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The director general of WTO should be a senior executive of PepsiCo. Shengyuan South Korea factory was put into operation. Mars promoted grain free cat food in China. Haitian’s market value exceeded Sinopec. In July, 246 batches of food were not allowed to enter the country. China’s vegetable meat brand was financed

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Current WTO director general to be chief corporate affairs officer of PepsiCo (company news)

PepsiCo announced today that Roberto Azevedo, the current director general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), has been appointed Executive Vice President and chief corporate officer of PepsiCo with effect from September 1, 2020. The company also announced today that Jim Andrew, executive vice president of beyond the bottle project, has been appointed as chief sustainability officer of the company with effect from September 1, 2020.

Shengyuan group Incheon plant officially put into operation (company news)

Shengyuan company announced today that Shengyuan International Group Korea Jintao Co., Ltd. was officially put into production yesterday. The factory is also the first foreign-invested food production enterprise introduced in Incheon port, South Korea. It is understood that the factory covers an area of 12000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 2000 tons and an estimated annual profit of 15 million US dollars. The reason for the investment in Incheon, South Korea, is that Incheon port is backed by Seoul, and Incheon port is the closest to China among all Korean ports, according to sunwon.

Mars and JD launch reverse customized “no grain cat food” (company news)

Yesterday, Jingdong supermarket and Mars pet held a new product conference in Beijing to launch c2m exclusive reverse customized high-end pet products, and Meishi no grain full price cat food. According to reports, Jingdong supermarket will cooperate with Mars pet to further expand the domestic market, and the two sides sign a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot. According to the data, Mercer, as a pet food brand of Mars, has a history of nearly 100 years.

Vegetable meat brand “Monday” won tens of millions of US dollars in round a financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton reports, China’s vegetable meat brand recently completed a round of financing of tens of millions of US dollars on Sunday, with Yunjiu capital leading the investment, old shareholders pleasant capital and Jingwei China following investment, and scale partners acted as the exclusive financial consultant for this round. This round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, supply chain improvement, brand promotion and team operation. According to public information, Sunday is the most cooperative brand in China and the largest amount of fund-raising.

Yili completes the payment of the fourteenth ultra short term financing bonds in 2020 (company announcement)

Yili shares announced today that the company successfully issued the fourteenth issue of ultra short-term financing bonds in 2020 on July 20, 2020, with a total issuance amount of RMB 1 billion, an issue interest rate of 1.65%, a term of 30 days, a value date of July 20, 2020, and a cashing date of August 19, 2020. On August 19, 2020, the company has completed the payment of the fourteenth issue of ultra short term financing bonds in 2020, and the total amount of principal and interest cashing is RMB 1001356164.38.

JUNLEBAO plans to produce 18000 tons of cream and 16000 tons of skimmed milk powder (administrative committee of Luquan Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province)

According to the information from the Management Committee of Luquan Economic Development Zone, Luquan economic and economic development zone has released a notice on the approval of the environmental impact report of Hebei junle baojuncheng Dairy Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 18000 tons of cream and 16000 tons of skimmed milk powder. According to the announcement, Juncheng Dairy Co., Ltd. plans to build a thin cream production line in the original milk powder production workshop, and use the existing milk powder production line to produce skimmed milk powder. The total investment of the project is 34.1 million yuan. After the completion of the project, 5400 tons of cream and 4800 tons of skimmed milk powder will be produced three months before the Spring Festival.


Market value of Haitian flavor industry surpasses Sinopec (Interface)

According to the interface report, by the end of August 18, the market value of Haitian flavor industry had reached 513.1 billion yuan, ranking 11th in the market value of all a shares, surpassing Sinopec and closely following PetroChina, which ranks 10th. Haitian flavor industry has been criticized for its high value problem. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Haitian flavor industry began a new round of rise, with an increase of 78% since February. But at the same time as the stock price hit a new high, the performance of Haitian flavor industry did not reach a new high, the report said. Since 2018, the growth rate of revenue and net profit of Haitian flavor industry began to decline.  


a2 Milk收入利润保持增长(公司公告)

Today, A2 milk released its annual report for fiscal year 2020. The report shows that in the 12 months ended December 31, the company achieved a total revenue of NZ $1.73 billion, a year-on-year increase of 32.8%, and a net profit of NZ $385.8 million, a year-on-year increase of 34.1%.


British pizza chain Pizza Express closes 73 stores (Sina Finance)

Pizza Express, a British pizza chain, said on Tuesday it would permanently close 73 stores in the UK, affecting 1100 jobs as the epidemic blockade and rising costs hurt its business, Sina Finance reported. The company said it had introduced a corporate voluntary arrangement (CVA) restructuring process to improve its financial position, reduce lease agreements and temporarily switch from quarterly rent payments to monthly payments.

Nestle and General Mills join the CGF food waste Action Alliance (Foodbev)


The consumer goods Forum (CGF) has launched an action alliance against food waste, which brings together 14 “the world’s largest” retailers and manufacturers, foreign media reported yesterday. The 14 initial members of the alliance include Nestle, general mills, Wal Mart, etc. It is reported that members of the alliance have promised to report their data on food waste by 2021 and to work with stakeholders to develop effective prevention strategies to address food waste.

Youyou food’s net income and profit increased in the first half of the year, and problems such as single product remain to be solved (company announcement)

Yesterday, youyou food released the semi annual report of 2020. According to the report, in the first half of the year, the company achieved a revenue of 545 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.94%, and a net profit of 129 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.74%. On the increase in net profit, youyou food said in the announcement that it was mainly due to the increase in operating revenue and government subsidies during the reporting period. It is reported that the income of pickled pepper chicken feet accounts for more than 80% of its main business income, which has a significant impact on the company’s profitability.


