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Vote | whole food show hits 10 exhibitors? (16th batch)

What product to choose? How to choose products? With the increasing variety of products, these have become the problems that dealers are constantly exploring. The 2020 China candy and snack exhibition and global high-end food exhibition will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 5 to 7. A variety of candy snacks, experienced industry experts, 89000 dealers Grasp the trend of the industry, learn the experience of selection, and share the feast of the industry!

(video review of the whole food show in 2019)

Select a number of exhibitors in batches to take you to know the event in advance, 10 exhibitors you pick who?
real time ranking of exhibitor voting (7th batch)

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Shantou Runzhi Food Co., Ltd


proxime accessit

Henan Haoyi Food Co., Ltd



Kaff superior products (International) Co., Ltd.

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Weifang Huabei paper plastic packaging Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a25

Weifang Huabei paper plastic packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang, the beautiful kite city. Is a professional design, production and processing of enterprises, mainly produce a variety of plastic fruit and vegetable boxes, food tray boxes, snack boxes, moon cake packaging boxes, frozen products tray, aquatic products tray and other environmental protection plastic containers. The products produced by the company are all environmental protection products certified by the state, and have passed the national industrial production license. The company takes the customer as the center, the quality strives for the survival, the good faith seeks the development the management idea, formulates the scientific development mentality, deepens the technical innovation and the management reform, in familiar with the ever-changing market environment, innovates unceasingly, maintains the vigor forever! Provide perfect packaging solutions for customers’ products, improve the value of products and corporate reputation, and contribute to the development of the industry! Hardworking, hardworking and dedicated Huabei people, welcome new and old friends to visit and discuss business.


Fujian Shishi Tianle Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a30

Fujian Shishi Tianle Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company is located between Quanzhou, the famous historical and cultural city of China, the cultural capital of East Asia, and Xiamen, the special economic zone of China. The company is mainly engaged in candy, jelly pudding, biscuits and other leisure food. The company is a production-oriented food enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, It is a professional food production enterprise with an area of 35000 square meters and more than 500 employees. In order to meet the market demand, we are planning to expand the new plant area, covering an area of 210 mu, with a construction area of about 68000 square meters.


Kongo brand design organization

Booth No.: 3a31

Established in August 2015, Konggu brand design institute is an organization with comprehensive brand vision and strategic solutions. The ancients said: bring a white colt, in the empty valley; empty valley said: aspiring youth, gather together for business. Let change happen, let the brand speak. Adhering to the working concept of “sincerity, preparation and dream”, we present the high quality works and strive for improvement! To the customer’s high praise, diligently seeks! Kongo is an academic institution of “strategy promotion and marketing” and “design and marketing”. Kongo does not provide design works. We only provide professional information support and brand business services for our partners.


Twelve summer Trading Limited

Booth No.: 3a38

Twelve summer, originated from Indonesia, the company’s headquarters is located in Shantou City, Guangdong Province. Up to now, it has agent dealers and offline fresh stewed bird’s nest stores in many cities in China, and has opened brand counters in Wanda Plaza. The main products are stewed bird’s nest, instant products and other healthy nourishing products. Offline stores regularly hold member activities to popularize health knowledge and bird’s nest culture. Since we returned to China in 2009, we have been committed to bring the most authentic and natural bird’s nest back to China, and deliver the bird’s nest to every consumer with a more affordable price and a variety of ready to use bird’s nest product lines. Meet the different health needs of more people. Let everyone who is keen on healthy life can enjoy the bird’s nest, a treasure from nature, and convey the healthy and fashionable health concept.


Shandong Dongsheng Food Sales Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a39


Chiping Dongsheng fungus food Co., Ltd. is located in the Luxi Plain of Taishan mountains in Shandong Province, close to the Yellow River of mother river. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers with lush trees. Good climate conditions and beautiful surrounding environment have brought unique advantages for the production of edible fungi and powerful guarantee for the raw materials processed by the company. Most of the varieties planted and processed by the company are rare edible fungi, including Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus eryngii, Pleurotus ostreatus, Agrocybe cylindracea, Pleurotus ostreatus, and yellow locust mushroom. The edible fungus products have high nutritional value, rich in protein, fat, vitamins and amino acids necessary for human body, and have good health care effect. In 2009, the company obtained the “Dongsheng” brand registered trademark rights, the company mascot registration rights and advertising language (delicious look me, Jiangbei leading mushroom) registration rights, and obtained QS certificate. The company developed and produced a series of bottled and bagged products such as Flammulina velutipes, Flammulina velutipes and Flammulina Flammulina, which have been exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and northeast provinces, It has been unanimously recognized by consumers.


Hubei koala brothers Food Co., Ltd

Booth A50

Hubei koala brothers Food Co., Ltd. respects the enterprise spirit of “down-to-earth, hard work and responsibility”, and creates a good enterprise environment with integrity, win-win and business philosophy. It takes brand-new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service and excellent quality as its survival root. It always adheres to the principle of customer first, serving customers with heart, and impressing customers with its own service Households.


Nanjing cloud ranch Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a52

Nanjing cloud ranch Food Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2017 by a professional senior management team serving billions of enterprises. It is mainly engaged in developing the whole industrial chain operation of milk drinks, tea drinks, lactic acid bacteria and other beverages. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of “integrity-based, customer first, mutual benefit, entrepreneurship and innovation”, in line with the business philosophy of “quality-oriented, professional focus, excellence”, and strive to provide all-round high-quality services and value realization for upstream enterprises and terminal customers. The company has been in the overall layout of East China, and extended to the northeast, North China and other regions. At present, the processing, operation, marketing, logistics, support and other teams have been fully established, and are speeding up the development and making breakthroughs with the speed and ambition of “doubling every year and passing the billion mark in three years”.


Shandong bakele Food Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a53

Shandong bakele Food Co., Ltd. is located in Liaocheng Chiping, Jiangbei water city, Shandong Province. After the development of the company, it has formed a diversified, large-scale and automatic production layout. After careful research and development, the products are integrated with traditional delicious, scientific nutrition and modern production technology, and are sold well in more than 20 provinces and cities in China. The company takes high quality products, innovative thinking and honest service as its tenet. While developing the leisure food business, it has achieved the unique corporate cultural value of bakele – “making green organic food with heart and sharing the taste of love all the time”. Based on high-quality products and adhering to the sales concept of “integrity, creation, quality and win-win”, bakele attracts guests and friends from all over the world.


Whitewash romance

Booth No.: 3a55

The company adheres to the concept of seeking truth and pragmatism and keeping pace with the times, and has reached cooperative relations with many foreign companies, mainly engaged in the trade and sales of candy, animation IP products and exquisite gifts. The company’s products trade scope covers Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Belgium, Russia, France, Italy and other countries, with rich experience and excellent quality. It has established import channels in South Korea, Turkey and other countries to introduce high-quality and creative candy.


Guangdong Nanxin Printing Co., Ltd

Booth No.: 3a57

Nanxin is well aware that quality is the basis of the survival of enterprises, so we resolutely do not allow unqualified products to leave the factory, and we refuse the production of unqualified products. Quality is an important and effective means of market competition. Quality is more important than Mount Tai. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Paying attention to quality and value core, providing customers with stable quality products is equivalent to having intangible added value. Nanxin promises to make for customers: true color, true value!

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Past review

Preview of whole food 2020

Time: September 5-7, 2020

Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (181 Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)

Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 890 exhibitors

Estimated audience: 89000

Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food

Contact: 15810224093 Li Jun

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