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In the first half of the year, Aoyou earned more than 23% in the first half of the year. Zong Fuli’s bubble water was listed, Mengniu Daqing high-end milk project was invited for investment, and Haitian started to sell hot pot seasoning

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Aoyou earned 23% more in the first half of the year (company announcement)

This evening, Aoyou (01717. HK) released its first half results, with revenue of 3.859 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.6%; gross profit of 2.022 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.4%; and the profit attributable to shareholders was 409 million yuan, up 56.9% year-on-year. After adjustment, the profit attributable to shareholders was 575 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.1%. During the period, the overall sales volume of Aoyou’s own brand formula milk powder was 3.411 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25.0%.

Coffei & Joy enters retail market (company news)

Recently, coffee brand coffei & joy, a coffee brand of Yum! Brands in China, announced the launch of its first series of coffee retail products, namely “bean seeker selection · hand wash and ear coffee”, officially entering the coffee retail industry. According to reports, the coffee series has American style mellow, Hushan Manning, Brazilian pectin sun and sun yejiashefei. At present, coffei & joy has set up independent stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. It is reported that Yum China has launched coffei & joy, an independent coffee brand, “aiming to create an omni-channel digital coffee ecosystem”.

Mengniu Group Daqing high-end dairy products project industry chain investment (

According to today, on August 11, Mengniu Group and the Management Committee of Daqing economic and Technological Development Zone held a “promotion meeting for investment promotion of industrial chain of Daqing high-end dairy products projects assisted by dairy ecosystem” in Daqing city. The government, banks, dairy industry partners and other parties gathered to solve the problems of land, capital, purchase and sale, technology upgrading and interest linkage in the development of dairy industry. Prior to that, Mengniu Group (Daqing) high-end dairy industry chain project was started in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province on April 1, laying the foundation, and completing the strategic layout of the whole industry chain of “planting, breeding and processing”.

Nongfu Shanquan and pinduoduo have reached a strategic cooperation, and the turnover of the official flagship store on the first day reached 2.8 million yuan (per net)

According to today’s news from, on August 11, Nongfu Shanquan and pinduoduo announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation. They would open an official flagship store in pinduoduo and put their full range of products on the shelves. Pinduoduo will provide a number of core resource support such as “10 billion subsidy”, “limited time second kill”, and carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of R & D, production, live broadcast and promotion, and the two sides will work together to bring consumers a new shopping experience. The official flagship store of Nongfu mountain spring also set the highest sales record of pinduoduo’s new store. On the first day of its launch, the flagship store realized a single store turnover of 2.8 million yuan, and the sales volume of NFC juice series products of Nongfu mountain spring exceeded 33000 pieces.

Panda Dairy IPO submitted for registration and officially entered the registration process (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

On August 12, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed that Panda Dairy Group Co., Ltd. had submitted for registration and formally entered the registration procedure. It is reported that the main business of Panda Dairy products is the R & D, production and sales of concentrated dairy products and dairy trade. The company’s main products include “Panda” brand series of condensed milk products. The main customers are Xiangpiao, Mengniu Dairy, Daneng dairy, golden monkey, etc. The company’s revenue from 2017 to 2019 is 534 million yuan, 602 million yuan and 604 million yuan, and the corresponding net profit is 87.9608 million yuan, 96.4834 million yuan and 67.6454 million yuan.

Bubble water launched by Wahaha Zong Fuli (Interface)

According to yesterday’s interface news, on August 12, kellyone, a beverage brand owned by Zong Fuli, Wahaha’s “second generation leader”, launched three new bubble water products in tmall store, called “Kelly one Popper bubble soda bubble water”. The new product contains three flavors of white peach, green plum and watermelon, with the concept of 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat. In its tmall flagship store, a box of 12 bottles of angry Bobo will be sold for 45 yuan. The product will be officially launched on August 17. In addition to online channels, the new product will be distributed to convenience stores, new retail platforms and supermarkets in the first and second tier cities in mid August.