Medium term loss of Yurun Food decreased by 9% to HK $408 million (company announcement)

Yurun Food announced yesterday that in the six months ending June 30, 2020, the company’s income was HK $7.536 billion, up 1.9% year-on-year; the owner’s share of the company’s loss was HK $408 million, with a year-on-year decrease of 9%; and a loss of HK $0.224 per share. Cold fresh meat and low-temperature meat products, as the group’s products with high added value, remain the backbone of the overall business development in the review period, the announcement said.


Fuyi group responded that it would fully cooperate with the anti-dumping investigation (Aohua Finance Online)

In response to the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce yesterday on the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation into the import of wine from Australia, Fuyi group responded to the announcement and said that it would cooperate with any request of the Ministry of Commerce of China, and stressed that it has established a long-term relationship of mutual respect with China over the years.


New taste of Yuanqi forest milk tea (company news)

Recently, Yuanqi forest has launched a new coffee latte flavor milk tea in its official flagship store.


Wal Mart’s second quarter profit is expected to reach $6.476 billion (Xinbao)

Wal Mart, the world’s largest retailer, announced on Tuesday that its revenue in the second quarter was $137.74 billion, up 5.6% year-on-year, making a profit of $6.476 billion, up 79.39% year-on-year, and its U.S. e-commerce sales soared 97%. It is reported that the growth of its sales benefited from the fiscal stimulus policy launched by the US government from March to April this year.

Zhou Jielun sued Xiamen yiwanghong restaurant (Chinese version of business week)

According to media reports, a restaurant with the theme of Jay Chou is a restaurant with the theme of Jay Chou. It has attracted many fans to punch in and is considered as “Jay Chou’s shop”. Recently, the restaurant has been sued by Jay Chou, claiming that it infringed on the right of portrait and name. Today, J Knight official blog issued a statement in response to the matter, saying that there was no fraud against consumers. Whether the franchise store belongs to the scope of authorization, the plaintiff and the defendant have their own opinions. The case is still under further consideration.


Unilever tries Foodbev in palm oil supply chain

Unilever is working with American technology company orbital insight to test new geolocation technology to more accurately monitor its palm oil supply chain, foreign media reported yesterday.


General Mills recalls a batch of mislabeled products (businesswire)

According to foreign media reports, General Mills announced yesterday that it would voluntarily recall 14 ounces canned Progresso organic chicken noodle soup in the United States. The recall is less than 3000 cans and only covers products used before May 26, 2022. It is understood that the reason for the recall was that cans were mislabelled and the products contained allergens, including soybeans and dairy products that were not labeled on cans.

Vinamilk, a Vietnamese dairy company, had second quarter net income of $671 million (AP)

Vinamilk achieved net income of $671 million (15.50 trillion dong) in the second quarter, up nearly 10% from the previous quarter, AP reported yesterday. During the reporting period, despite the impact of the epidemic, the company signed a US $20 million contract to export to the Middle East in the second quarter, as well as to export condensed milk to China and nut soybean milk and milk tea to South Korea. Data show that the company is one of the top 50 dairy companies in the world. Vietnam’s Forbes estimates the value of the vianamilk brand is about $2.4 billion.

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Growth and differentiation of milk powder enterprises in semi annual report, and the impact of new national standard is no less than that of formula registration system (first finance and Economics)

According to the first finance and economics report, recently, major milk powder enterprises at home and abroad have successively released half year report results. Under the epidemic situation, the industry growth shows a trend of differentiation, and the domestic milk powder enterprises occupying the 3-5 line market staged counter attack growth. It is understood that the indicators of the new national standard for infant formula milk powder have been basically determined, and the industry believes that the impact of the new national standard on the infant formula market is no less than that of the formula registration system.


246 batches of food not allowed to enter China in July (General Administration of Customs)

Today, the General Administration of Customs released 246 batches of food in July. Among them, the products include Riqing cup noodles, Evian natural mineral water, French skimmed milk powder, daily bone too high calcium and low-fat milk powder, and twocows Dutch full fat milk powder.

Top 10 wine groups with the highest brand portfolio value in 2020, two in China (global enterprise dynamics)

According to media reports today, brand finance, a British brand evaluation agency, has released its list of alcoholic drinks 2020. Among them, Budweiser InBev group, Guizhou Maotai and Diageo ranked the top three in the “top 10 most valuable alcohol portfolios” list. The details of the list are as follows:


China’s takeout market is over 650 billion yuan, covering 460 million consumers (people’s daily)

According to the “report on the development of China’s takeout industry in 2019 and the first half of 2020” recently released by China Hotel Association and meituan Research Institute, the scale of domestic catering delivery industry has gradually expanded in recent years, and it is estimated that online catering will account for more than 20% of the whole catering industry in 2020. According to the survey data of iResearch, the scale of China’s catering takeout industry will reach 653.6 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 39.3% compared with that in 2018. By the end of 2019, the number of takeout consumers among China’s 900 million Internet users was about 460 million, an increase of 12.7% year-on-year. The order volume and transaction amount also maintained a high growth rate.

More than 5000 square meters of African coffee Street settled in Hunan (Changsha Evening News)

On August 18, the promotion meeting of Hunan Africa trade cooperation and the opening ceremony of African coffee street and African cocoa China Marketing Center were held in Gaoqiao market, Hunan Province. According to reports, Africa’s coffee Street currently covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, gathering more than 20 coffee merchants to represent international brands such as Nestle, CASS and Weiquan. Among them, there are more than 10 merchants with an annual turnover of more than 50 million yuan. It is said that African coffee Street will be committed to building African coffee distribution center and African product gathering center.

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