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What has Nestle prina guannen done right in the post epidemic era?

This year’s sudden outbreak has made many industries have received a huge impact, but there is a food category has ushered in a strong growth opportunity – here is pet food.


This is not hard to understand. During the epidemic period, because people spend a long time at home, they spend more time with their pets. In special times, it is a kind of company that can soothe people’s hearts, thus further deepening the emotional communication between people and pets. This is also reflected in the sales of pet food.


Take Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Nestle pointed out in its financial report last month that in the first half of this year, prina pet food became the company’s “largest growth contributor” driven by its high-end brands Guanneng and Purina one.


Now, in order to seize the “post epidemic” pet food growth opportunities, Nestle prina’s Guanneng has a new move.


At the 23rd Asian pet show held from August 19 to August 23, the flash store jointly opened by the pet food giant and China National Geographic made a striking appearance. In the communication with the snack generation, the company further revealed the reasons for the co branding cooperation, the impact of this year’s epidemic situation, new product plan and future growth goals.


Let’s take a look.


“Exploring infinite possibilities”


In addition to setting up a flash shop with the theme of “science and nutrition to help pet explore infinite possibilities” at the Asian pet exhibition, as well as launching a co branded exploration gift pack, Guanneng’s cooperation with China National Geographic also includes the production and release of a documentary. At present, the documentary has been broadcast in millions of microblogs.  


In the film, these Guanneng eating pets all live their own wonderful “cat” and “dog”. For example, Guo Shujuan’s dog honey, the first woman’s Longboard surfer champion in China, is also the queen of “riding the wind and waves” just like her owner; king, the dog of Xue Jingjie, the leader of China’s team in the world agile dog open, is the champion of China’s Frisbee dog sport.

“Surfer — honey”


This is also based on Guanneng’s latest insight into the relationship between human and pet in the “post epidemic period”.


This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, many Chinese consumers have been isolated at home for a long time. During the period, they were accompanied most by family and pets. This special period enables pet owners to have more time to accompany their pets, and is easier to get along with them, and find their “extraordinary side which is not known on weekdays”.


According to prana, based on the above insights, Guanneng and China’s National Geographic, which is good at exploring the extraordinary aspects of animals, decided to jointly launch the socialization topic of “exploring infinite possibilities”. This article calls on more pet owners to examine their pets from a new perspective, and to arouse their attention to the daily health of their pets while exploring their extraordinary features.

As you can see, Guanneng’s “user positioning” is also very interesting. Different from the cute, coquettish, lazy, fat and other cute pet images, this pet food brand, which advocates “exploring infinite possibilities”, presents the dog as majestic in the advertisement, while the cat is alert and alert, full of spirit. They are like “athletes” and “explorers” in the pet industry.


“We hope that more pet owners will realize the importance of scientific nutrition feeding and work together to improve the quality of life of pets.” Zuo Yanfeng, the marketing director of Nestle prina in China, told the snack generation, “we think that only by providing scientific and nutritious pet food, can we support the performance of cats and dogs in various aspects, such as sports function.”


New products of prescription food


In addition to trying to strengthen the communication and interaction with the excrement removal officials with “new play” in the post epidemic period, Guanneng will soon launch a “new product” this year.


“In September this year, we plan to launch four Guanneng prescription food products in the Chinese market, including two dog food formulas and two cat food formulas. In the future, there will be new (prescription food) product lines Zuo Yanfeng told the food agency that nestle prina has been preparing prescription foods for sale in China for up to six years.


She explained that in order to localize production, there are many problems to be solved, from raw material selection to manufacturing equipment and process adjustment. Because prescription food must be effective, all formulas produced by the local supply chain must be sent to the overseas R & D center of Purina for experiment. Only after passing the test can they be officially sold.

Some new prescription grain products to be launched


In addition to the threshold of scientific research, the manufacturing technology of prescription grain is also very high. According to reports, only three of the world’s more than 50 production bases have such core manufacturing technology. In addition to raw materials and technology, we also need to use the production machines with prina patents.


This means that Tianjin factory, which can produce Guanneng prescription food, will become Nestle prina’s fourth factory in the world and the first factory in Asia Pacific region to produce prescription food.


This is also the result of Nestle’s latest investment in China. In May this year, Nestle China announced a series of investment plans with a total amount of more than 100 million Swiss francs (about 730 million yuan) in Tianjin, including expanding the production capacity of the existing pet food factory in Tianjin and introducing production facilities for the production of professional prescription food and wet food.


It is worth noting that Nestle’s first pet wet food production base in Asia, Africa and Africa will soon be established in China. “So far, we have a pet dry food production factory and several world-class patented production lines in China, and will put into a wet pet food factory in the next 2-3 years.” The company recently told the snack agent.


Maintain “high double digit” growth


Guanneng, which became more active in the “post epidemic period”, did not actually slow down its growth during the epidemic period.


Xiaoshidai learned that, like Guanneng’s global performance, its sales growth in China in the first half of this year was also very strong. “Although pet shops in many cities could not be opened during the epidemic, the growth of our offline pet stores was particularly good through o2o delivery and other means. It also reflects the pet owners’ love for their pets. ” Zuo Yanfeng said.


Therefore, Guanneng has not lowered its growth target this year, and everything is advancing according to the original plan. “Although some offline activities have been cancelled or delayed in the first half of the year, we are planning again, and the expenses in various revenue and other aspects have not decreased.” She said.

Some products of Guanneng

On the whole, Purina, which owns Guanneng, one (wanpai), sibeliang, hipro and other brands, is obviously confident that it will maintain high growth in the Chinese market. According to the company, despite the outbreak this year, Purina still achieved high double-digit growth in the first half of the year and maintained its original target for the whole year.


“We expect high double-digit revenue growth in the next few years. In recent years, our market share has been increasing, and Purina’s goal is to continue to achieve growth above the average level of the industry. ” Purina said.


At present, China has the largest number of pets in the world, and the pet consumer market including pet food is growing continuously. According to the data of the white paper on China’s pet industry in 2019, the number of pet dogs and cats in China’s cities and towns reached 99.15 million in 2019, an increase of 7.66 million over that in 2018; in 2019, the consumption market scale of China’s urban pet dogs and cats reached 202.4 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5% over 2018.


As a matter of fact, prina has formulated a “10-year accelerated development plan” for the Chinese market, involving a series of development plans adapted to local conditions, such as capacity expansion, technology upgrading, channel integration, investment and M & A.


“The Chinese market has a good soil for innovation, and we are actively embracing new opportunities. At the same time, we will continue to explore more cooperation modes with local excellent enterprises, including investment and M & A will also become our options. ” Chen meien, head of Nestle Purina Greater China, said.

A kind of

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