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Herbalife China steps into the “460 million” E-sports circle, seizing the “neglected” young men

Inviting traffic stars to speak is a common operation for brands to attract young people. But there is also a question worth thinking about. When most of these stars are female fans, how to catch the “neglected” young men?


After realizing that it is necessary to solve this “pain point”, Herbalife China, a nutrition company, has entered the field of E-sports for the first time, a circle with a large number of loyal male fans.


In July this year, Herbalife China announced that it has officially become the chief sponsor and official nutrition partner of Guangzhou Stormtrooper team in 2020-2022 season of “watch pioneer League” (hereinafter referred to as “watch vanguard”), and become the first domestic nutrition company to sponsor E-sports.


Data show that the watchman pioneer is one of the world’s representative E-sports events and the first large-scale global professional E-sports League combining E-sports and traditional sports mode. The project takes the city team as the main body of competition, with a total of 20 teams participating, and its influence covers Asia, Europe and North America.


According to Herbalife China, the Guangzhou Stormtrooper team it cooperates with is a young and international professional E-sports team. Since joining the watch vanguard in 2019, it is rapidly growing into the “backbone” of the league.  


During the 2020-2022 season, Herbalife China will provide its full range of nutrition products for the team members, and invite nutrition and sports experts to customize nutrition and physical training plans for the team members according to the unique needs of E-sports.


“Professional E-sports athletes need to ensure balanced nutrition and strong physique during their daily training, so as to adapt to the faster pace and higher intensity of E-sports competition. This demand coincides with Herbalife’s consistent concept of nutrition and health.” The company said.


It is worth noting that this cooperation is the innovative landing of Herbalife’s Chinese sports sponsorship and youth strategy. In the past, Herbalife China sponsored sports teams and traditional events.

Guo mu, President of Herbalife China and senior vice president of the world

Guo mu, President of Herbalife China and senior vice president of the world, said that cooperation with E-sports was based on two considerations. First, E-sports has the characteristics of sports competition, in line with the company’s sports sponsorship strategy. As early as 2003, E-sports was listed as a formal sports project by the State General Administration of sports.


Second, the young audience of E-sports is large. Data show that E-sports has 460 million viewers worldwide. And compared with other sports events, the audience of E-sports is quite young, 64% of users are under 25 years old. “The cooperation of E-sports events can help the brand achieve efficient exposure and accurately reach the target users.” Guo Mu said.


Guo Mu said that he hoped that through the sponsorship and cooperation, the positive impact of nutrition, exercise and sleep improvement on the health of the younger generation would be conveyed, and the pace of brand rejuvenation would be further accelerated, “which is also an opportunity to guide young groups to realize the importance of nutrition and sports.”.


It can be seen that although there are differences between E-sports and traditional sports events, Herbalife China’s investment follows the same set of logic: in the process of gaining brand exposure, it closely connects its products with consumption scenarios, and finally boosts sales growth.


Xiaoshidai noted that Nielsen’s “2019 E-sports marketing brand research report” once pointed out that according to his research on the first season of the watchman pioneer, the connection between the brand and the watchman pioneer not only helps to greatly enhance its popularity among fans, but more importantly, fans will prefer the former in their purchase choices with competitive brands.


Guo Mu also stressed that E-sports sponsorship will become an important part of Herbalife’s Chinese sports sponsorship strategy.


This indicates that Herbalife will be more conscious of targeting young male consumers in the future in terms of expanding young consumers. The snack generation learned that 70% of Herbalife’s audience in China are women, 80% of whom are born after 80% and 25% after the ninth five year plan.


In fact, Herbalife has put a lot of effort into attracting young people.


They learned that besides planting grass in areas where young people gather, Herbalife China is also trying to provide more new product choices. This year, the company has launched blood orange collagen peptide powder and elderberry collagen beverage to meet the health and beauty needs of young people.

According to Guo Mu’s previous interview, Herbalife China has greatly accelerated the pace of new product listing since the second half of last year. With the total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, the “China’s product innovation center” will start at the end of this year, and the local innovation and research capabilities will be upgraded. The speed of new products will be further upgraded.

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