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Vote | whole food show hits 10 exhibitors? (13th batch)

What product to choose? How to choose products? With the increasing variety of products, these have become the problems that dealers are constantly exploring. The 2020 China candy and snack exhibition and global high-end food exhibition will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 5 to 7. A variety of candy snacks, experienced industry experts, 89000 dealers Grasp the trend of the industry, learn the experience of selection, and share the feast of the industry!

(video review of the whole food show in 2019)

Select a number of exhibitors in batches to take you to know the event in advance, 10 exhibitors you pick who?
real time ranking of exhibitor voting (the fourth batch)

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Tangtian Mitian industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd


proxime accessit

Dongguan Weibao Food Co., Ltd



Shenzhen Weidi legend Food Co., Ltd

Ticket Description: the second winner will be awarded with the 2nd issue of the headline advertisement. The right of final interpretation of this activity belongs to snack express. Swiping of tickets is prohibited. Those who violate this activity will be disqualified from voting.


Haiying printing technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2a22

Haiying printing technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive printing and packaging company integrating technology development, material research and development, process design and terminal production, providing customers with one-stop, whole industry chain packaging solutions. The main business includes flexible packaging, cartons, labels, composite paper cans and other packaging products. While developing traditional packaging business, our company introduced the world’s most advanced industrial grade digital printing machine in 2017, without plate making, on-demand production, ultra-high printing quality and extremely short delivery time. At the same time, it can achieve variable data, personalization, customization, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. Using the world’s most cool and fashionable mosaic imaging technology, combined with professional structural design, to create a truly personalized packaging for the brand! Based on packaging, the company creates products and realizes personalized customization in a diversified and all-round way.


Xiamen Yuyan Trading Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2b63

Xiamen Yuyan Trading Co., Ltd. distributes wholesale Taiwan food, leisure food and food best-selling consumer market, enjoying a high position among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. Xiamen Yuyan Trading Co., Ltd. distributes Taiwan food, leisure food and food in a complete range with reasonable prices. Xiamen Yuyan Trading Co., Ltd. has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by the contract, guarantees the product quality, and wins the trust of customers with the principle of multi variety business characteristics and small profit and quick turnover.


Hong Kong zhongkou Miao International Holding Group Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2b65

Hong Kong zhongkou Miao International Holding Group is a group company integrating R & D, production, sales, management and training. Its headquarter is located in luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. In line with the spirit of craftsman, we are committed to building a new aircraft carrier in China’s beverage industry. Making explosive products is our ultimate pursuit of every beverage. In this era of serious excess of products, as a beverage manufacturer, when constructing the product structure, it is necessary to develop products that can meet all kinds of consumer groups based on the mentality of consumers. From the company’s naming to brand creation, the company is committed to creating the best and most beautiful new beverage categories that consumers can enjoy. The strategic structure of the six series of drinks meets the different needs of different consumer groups. It is the direction of the company’s operation and development to carefully create customer satisfaction brand and constantly provide high-quality and high-quality health drinks for the majority of consumers; honesty and trustworthiness are the company’s development concept; win-win cooperation and common growth are our tenets.


Shantou niuhuiduo Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2b66

Founded in 2016, Shantou is the first enterprise to obtain the qualification of Chaoshan beef balls going abroad, with complete certificates and licenses, and has its own brands such as “niuhuiduo” and “No.1 pill family”. The company inherits the Chaoshan ancient craft, has been focusing on the production of all kinds of Chaoshan characteristic beef balls, beef gluten balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls, etc. Through continuous R & D and innovation, we have developed various kinds of instant meatballs with open bags, making Chaoshan beef balls into fashionable leisure snacks that young people like. A few days ago, niuhuiduo also launched Chaowan Yuantang chain store, which takes instant meatballs with pure meat, instant meatballs with original soup, and pills with original flavor. When you come, you can enjoy the delicious flavor of the meat. The taste is strong and q-bomb, which has won high praise in the market


Hubei lanjiaqi Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 2b67

Hubei lanjiaqi Food Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of Chu culture and the center of the Three Kingdoms culture. It is known as “the belt waist of Yangtze River economy”, and Shishou Road, Jinping Industrial Park, Shishou Economic Development Zone, Jingzhou. Always provide customers with good products and technical support, sound after-sales service.


