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With 20 years of ingenuity, Everbright display cabinet strives to build a leading brand of China’s food terminal display cabinet

The display cabinet is known as “speechless promoter”. If a product wants to catch the attention of consumers in the first time, it needs to make full efforts in the display of display cabinet. With the improvement of people’s appreciation level, enterprises pay more attention to the brand image, and the selection of display cabinets is also more strict. Dongguan Guangming display cabinet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Everbright display cabinet”) fully mobilized various factors, aiming at the personalized needs of different foods, constantly gave customers a sense of freshness in terms of materials, sound, light, color and other decoration supplies, which enhanced the practicability of the display cabinet and won the praise of customers.

Since its establishment in 2000, Everbright display cabinets have won excellent reputation in the industry, and have won the trust of many retail stores and brand companies with their excellent quality. It has become a long-term exhibition cabinet supplier and partner with Xu Fuji, golden monkey, Ma Dajie and other enterprises! In May 2020, Luohe Jinming display cabinet Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation, which means that Everbright display cabinet has opened up the northern market. With the joint efforts of the north and South factories, Everbright display cabinet is striving to build a leading brand of Chinese food terminal display cabinet.
With the approach of the whole food exhibition, we walk into Everbright Exhibition cabinet and feel the charm behind its success

has rich experience and good reputation
In 2000, Everbright Exhibition cabinet was officially established, which opened the prelude of the industry myth. Over the years, Everbright display cabinets have provided various types of aluminum alloy cabinets, iron cabinets, wooden cabinets, display shelves and various types of display cabinets for the professional production of national famous food manufacturers, many large supermarkets, brand exclusive stores and communication industries. Meanwhile, according to the personalized needs of customers, Everbright display cabinets are designed professionally to provide personalized, high-quality and low-cost display cabinets.
Over the past 20 years, Everbright has been constantly refining its technology, summing up experience and keeping pace with the times to produce a variety of display cabinets. “Our advantage is that after 20 years of experience, we have established a good reputation. Our more than 1000 customers are almost all long-term partners. ” Huang Huiming, the general manager, said, “the sales of Exhibition cabinets mainly rely on word-of-mouth. If word-of-mouth is good, the popularity will be high, and the enterprise will naturally come to the door.”
Good word-of-mouth has brought a steady stream of customers to Everbright and consolidated its market position. So, how should an enterprise establish a good reputation?
cutting edge creative team, advanced production technology
To establish a good reputation, the first thing is to have a good team. An excellent team can not do without excellent software and hardware equipment.

Huang Huiming, vice chairman of China leisure food professional committee and general manager of Everbright display cabinet, led Everbright display cabinet to break through from thousands of furniture factories and become the leader of domestic food display cabinet. Of course, a good team cannot do without the cooperation of all members. Everbright display cabinet has trained a large number of skilled technical personnel and high-quality management team, and successfully launched hundreds of new display cabinets, which are deeply loved by customers.
The industry elite provides excellent software and equipment, and in terms of hardware, Everbright display cabinet is also among the top in the industry. At present, Everbright has more than 20000 square meters of modern standard factory. The whole production workshop is scientifically and reasonably divided into woodworking workshop, ironwork workshop, cutting workshop, painting workshop, process supporting workshop, packaging workshop, dust-free spray paint baking room, finished product exhibition hall, etc., forming a complete flow production line. In order to ensure the quality of products, we also specially purchased advanced production equipment such as cutting and bending. At present, Everbright has a number of display cabinet production patents. It can produce at least 2500 sets of floor stand, 500 sets of iron cabinets and 80 sets of high-end cabinets in a single day. After enterprises place orders, they can deliver goods as quickly as possible. From the size, style, process materials and other aspects to meet the personalized needs of different enterprise customers, deeply loved by customers.

A good team, can enhance the combat effectiveness of the team, so as to improve the production technology. It is because of its strong team that Everbright display cabinet ensures advanced technology.
keeps pace with the times to meet the needs of customers
The torrent of the times never stops. Only by following the trend can we be invincible. The design of exhibition cabinet should create a “home at home” feeling for customers, so as to fundamentally attract customers and boost sales. At present, the styles of Everbright display cabinet include high-end cabinet, TV cabinet, square cabinet, aluminum alloy cabinet, folding iron cabinet, wooden cabinet, creative display cabinet, iron floor stand, hanging net rack, promotion table, solar umbrella tent series, etc., which conform to the characteristics of different products and add color to the display of enterprises. A good display needs many considerations, not only to attract the attention of consumers, but also to facilitate consumers to observe and take. Therefore, this requires that the display cabinet can provide a full range of services, not only to have a good-looking and personalized appearance, but also to have a strong function. To integrate the needs of various aspects, Everbright design a variety of display cabinets, so as to promote the maximization of enterprise display efficiency.

With the continuous improvement of consumer demand, enterprises also pay more and more attention to building brand image. In 2017, Everbright Exhibition cabinet was the first to launch high-end TV image cabinet, which improved the display cabinet level and provided convenience for cooperative enterprises to promote in large area. After the high-end TV image cabinet came into the market, Everbright display cabinet has received the customized demand of many enterprises with its good reputation. At the same time, taking into account the convenience of customer promotion, Everbright’s product pricing is about 10% lower than that of peers. It has truly achieved high quality and low price, and has become the leader of China’s food display cabinet industry. In addition to the success of high-end image cabinets, Everbright display cabinets also pay more attention to the production of wooden cabinets in private yards, and constantly improve the display cabinets on the road to find new starting points.

As one of the most professional display enterprises in the industry, Everbright display cabinet has always adhered to the ingenuity to create food terminals, display all-round and all-channel display shelves and display cabinets with ultra-high cost performance, so as to help customers show the best image of food enterprises. It has been proved by practical actions that an enterprise should keep up with the times enthusiasm in order to maintain the closest contact with customers, so as to obtain customers The trust of the household.
Today, the food display cabinet industry is developing rapidly. On the road of building a leading brand of China’s food terminal display cabinet, Everbright display cabinet has been moving forward

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Preview of whole food 2020

Time: September 5-7, 2020

Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (181 Exhibition Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province)

Exhibition hall: hall 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Estimated exhibition scale: 79000 square meters, about 890 exhibitors

Estimated audience: 89000

Exhibit type: candy, snack, cake, imported food

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