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Danone’s cross-border special distribution reinvigorate, lock in accurate nutrition, and push newcante 1 + new products!

Following the launch of the first cross-border special formula milk powder at the end of last year and the launch of the first cross-border special formula milk powder, Danone newdyia recently launched a new cross-border special formula milk powder. According to the company, the newly launched “newconte 1 +” is its first officially SOLD amino acid insensitive formula for children aged one year and above with food protein allergy.

Danone New Asia recently held the 7th Forum on allergy and growth nutrition in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other cities. Some experts pointed out that about 50% of children with milk protein allergy in China still have allergic symptoms after one year old and need to continue to use amino acid formula powder or deep hydrolyzed formula powder.

Some academic studies on digestive tract diseases related to food allergy have pointed out that when children with suspected milk protein allergy are given diagnostic food avoidance, it is recommended to choose amino acid formula as an alternative formula for food avoidance. When diagnosed with milk protein allergy, children can use amino acid formula powder or deep hydrolyzed formula powder.

Professor Mao Meng of Pediatrics of West China Second Hospital of Sichuan University clearly pointed out at the forum that “children over 1 year old and 0-1 year old need different nutrition in the process of growth and development, so it is of great significance to feed infants with milk protein allergy in stages.”

According to the official data, “newconte 1 +” adopts a non sensitive formula specially designed for children with food protein allergy of one year old and above. It specially adds nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin D, which are easy to be lacked by allergic babies, “so as to better meet the nutritional needs of infants in this age group”. At the same time, compared with the amino acid formula for 0-12 months, newconte 1 + has upgraded the taste and retained the natural lipid fragrance, which is preferred by babies.

It is not difficult to find that by introducing this new product, Danone New Asia hopes to seize the blank spot of the domestic market of special formula nutritional products of the whole year in advance.

Fang Fang, head of Danone newdihia children’s medical nutrition division, said, “newconte 1 +” will continue its professional leading position in the global market and provide more accurate nutrition programs for Chinese babies. “.

She added that the company hopes to bring “more breakthrough products” to the Chinese market in the future through its deep insight into the needs of Chinese consumers.

According to the plan disclosed by Danone newdigia last year, it will introduce more overseas medical nutrition products through the “newdihia maternal and infant special overseas flagship store” in the future, including a more complete product line for food allergy and malnutrition or picky and partial food babies, such as Newcastle complementary food, high nutrition for infants over 1 year old with malnutrition or nutritional risk Energy total nutrition formula, new star plus, etc.

As a matter of fact, special nutrition has always been a subdivision area of Danone New Asia’s continuous distribution in the Chinese market.

It is understood that the company has nearly 10 kinds of formula products for special medical purposes (including cross-border products) from infants to middle-aged and elderly groups in the Chinese market, covering food allergy, malnutrition, metabolic diseases for infants and children, as well as total nutrition formula and brain nutrition for adults.

In addition, in order to further popularize and promote professional special nutrition education, Danone newdihia has also opened a number of wechat service numbers, including “special love allergic baby home”, “starcheng 90 malnutrition baby home” and “Rainbow care program”, and regularly carried out expert group live broadcast to help parents acquire knowledge of disease cognition and long-term nutrition management, and guide scientific feeding.

It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the company has not only made great efforts to ensure the normal production and supply of European factories, but also further strengthened the construction of online channels for China, and ensured the supply of products through tmall’s official platforms such as “NewAsia maternal and infant special overseas flagship store” and “newhome optimization” wechat program.

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