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Liangpin store launched fitness catering brand, CEO said it would be 1 billion scale in the future!

Last year’s sales volume was close to 10 billion yuan, which is seeking to break through the fierce competition of product homogeneity.

The local leisure snack giant chose to target different segments of the population and launch a number of new products and brands to open up the high-end snack market. On the evening of August 16th, the snack generation noticed that the well-known Shen Mengchen, a well-known official, became a close friend of the tiktok brand, and opened the first live voice of the sub brand.

This is the company’s second sub brand in less than three months. Earlier in May this year, liangpin shop launched its first sub brand “liangpin snack Fairy”, specializing in children’s snacks.

Liangpin shop launched its second sub brand “liangpin Feiyang”


“In the future, the high-end strategy of liangpin stores will be realized by focusing on market segments. At present, we have launched new brands of children’s snacks and healthy substitute snacks. In the short term, the two market segments are doing well, and the sales scale can reach 1 billion each. This is no problem. The market is very large. ” Yang yinfen, CEO of liangpin store, told xiaoshidai.


In the exclusive interview and exchange, the company’s management, including Yang Hongchun, chairman of liangpin store and the person in charge of R & D business department, further revealed the new product strategy of liangpin store and the latest ideas on how to establish a “moat” of differentiated competition.

Let’s get to know.


Fitness snacks and meal substitutes

Like liangpin snacks, which focuses on children’s snacks, the new brand launched by liangpin Store aims at a very clear customer segment.


“Liangpin Feiyang focuses on the pan fitness group, followed by professional fitness professionals to meet the different functional needs of weight management and nutrition supplement. At the same time, we also provide alternative food products for young people who focus on sugar control or busy daily work, especially women aged 18-35 The company told the agency.


In addition to the scenes and segments of the population, the company said that targeted functions are important labels for “good products flying”, including weight management, nutrition supplement, sugar control, muscle building, etc., which are not available for ordinary snacks.


It has been revealed that there are three series of “Quzhi”, “shape control” and “light truck”, and 27 new products have been introduced in succession, including “triple control glycoprotein milk shake”, “low GI biscuit”, “light fruit cereal bar”, “low-fat chicken breast”, “low-fat dried egg” and “low-fat konjac”.

Data show that GI (glycemic index) is a physiological index reflecting the effect of carbohydrate containing food on postprandial blood glucose. Low GI diet is helpful to weight control.


Among them, the protein meal milk shake is the main promotion of good products.

Good quality Feiyang protein milk shake

This is a very “lively” subdivision track at the moment. Since this year, many large food companies have been in the milk shake market, including Nestle and Pepsi. At the same time, in this field of competition, there are also start-up brands such as wonderlab and Luchun, as well as overseas catering brands such as slimfast in the Chinese market.


The new liangpin store believes that the “magic weapon” of its competition lies in the breakthrough of R & D technology. For example, it is reported that the “triple sugar control technology pioneered by the industry” is adopted in the protein meal milk shake, and five exclusive R & D patents are involved in the series of new products.

In short, the first is low sugar, that is, no sucrose; the second is interference sugar, that is, adding white kidney bean extract to slow down carbon water digestion and absorption; the third is inhibiting sugar, that is, adding L-arabinose to inhibit intestinal sucrase activity.


According to reports, liangpin store’s milk shake has 224kcal / bottle (60g), about 1 / 3 of the heat of a meal. In terms of taste, six kinds of “online black tea flavors” have been launched in this series, namely Ceylon milk tea, mocha coffee, strawberry cheese milk cap, yellow peach yogurt, oatmeal Qia seed and red bean job’s tears.


“Compared with start-ups, our advantage is that at the R & D end, we have continued investment in R & D, and now we have a number of exclusive R & D technologies. Compared with large companies, our advantage lies in the consumer side, better understanding of the needs of local consumers, and closer to consumers. ” Good products shop to snack on behalf.


Two “1 billion” scale


Obviously, this local leisure snack giant has a lot of ambition in market segment expansion.


