), automation (76%) and reduction of office staff (61%) is still going on, and 61% of respondents said that their business model will be more digital in the future, which is accelerated by the new crown epidemic. 58% of CEOs said ensuring supply chain security will remain a priority. Business leaders also believe that the epidemic has increased the importance of addressing broader stakeholder issues, particularly employee issues.


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