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Meisu Jiaer releases the natural growth support plan for Chinese families to deepen the brand differentiation strategy

On August 12, Meisu Jiaer, a brand of infant formula under Royal Netherlands fisland, joined hands with Elle, a fashion media, to support the biodiversity conservation work of WWF WWF and a global nature foundation. Li Sheng, a star experience official and artist representative, was joined together to gather Jingdong, child king, suninghong children, baby friendly Island, baby room and Lijia baby , Leyou, Wumart, beibeixiong, yingzhidao and Tianhong, 11 core channel business partners of maternal and infant industries, released the “meet nature, meet your children’s walk – help plan for natural growth of Chinese families” in Shanghai.


According to reports, meisuo Jiaer, together with sun Ruixue, the first person of Montessori education in China and the founder of the “sensitive period of children” theory, has launched the “100 things of natural growth”, focusing on the parenting problems of young families accompanying their children’s natural growth, and calling on parents to complete the card playing of every small matter of natural growth to unlock the way of natural parenting guidelines, and cultivate the cognition and habits of natural child rearing, Make the concept of natural parenting truly implemented, and help parents and children grow up naturally together.

Chen Ge, managing director of Royal Netherlands fisland China

Chen Ge, managing director of Royal Netherlands fisland China, pointed out that “in China, meisuo Jiaer has become a well-known brand. While providing customized nutrition suitable for Chinese baby’s physique, we also continue to import our natural growth concept for Chinese parents and the next generation, and give practical methods and guidelines.”.


China’s natural family growth promotion program launched

Natural growth and child care

Nowadays, children in many families are enjoying the convenience brought by material life, but at the same time, they are faced with the hidden danger of lack of exploring natural opportunities. Urban children’s childhood has been changed by science and technology, and estrangement from the natural environment has become a global social phenomenon. In foreign countries, this phenomenon is collectively referred to as “natural deficiency syndrome”, which is virtually changing children’s lives.


In China, nearly 70% of children spend less than an hour outdoors a day, according to a study. Especially in the Internet age, children are surrounded by high-tech life, attracted by computers, televisions, mobile phones and so on, gradually away from nature. Many studies have also shown that there is a close relationship between children’s distance from nature and the rise of obesity, attention deficit and depression.

In this regard, the project leader of Royal Netherlands fisland China said at the event site that Royal Netherlands fisland and its subsidiary meisuojia’er will adhere to the concept of natural nourishment and gather the strength of all sectors of society to arouse the attention and action of the whole society on the natural growth of mother and infant population and the accompanying of parents and children.

Based on this, the “100 things of natural growth” launched by Meisu Jiaer brand focuses on the small things that are conducive to the development of children’s sensitive period in natural exploration, from the aspects of concept establishment, air conditioning room, animals and plants, painting, music, imitation, mathematics, natural science exploration, etc.

For example, in the sensitive period of concept establishment, children can intuitively feel the wind with their bodies, correctly understand the “invisible and untouchable” wind, and experience the wonder of nature; in the sensitive period of cutting and painting, paper boats are put in the river to exercise the coordination ability of children’s small hands in the process of turning and folding, and perceive the mystery of nature in the flow of the river.


“We have observed that with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people’s lives are more electronic and intelligent, and the parenting experience of the new generation of post-90s parents is relatively poor.” The company said that it hopes to provide parents with a professional, interesting and practical natural parenting guide through the above measures, so as to truly consider the users, gain insight from the perspective of users, and solve the problems of users.

Deep binding of natural breeding concept

Differentiation strategy appears

Royal Netherlands is the only dairy enterprise with royal title in the Netherlands, and one of the largest cooperative dairy companies in the world. In recent years, Royal Dutch feslan and its subsidiary Mercure have been calling for “natural parenting”, exporting the concept of “natural parenting” to the public sector for a long time, and integrating natural nutrition into the brand and product DNA.


In the Netherlands, more than 80% of the local pastures are owned by feslan. The average herding time of the herders is more than 6 hours per day. At the same time, dairy farmers will provide customized feeding scheme for each cow to ensure the quality of source milk.

In addition, Royal Netherlands feslan has maintained a long-term cooperation with the dairy research and development center of Wageningen University, which enjoys the reputation of “food Silicon Valley”. With the continuous development of technology level, the brand of Meisu Jiaer has made new breakthroughs in natural nutrition retention. It has been focusing on creating popular products, focusing on “good digestion and easy absorption” and “natural lactoferrin content” “Super group, crown for protection” as the main theme of Royal Meisu Jiaer milk powder has been welcomed by countless mothers.


Chen Ge pointed out: “milk nourishes life, is our first interpretation of natural nourishment. We are committed to using natural rare nutrition to give children better physique; growing up naturally together is another interpretation of natural nourishment. To let Chinese babies grow up healthier and happier is our vision in this land.”


It is not difficult to find that a series of new brand strategies launched by Mercure are aimed at increasing the layout of China’s market and expanding its brand influence.

On the one hand, in the current fierce competition of infant formula milk powder market pattern, Meisu Jiaer deeply binds the brand image and the concept of natural nourishment, hoping to further highlight the difference of brand proposition, and pave the way for subsequent content marketing.

On the other hand, the brand also hopes to help solve the problems of users through its in-depth insight into consumers, and create a closer emotional connection with Chinese consumers by advocating the concept of “natural breeding”.

Mr. simahan, Global CEO of freesland, pointed out at the beginning of this year that “winning the market” is still the motto of Royal Netherlands. Specifically, it includes strengthening and expanding the company’s market position, promoting the growth of brand products, and strengthening customer relations, which are the company’s priorities.

In the first half of this year, the company’s net sales increased by 18% against the backdrop of months long epidemic situation, according to the data released recently by Royal Netherlands fisland China.

According to Nielsen data, in May this year, the value share of meisuo Jiaer gold packaging in high-end milk powder sub category was 18.3%, ranking first. The share of Royal Mercure in the ultra-high terminal category is also steadily increasing.

No matter how the market changes, for brands, it is a magic weapon to accurately grasp the direction of consumers and insight into the actual needs of consumers. This time, Royal Netherlands feslan and its brand meisukal have a precise insight into the current parenting dilemma, and jointly released the natural growth promotion plan for Chinese families through cross-border fashion and public welfare fields. This plan not only differentiates the brand competition, but also successfully links consumers’ emotions in brand activities, highlighting a warmth, which sets a standard for the future brand construction of milk powder industry Rod.

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