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Bud light, Budweiser Xinlan and Meiyijia join hands!

On August 14, the new product launch meeting of bud light Xinlan X was held at the headquarters of Meiyijia in Dongguan. After Chen Weiting, the official spokesman of the government, launched the first bottled beer in China in July, bud light Budweiser Xinlan took advantage of the hot pursuit and action in midsummer, bringing this kind of packaging foreign style and fashionable canned product to young consumers, and joined hands with the strategic partner, the most influential chain convenience store in Guangdong, to lay out the southern market.

In addition to the high-level of both sides, the launch of the new product attracted nearly 100 specially invited guests, including franchisees, media and opinion leaders in various regions. The live activities integrated many popular playing methods at present. With the help of KOL, live interaction, online coupon issuance and lottery draw, the new product launched successfully.

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At the press conference, with Mr. Yao Xuhong, general manager of Meiyijia and Mr. Xu Xiaoyu, vice president of household consumption channel of Budweiser China, opened the new model can at the same time, and the blue and white balloons came out of the can, indicating that bud light’s new blue canned products were “fresh and fresh”.

According to the brand, such innovative designs can be seen everywhere at the event site, such as the failure punishment of “blue crossing” game, “super cold air bombing” and online red can clock in and take photos. Through the novel interactive form, the guests can better feel the product’s cold filtration and refreshing taste, as well as the young and dynamic blue and white color matching packaging.

At the meeting, Meiyijia’s live online interaction was unprecedented. Guo Jiafeng, the founder of KOL Yuezhi No.1 and KC Wang Kaixi, a rowdy boy from Guangdong Province, attracted a large number of fans for their first visit. The Cantonese version of bud light Budweiser Xinlan was also funny and interesting. It was also broadcast with great benefits, which attracted fans to watch the screen. By 2:00 p.m. on August 14, this super wow live broadcast had received more than 100000 people’s views, and the value-added coupons worth 140400 yuan were sold out.

Budight Xin, an international high-end beer brand, was established in the United States in 1982, and has been rated by authoritative brand evaluation institutions for three consecutive years (016-2018)

Budight, hour sunshine imported barley as raw material, advanced low-temperature cold filtration dual process to retain the original beer, double membrane cold filtration screen to remove small impurities, the first canned product in Meiyijia is packaged and portable, suitable for drinking at home and at home, focusing on the original intention of young customers.

今年,Bud Light百威昕蓝正式登陆中国,并全面进驻广东,这与品牌方战略结盟美宜佳后抢滩中国南区市场的战略密不可分。据了解,品牌方早在7月9日已在美宜佳广东省区域展开铺货工作,首批覆盖广州、深圳、东莞等21个城市超过12,000家门店。



谈及此次联合新品发布,百威中国区家庭消费渠道副总裁许晓宇先生兴奋地表示:“Bud Light百威昕蓝从品质到颜值都无可挑剔,我们有理由相信,这款适合多种新型饮用场景的啤酒必将为广东地区的年轻人带来一抹沁凉,成为他们炎炎夏日避暑降温的首选饮品。作为罐装产品全国首发客户,美宜佳渗透全粤、细密的门店布局也必将推动百威在高端啤酒市场继续扩容。”


目前,百威在美宜佳的啤酒品类中份额高达45%。美宜佳副总经理、广东执行总经理胡秋育先生表示:“Bud Light百威昕蓝的上市进一步扩大了双方啤酒业务的机会点。” 据了解,百威团队与美宜佳从总部到区域各层面的紧密合作,将助力美宜佳在2020~2022内实现年均22%的复合增长。

He added, “Budweiser Xin blue is” Meiyijia Hao “. Beauty refers to beauty of appearance, appropriate to taste, good to quality, and good to birth. Budweiser Xinlan, the world’s best-selling beer, has fashionable packaging, excellent selection of materials, low-temperature cold filtration, and improvement in technology. It keeps its original flavor and comes from Budweiser family. It is bound to make everyone “blue” resist! “



新生代关注潮流、创意和新奇的事物,喜欢社交与分享,他们渴望创造属于自己的标签,又惧怕被某一种标签所定义,他们渴望认同与情感共鸣,却也比任何一个世代都讲求品质,这也意味着以中高端、个性化为概念的啤酒市场将大有可为。在这样的风口,百威乘势而上,将Bud Light百威昕蓝引入中国市场,不可谓野心不大。

据了解,在百威庞大的啤酒品牌矩阵中,Bud Light百威昕蓝属于高端啤酒阵营,介于超高端的科罗娜啤酒与中高端的哈尔滨啤酒之间,旨在通过紧扣年轻消费者热爱创造、享受生活的价值观,拓展全新饮用场景,进一步增扩大集团旗下高端啤酒的市场容量。

1. Focus on young consumers: Bud Light’s brand is light and light, and its target customers focus on young people. Because of its advanced low-temperature cold filtration process, the taste is very fresh and energetic. In the packaging design, the interlaced design of silver, white and blue greatly enhances the texture, and is closer to the aesthetic of young people.

2.多元化消费场景:无论是现代餐厅还是家人朋友聚会时,无论是文艺青年还是时尚轰趴精,Bud Light百威昕蓝可以融入每一个生活社交场景——诚如品牌所主张的“现在就WOW”,成为年轻消费者当时当下的最时髦标签,让每一次畅饮都充满活力。

全力打造与目标受众契合的品牌形象,用丰富的饮用场景触发年轻客群多层次的共鸣,Bud Light百威昕蓝可谓花足了心思。从内在到颜值,从品质到口感,它似乎都让人“蓝”以抗拒。



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