Wahaha issued a statement saying he was “impersonated” to talk about the project (company news)

On August 11, Wahaha issued a statement on its official microblog, saying that it was engaged in foreign business activities under the name of the company by individual product dealers. The statement pointed out that the company recently found several news reports on “Wahaha Group” negotiating foreign cooperation projects such as Rosa roxburghii Tratt and Ficus carica in Guizhou, Sichuan and other places. The related companies involved in these news reports are engaged in foreign business activities under the name of the company. The statement said that Wahaha has not authorized any enterprises to negotiate the above cooperation projects on behalf of the company, and the enterprises that falsely use its name are distributors of individual products. These distributors are not affiliated enterprises of Wahaha, and they have no right to engage in any production or business activities in the name of chairman of Wahaha and Zong Qinghou, including but not limited to foreign investment promotion, participation in exhibitions, practical training, holding meetings, etc.

Jiumaojiu group launched “half bowl rice” to support “CD action” (company news)

Yesterday, jiumaojiu group announced the launch of “half bowl rice” in its brand stores for consumers to choose and order, and to provide free packaged lunch boxes for customers. He said that in the interview, he said that in the future, it would also use various channels to promote “CD action”, launch more actions to encourage CD-ROM and packaging, and advocate green life.

Green tea restaurant: no exposed problem found in the transfer monitoring, has applied to the police for investigation (surging News)


On the afternoon of August 12, Tibet green tea Catering Management Co., Ltd. issued the “statement on the incident of the Shijiazhuang branch of green tea restaurant”, in which it was introduced that the company immediately retrieved the surveillance video of the kitchen for nearly 15 days for investigation and verification, but no exposed problems were found. At present, the company has set up a special investigation team and applied to the public security organ to publicize the investigation progress to consumers and the media at the first time. Before that, the green tea restaurant (Hebei Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi Wanxiang City store) was exposed to food safety risks in the back kitchen. There were many problems such as the kitchen staff eating the dishes of the guests, putting the cooked food on the garbage can, stacking the meat materials to be processed on the ground, the tableware not disinfected as required, and some employees without health certificates. It is reported that green tea restaurant is a well-known chain catering enterprise, which has stores in more than ten commercial complexes in Shenzhen.

Are you hungry? Sue meituan and claim 1 million yuan, saying that it coerces merchants to “choose one from two” (Yibang power network)

Recently, China judicial document website disclosed the first instance civil ruling on the dispute of commercial defamation and commercial bribery unfair competition between Shanghai lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd., the main business entity of meituan takeout, Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Sankuai Online Technology Co., Ltd. According to the company, meituan is pushing the information of slandering the platform to the merchants through the platform, and intimidates the merchants not to cooperate with famo, but to cooperate exclusively with meituan, believing that the latter’s behavior has obvious malice and illegality, which has constituted unfair competition behavior. Are you hungry? I ask the court to order meituan to stop its unfair competition immediately and claim RMB 1 million from meituan. On July 24, the second intermediate people’s Court of Tianjin transferred the case to the people’s Court of Haidian District, Beijing.

“Haidilao” sued “hedilao” for trademark infringement, which was rejected by the court in the first instance (rule of law weekend)

The people’s Court of Tianxin District, Changsha City, ruled in the first instance of Haidilao’s lawsuit against trademark infringement of hedilao, a legal weekend newspaper reported yesterday. The court held that although both the “hedilao” logo and the “Haidilao” trademark both have the word “Dilao”, there are still some differences in the overall font of the characters, and there is no similarity in pronunciation between the two, and the food series provided by the two are also quite different. Therefore, the defendant hedilao restaurant does not constitute an infringement of the trademark right of the plaintiff Haidilao company’s registered trademark “Haidilao”. The first instance of the court rejected the plaintiff Sichuan Haidilao catering Co., Ltd. After the judgment of the first instance, neither the plaintiff nor the defendant appealed.

Haitian hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot seasoning (Interface)

Haitian flavor industry, which is famous for its soy sauce and oyster sauce products, recently launched hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot seasoning, including Xinjiang tomato, Yunnan Guizhou sour soup, Korean spicy beef and Korean military hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. It is currently on sale at 15.9 yuan per pack and 39.6 yuan for four packs. The monthly sales volume of the product is about 200 pieces.