Yang yinfen told the snack agency that for children’s snacks and healthy food substitutes, liangpin’s short-term goal is to achieve “1 billion scale” in both businesses. According to him, as of June 2020, the sales revenue of children’s snacks terminal of liangpin store increased by 36% year-on-year, and 8.61 million consumers chose to buy children’s snacks in liangpin store.


“At the beginning of 2019, after liangpin store focuses on making high-end snacks, it is clear that in the future, healthy and nutritious and functional snacks will be customized according to the different needs of pregnant women, lying in women, children, silver haired people and fitness people.” In the future, he said, the company will launch more products to meet the needs of the segment.

In the process, he said, the company’s biggest challenge is to see consumers clearly and judge whether it is real demand or fake demand. “We focus on segmentation of consumer groups’ life scene needs, which is the route of good product shop to produce products. For example, the good products launched in August are flying. We don’t want to make a milk shake pop-up, but what we do is to provide users with solutions, but in terms of products, the products have clear characteristics. “


“In the future, will we have a comprehensive and detailed differentiation, and all products will have labels? In my opinion, some products are multi crowd and multi scene, and some products are subdivided into groups and scenes. ” He told the snack generation.


As a matter of fact, the product planning of liangpin shop is also divided into “two lines”.


Yang yinfen told the food agency that in addition to launching “sub brands” for market segments, the company is also upgrading its existing basic popular categories and products, including continuously “subtracting” sugar, oil, salt and additives. For example, liangpin store has replaced plum products with zero additive herbal formula, dried mango is not so sweet, and original nuts have replaced fried and baked flavors.

“In the future, the proportion of traditional basic products and subdivided products of liangpin stores will account for 50% respectively.” Yang yinfen said.


Research and development of “moat”


In Yang Hongchun’s opinion, the premise of liangpin shop to promote high-end strategy by subdividing sub brands and products in the market is to do well in product innovation with technical support.


Yang Hongchun believes that product competitiveness is the core issue, and product innovation is the biggest pain point. “At present, many factories constantly adjust the taste, formula and packaging, but the effect is not significant. Why is there such a pain point? Because all innovation is ultimately cross-border, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, the difficulty lies here. For example, bioengineering, pathology, pharmacology, food nutrition, such as product design, packaging, content and marketing. “


“In fact, it is a comprehensive interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration. It is very difficult to make it complete all of its internal circulation by relying on a single scale, such as 300 million, 500 million, and 1 billion factories. The interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary synergy is not enough. This is also the pain point of the top brands in the market segment. ” Yang Hongchun said.

It is worth noting that in order to establish a “moat” for product development and innovation, the leisure snack company has carried out a series of radical reforms.

For example, a new company and R & D center have been established. Xiaoshidai noted that in July this year, liangpinpuzi nutritional food Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 100 million, and its legal representative is Yang Hongchun. Its business scope includes technical research and development, technical consultation and technical services in the field of nutritional food technology, and has established liangpinpuzi nutrition and Health Research Institute and product R & D center.


At the same time, in order to make the product innovation ideas come true, the quality shop also promotes the hardware upgrading of the cooperative suppliers.


“Due to the general buyer / OEM model, leisure snack enterprises generally do not attach much importance to R & D and rely more on their own R & D, which will lead to the problem of homogeneous competition. We are building an industry R & D innovation platform, and also help suppliers introduce and upgrade hardware and optimize processes. ” The company told the food agency.

Take the low GI biscuits launched by liangpin Feiyang as an example. “The original technology of domestic pastry factories can not complete our product design, so we need to introduce foreign production lines. Our strategic suppliers are willing to invest, so we went abroad to help introduce this equipment. ” Good product shop to snack generation revealed.


“Before, we had to consider the production level of existing suppliers in the research and development of new products, so we mainly focused on taste, taste, raw materials, packaging design, etc. to do product innovation. Now, we are a team of product managers and R & D engineers, and we conduct product development on a project basis. ” The company said.


This is also the final choice made by the local leisure snack giant after spending a long time thinking about “how to solve the problem of homogeneous competition”. “We think that cost, efficiency and so on are not the biggest moat, we still choose to go back to the product itself.” Good products shop to snack on behalf.

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