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The CEO of Swire Coca Cola first interpreted the latest sustainable development strategy and revealed these key information!

As the fifth largest bottling partner of Coca Cola system in the world, Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Swire Coca Cola”) released the 2030 sustainable development strategy in May this year, which comprehensively disclosed its water resources management, energy efficiency management and climate change response, packaging and waste management, product selection, sustainable procurement and diversified inclusion The commitment and goal of seven core aspects of sex enterprise culture and community care.

Yesterday, Swire Coca Cola officially interpreted the strategy for the first time. The snack generation also remotely connected with Su Wei, CEO of Swire Coca Cola, to have a “empty dialogue” full of dry goods around topics such as epidemic situation, digital intelligence and sustainable development.

Su Wei, CEO of Swire Coca Cola

On epidemic situation

“Under normal circumstances, the revenue of China’s mainland business is expected to continue to grow in 2020,” Su Wei said yesterday of the epidemic. “Swire Coca Cola has a very good start at the beginning of this year. We have a large number of products sold to channels before the Spring Festival, and the company has a very strong performance in January. “

She also pointed out that the subsequent epidemic had a certain impact on the order volume, such as the increase in operating costs and the pressure on profits. However, there are already quite positive signs that demand is picking up steadily. With the arrival of the sales peak season, revenue and sales are also recovering.

Xiaoshidai read the financial report of Swire Co., Ltd. in the first half of the year and learned that the business of Swire Coca Cola not only recovered, but also the current sales data were very optimistic. The financial report data showed that the profit of Swire Coca Cola in the first half of 2020 was HK $946 million, an increase of 26% compared with the first half of 2019. If the withholding tax in the first half of 2019 is not taken into account, the increase is 14%.

During the dialogue, Su Wei mentioned that the epidemic situation made Swire Coca Cola more active in using big data analysis to help decision-making and increase revenue. Specifically, the epidemic has greatly promoted the development of e-commerce and home business, especially the development of fresh e-commerce and Shangchao o2o.

“We will provide better services to fresh e-commerce providers and increase o2o promotion. In the second half of this year, we will accelerate the distribution of necessary inventory items of Shangchao o2o, and improve the application ability of our e-commerce, especially the application of content marketing, such as live broadcast.” She said.

It is worth noting that Su Wei mentioned that the epidemic also triggered Swire Coca Cola’s new thinking on the future employee welfare plan.

According to reports, during the outbreak, the chairman of Swire Group, Mr. Shi Minglun, mentioned in a letter to employees that Swire would give priority to three things: caring for family members and families; supporting colleagues; and supporting the society.

“These three events represent an attitude and culture advocated by the whole Swire Group. Health care for employees and their families is not only the welfare care given to employees during the special period of the epidemic, but also the long-term development plan of the enterprise.” Suwei said.

On Digitalization + intellectualization

The snack generation noticed that during the dialogue, Su Wei constantly mentioned the key words of “digitization”, “big data” and “intelligence”.

She said that the epidemic has made Swire Coca Cola more active in using big data analysis to help make decisions and increase revenue. Despite the pressure of profit in the first quarter of this year, Swire Coca Cola continues to make strategic investment in freezers. Through IOT (Internet of things) technology, the company has intellectualized all over 700000 refrigerators in the market, and realized online through networking, making traditional freezers combined with big data become productivity for business growth.

In addition, Su Wei also pointed out that Chinese consumers are fully online, and the company is paying more and more attention to consumers.

“In order to make the promotion direct to consumers, we try to digitize the products, add two-dimensional code in the bottle cap, so that consumers can drink the products smoothly, but also can scan the code conveniently to participate in our digital interaction; through digitization, we can clearly know what kind of products are more popular with what kind of consumers, so as to find more sales opportunities The follow-up research and development of new products can more accurately and quickly find the market and consumers. ” Suwei said.

According to the data, Swire Coca Cola will definitely take “digitalization” as an important pillar of its corporate strategy framework in 2019, positioning digitalization as one of the core strategies.

In October of the same year, Swire Coca Cola signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement with zero eye intelligence, a new retail artificial intelligence service company, to realize retail scenario analysis report for Swire Coca Cola’s retail channel system, and improve operation effect and sales volume in the form of big data.

As early as 2018, Swire Coca Cola and Coca Cola China have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jingdong new channel to carry out extensive cooperation in channel construction, data sharing, brand promotion and other fields, so as to rapidly promote national regional cooperation and expand the incremental market.

On Sustainable Development

China China official account of Coca-Cola, WeChat, has 10 categories and 25 brand products in China’s mainland market. The 2030 sustainable development strategy released this year as a 10 year plan has always been committed to bringing high-quality products, services and experience to Chinese consumers.

Su Wei believes that the product selection of sustainable development strategy is to meet the needs of consumers and customers and provide diversified product choices.

According to the report on new trends in the global beverage industry in 2019 released by the China Institute of competition, the beverage industry is facing significant changes in terms of consumers, products, brands and distribution modes. “In the Chinese market, consumers have a wide acceptance of new beverage brands and some niche products. New beverage categories such as bottled water, sports drinks and sugar free tea are also being embraced by consumers. Therefore, we should speed up the development and expansion of new products. ” She stressed.

Looking forward to the future, Swire Coca Cola will continue to strengthen the promotion of low sugar and sugar free beverages.

“In the Chinese market, related topics such as’ sugar reduction ‘have attracted much attention. Now we are working closely with Coca Cola and are still expanding our product portfolio to include more low calorie and zero calorie beverages. In addition to our diet, we have zero coke and norepinephrine. In 2018, chunchashe series was launched in response to the emerging trend of sugar free tea. ” Su Wei introduced in detail.

It is understood that in 2019, the sugar content of 17 products in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be reduced. In the same year, 28% of the total products were sold in mainland China.

At the same time, she stressed that according to the data obtained by the company, the category of soda still keeps growing this year. “For Swire Coca Cola, there are opportunities and challenges in China’s beverage market, but overall, Swire is optimistic about the development of China’s beverage market.”

“As a bottling group, in order to meet the needs of consumers, Swire Coca Cola has also launched packaging with different capacities, such as mini cans.” Su Wei finally revealed that Swire will provide more small capacity packaging options. In terms of packaging design, Swire is exploring alternative disposal methods for waste with core suppliers and OEM factories, aiming to achieve the goal by 2030 The existing waste is “zero” landfill.

According to the information of the snack agent, the second quarter of 2020 financial report released by Coca Cola company not long ago revealed that in the second half of 2020, six new production lines of Swire Coca Cola in China will be put into operation in succession, the total investment will reach 250 million yuan, and the new annual output value will exceed 1.7 billion yuan. Among them, two new production lines of Guangdong Taigu Coca Cola Huizhou plant were officially put into operation in July, and the annual output value is expected to increase to 762 million yuan.

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