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Get melon eating crowd new posture! This watermelon tastes too toast


What’s the taste of summer?

Is it the taste of watermelon? No, it’s watermelon toast!

In the hot summer, do you feel that with the blazing sunshine, your appetite is not good Hot weather, but also to eat a good meal, in order to raise a good stomach, and in summer, for people who eat melons, half of the significance lies in watermelon. To this end, abd specifically added cool elements to the toast, baking watermelon toast with excellent flavor.
Get up in the morning, embrace the sun, eat a piece of watermelon toast, let the body full of positive energy! Have you got the new posture of eating melons?

(PS: it’s already autumn, so we need to add some summer elements to feel the summer)
“You” patted toast, baby, think you don’t know toast with watermelon vest? You can’t understand it, watermelon, abd!

What is the most popular food for gourd eaters in 2020?

Watermelon toast!

Does watermelon toast taste like watermelon?

This is not so.

Abd watermelon toast is refined from high-quality flour and vegetable oil, which ensures that the toast is fragrant and crispy. It can be chewed gently and sweet. Abd uses pure plant pigment to extract natural color, which integrates health and beauty. Therefore, watermelon toast is not the taste of watermelon. If you take a mouthful of watermelon, you will be excited; if you take a mouthful of watermelon, you will be excited; if you take a bite of watermelon, you will not be excited!

02 integrates a variety of fruits and has a novel shape
Yes, you’re right! The green food outside and red inside is not watermelon, but toast. If you look carefully, you can even sprinkle black “seeds”. When you see watermelon, consumers will think of toast and stimulate their appetite. It has to be said that abd’s watermelon toast is successful in modeling.

You don’t like watermelon? It doesn’t matter. Abd launches lime toast and pitaya toast simultaneously As long as you like, abd will consider making the same fruit shaped toast. How can it not be favored by consumers?
03 9 has a wide range of positioning and numerous sales channels
Abd has always been committed to the research of healthy food. Once watermelon toast is put on the market, it will serve all consumers. It will be sold through the Internet, micro businesses, communities, national fruit channels, local stores, national chain stores and international stores. If you want to eat, you can buy it anytime, anywhere.
Is the price of watermelon toast so convenient to buy?! This time, poverty does not limit our imagination

In 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, live delivery with goods will be popular in the Internet. Therefore, abd, which has always been at the top of the trend, has specially set up its own live broadcasting company. Through live broadcasting, the popularity of watermelon toast has been enhanced, and the image of watermelon toast has become more popular.
04 work together to find the most suitable partner
It is very important for leisure food manufacturers to find suitable distributors. Abd adheres to the principle of win-win cooperation, spreads positive energy together with like-minded dealers, and walks into more people’s lives with watermelon toast.
The success of abd watermelon toast is condensed bit by bit, unique shape, reasonable price, supplemented by raw material refining, such watermelon toast, not fire can not!
2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The summer of 2020 is destined to be accompanied by watermelon toast. Have you got the new posture of eating melon in 2020?
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