Shandong Qingnian Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a01

Shandong Qingnian Food Co., Ltd. was established in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. With the core values of product quality as life and raw material quality as the lifeblood, the company strives to create high-end bread with high quality, health, delicious and rest assured. The company in line with the “only good raw materials, only good products” business philosophy, in the past few years, continuous efforts to provide customers with quality products and services.


Jinhua Baoyi exhibition cabinet Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a02

Jinhua Baoyi display cabinet Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of supermarket display shelves. It was established in 2011. The factory covers an area of more than 5000 square meters. It has dozens of professional designers and skilled technical personnel, and introduces several high-end production line equipment. The company’s main products: supermarket shelves, store shelves, boutique shelves, imported food store shelves, mother and baby store shelves, bulk weighing shelves, leisure food shelves, fresh fruits and vegetables shelves, imported red wine shelves, retail pharmacy shelves, tobacco Hotel shelves, convenience store shelves, stationery store shelves, clothing store shelves, steel and wood shelves, aluminum alloy shelves, plastic food boxes, shopping malls The products are sold well all over the country with perfect products, services and outstanding cost performance.


Zhengzhou Lvfeng Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a03

The company’s products enjoy a high status among consumers, and the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents. Strong strength, credit, abide by the contract, to ensure the quality of products, with a variety of business characteristics and the principle of small profits and more sales, won the trust of the majority of customers.


Shanghai qianbawu Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a05

Established in 2013, Shanghai qianbawu Food Co., Ltd. has more than 300 employees, more than 30 management personnel and 10 technical R & D personnel. It has been awarded the honorary titles of county meritorious enterprise and excellent unit. It is a national leading enterprise specializing in high-end leisure food R & D, production and sales. In 2016, the company established a production base in Yishui, Shandong Province, covering an area of 70 mu and a workshop area of 40000 square meters. The company has bread, cake, milk tea, hot and sour powder and other major product series, the products are sold all over the country. Among them, bread series mainly includes bag bread, sliced toast, sandwich toast and other classic baked food. On the basis of the original multi flavor steamed cake, cake series innovatively introduces pure handmade cake, brown sugar jujube cake, pudding cake, light food cake without sucrose, etc. In 2020, in order to meet the needs of customers, the company added a new production line of milk tea and vermicelli. The classic hand-made milk tea series, sour and spicy powder, Huajia powder, snail powder, Guandong cooking and other products are deeply loved by customers The company’s high-end new products continue to launch, product sales continue to grow. The company will continue to “devote to the development of leisure food and realize the healthy life of human beings” as its mission, and create the most competitive and influential domestic famous brand.


Shanghai Haiao Industrial Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3A06

At present, Haiao’s main product is the soup cake series, which is also the most popular product this year. The series of products include pure coconut soup, gemenberg’s milk and egg soup, white peach cheese soup and black rice egg yolk soup. Haiao strictly selects New Zealand butter and milk powder, Australian wheat, fresh eggs, trehalose and other world-class food materials. Through the “high humidity and tender baking” process, the dough is evenly heated, and the embryo body is wrapped with dense steam to form a self heating and moist protective ring. The product has the characteristics of “soft, fragrant and tender”. The entrance is as smooth as “egg soup”, which fully guarantees the high-end quality and health Maintenance value. As soon as the new products come into the market, they are warmly welcomed by the majority of consumers.

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Editor in chief: Li Jun | editor: Guo Jia

Past review

Preview of whole food 2020

Time: September 5-7, 2020

Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (181 Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)

Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 890 exhibitors

Estimated audience: 89000

Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food

Contact: 15810224093 Li Jun

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