Yili and Yinlu projects selected in 2020 China standard innovation contribution award (food partner network)

On August 12, the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced the qualified list of China standard innovation contribution award in 2020. Among them, there are 18 standard projects involved in the qualified list of China standard innovation contribution award in 2020.


Tea brand miyue ice city, with annual salary of 100000 to grab high-end talents (Interface)

According to yesterday’s news from the interface, a few days ago, the tea brand Michelle ice city launched the “sinomeni plan”, announcing that it would recruit reserve cadres with an annual salary of 100000 yuan, and would select the senior managers of the future headquarters of mixue ice city or the person in charge of new brands and overseas projects through one-year customized training and job rotation under the leadership of the brand founders. It is reported that mixue ice city is the first tea brand to break through WanDian in China, rapidly expanding the market with the franchise mode. In addition to the domestic market, the brand also entered Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and other overseas markets.

Three squirrels applied for “mojito” related trademark (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton, Tianyan data show that recently, three squirrel Co., Ltd. have added a number of trademark information, one of which is “mojito”, which is classified as food in the international category, and the trademark status is waiting for substantive examination. In addition, the three squirrels are still applying for related trademarks such as Tiegong chicken and hi halogen.

Nestle continues to expand its product portfolio of plant based dairy products (company news)

Nestle today announced that it is developing a range of nutritious, good tasting and environmentally friendly plant-based dairy substitutes. This botanical and lactose free product is suitable for consumers who are lactose intolerant or follow a dairy free, vegan diet. The company currently offers a wide range of products made from rice, oats, soybeans, coconuts and almonds in markets such as the United States, Brazil and Australia. The vegetable products with pea protein as raw materials are the focus of Nestle.

British vegetable meat company “this” received 3.8 million euro financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton, citing foreign media EU startup, British vegetable meat company “this” has recently obtained 3.8 million euro financing, exceeding its 2.2 million euro financing target. Investors in this round of financing include venture capital firms backed VC and five seasons ventures. This was founded in London, UK, in October 2018 by Andy shorel and Pete Sharman. The company’s products are based on peas and soybeans and can be used as substitutes for chicken and bacon.

ABC International: upgrade meituan’s rating from “hold” to “buy” (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, ABC International Holdings Ltd. raised the rating of meituan from “hold” to “buy” with a target price of HK $250.

Meituan launches “night Carnival” to support night snack merchants (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, meituan’s review platform has launched the “night carnival season” activity. For the packages and coupons used by night merchants and night time, meituan and Dazhong’s review platforms will tilt 100 million class night traffic to support them.

Laoganma applies for “guangganma” trademark (Beijing business daily)

On August 12, tianyancha app showed that Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. recently added the trademark “guangganma”. It is reported that the international classification of “guangganma” trademark applied by Laoganma is catering accommodation. The application date is July 20, 2020, and the trademark status is “waiting for substantive examination”. Before that, Lao Ganma applied for trademarks such as “laoyuma”, “Ganma”, “haoma”, “laoqianma”. In order to prevent counterfeiting, Laoganma also set up a “special anti-counterfeiting fund” with an annual quota of 30 million yuan.

Shuanghui’s revenue increased by 99.42% in the first half of the year

Recently, Shuanghui development disclosed that in the first half of this year, its total operating revenue was 36.373 billion yuan, an increase of 42.99% over the first half of 2019, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 3.041 billion yuan, up 26.74% compared with the first half of 2019. The company said that during the reporting period, the product price rose compared with the same period, which affected the year-on-year increase of operating revenue.

Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s launches two seasonal cookies

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Unilever’s ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has launched two seasonal flavors of cookies: gingerbread cookies and cinnamon bread. These biscuits can be sprinkled on ice cream or served as snacks.

Koia launches a range of functional drinks based on Oat Milk (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, koia, a natural plant beverage brand, has launched a new adaptive beverage series, koia thrive. The “allergen free” product is made up of oat milk, functional adaptive herbs and nine essential amino acids, the company said. Koia was founded in 2014, and began to enter the vegetable protein beverage market in 2016, mainly focusing on gluten free, non transgenic, vegetarianism and other health labels.

Coca Cola European partner CCEP launches recyclable cardboard packaging (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Coca Cola’s European partner (CCEP) announced the launch of a new cardboard packaging solution (cancollar) for multi packaging products. In partnership with westrock, a U.S. packaging company, CCEP will replace the current hi cone solution with the new solution as part of CCEP’s plan to remove all “unnecessary or difficult to recycle plastics” from its product portfolio.

Coca Cola Co branded with hit

According to foreign media reports today, Coca Cola and tide brand kiss have renewed their cooperative relationship since 2016 and launched the fifth joint brand product sale. The kit x Coca Cola collection will be available on August 15 at 11 a.m. EDT via the kiss online store.

Breakthru group sells Illinois beer and cider business

Breakthru beverage group, a North American wine, spirits and beer wholesaler, has reached an agreement with lakeshore beverage to sell its beer and cider business in Illinois to lakeshore beverage, foreign media reported yesterday. It is reported that the agreement is expected to expire in late October 2020. Breakthru will continue to work on the broader beer business, assessing investments to strengthen and expand the right product portfolio.

Distribution of energy drinks in ebust

According to foreign media reports yesterday, eboost, an energy drink brand, announced that it would immediately expand the distribution scope of its healthy energy drink super fuel to more than 2500 new locations in the United States. It is said that super fuel is suitable for warm-up before exercise and recovery after exercise.

Gaoxin’s retail revenue in the first half of the year was 53.17 billion yuan, lower than the market expectation (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton, Alibaba’s Gaoxin retail has disclosed its performance in the first half of 2020 on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In the first half of 2020, the revenue was 53.17 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 5.1%, which was lower than the consensus expectation (54.06 billion yuan) of Bloomberg, and the net profit was 2.06 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 17%. Sales in retail stores increased by 5.7%. B2C business mainly through taoxianda and tmall platform to achieve substantial growth and contribute to the company’s sales growth.

Quick reading of food industry information


A surface sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Shenzhen was tested positive for new coronavirus (

According to people’s daily news, the Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control headquarters office issued a notice today, saying that on August 11, Shenzhen Longgang District investigated and tested imported cold chain food, and on August 12, the Guangdong provincial and Shenzhen Municipal centers for Disease Control and prevention rechecked that one frozen chicken wing surface sample imported from Brazil was found to have positive nucleic acid test results for new coronavirus. The relevant departments carried out a comprehensive nucleic acid test on the personnel who may contact with the related products, and the results were all negative, and the close contacts of the positive samples were included in the health management; all the relevant inventory products in the city were sealed and nucleic acid testing results were negative, all the sold products were traced and reported to the relevant institutions for disposal; all the packaging and storage environment of the relevant products were carried out Kill. The headquarters office reminds the general public to be cautious in purchasing imported frozen meat products and aquatic products in the near future.

Ministry of Finance and other three departments: no longer implement the provisions on stopping tax reduction or exemption for 20 commodities (Ministry of Finance)

According to the Ministry of finance’s website, on August 5, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued an announcement on the suspension of tax exemption and exemption for 20 kinds of commodities. Food products (including condiments, meat, poultry and egg vegetables, aquatic products, fruits, drinks, wine, dairy products) are included in 20 kinds of commodities. Details of the announcement are as follows:

Some experts say that “Zero sugar” does not mean weight loss and hypoglycemia (Beijing daily client)

According to the Beijing daily client yesterday, a wave of refreshing “0 sugar” soda pop is popular in the beverage market. Drinks marked with “0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 fat” have become the new favorite of young consumers, as well as “fat” and diabetic people. Li Yuanyuan, a registered dietitian in China, said, “replacing sucrose with sweeteners is conducive to controlling energy intake and, to a certain extent, weight control.” Speaking of the relationship between sugar and weight loss, Li Yuanyuan said. However, sweeteners added to the beverage is “sugar reduction, no less sweet.”. However, it is not conducive to lose weight to drink this kind of drink with open belly, because it will cause taste dependence, and at the same time, it will make the body produce illusion. In this way, if you drink it for a long time, you will still gain weight. In addition, many “Zero sugar” contain carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which also has certain harm to teeth.

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