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Farmer Hill spring subscription hot or frozen tiktok king, the sea fishing six months loss 965 million share price rise, Meiji sells protein powder in China, food products IPO approved, Taobao Jingdong products will not be able to access the jitter.

Hot company information and announcement


Nongfu Shanquan’s subscription is hot or frozen (Xinbao, asdak)

Nongfu Shanquan (09633. HK) raised a maximum of HK $8.35 billion and an admission fee of $4343.33 yuan on the first day of yesterday’s IPO. Eight securities companies together lent more than 131.3 billion yuan of margin, equivalent to nearly 224 times the oversubscription of the public offering, and recorded more than 20 “head ball tickets” (the maximum subscription amount for public offering). The margin trading of several securities companies has been inflated, so it is considered to increase the bid today 。 As of 18:30 this afternoon, the total margin margin of 12 securities companies has increased to about HK $149.2 billion. Based on the amount of HK $584 million raised in the public offering, the amount of oversubscription exceeded 254 times.

It is estimated that Nongfu Shanquan will eventually oversubscribe 400 to 600 times, which is expected to be the king of this year’s new shares frozen capital. As the margin trading will last for 10 days, investors must calculate carefully to avoid interest loss. Hui Yibin, chief executive officer of yaocai, believes that the Nongfu spring industry is not outstanding. There have been similar enterprises in Hong Kong stock market for a long time. However, due to the lack of new stock supply, it has been particularly popular in the market recently.

It is said that Yum China will hold listing hearing this week (Xinbao)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Chinese restaurant chain Yum China (US stock: yumc) will be listed in Hong Kong for the second time. It will hold a listing hearing this week and raise about US $2 billion (about HK $15.6 billion). If it is approved, it will be offered next week. In response, yum China said it would not comment.

Haidilao had a net loss of 965 million yuan in the first half of the year (company announcement)


Yesterday, Haidilao released its 2020 semi annual report. According to the financial report, the company realized an income of 9.761 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 16.5%, and a loss of 965 million yuan during the period. Haidilao restaurant’s operating income is the main source of income, accounting for 93.7% of the company’s total revenue in the six months ending June 30, 2020, and the amount decreased by 19.2% from RMB 11.331 billion for the six months ended June 30, 2019 to RMB 9.151 billion in the same period of 2020, a decrease of 19.2%, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic, which reduced the store’s passenger flow. The company’s shares closed at HK $45.75, up 0.33%.


外交部回应澳财政部称蒙牛收购当地乳品企业“违背国家利益” (外交部)

According to the Ministry of foreign affairs website on the 25th, the Australian Ministry of Finance said that the Australian government did not approve China Mengniu Dairy to purchase local dairy enterprises in Australia, and the Australian Ministry of Finance said the acquisition was “against the national interest”. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that as a principle, the Chinese government has always required Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign cooperation on the basis of complying with international rules and local laws and regulations. It also hopes that Australia will provide an open, fair and non discriminatory environment for all foreign enterprises to invest in Australia.


Local Australian dairy company Bega cheese or fill the vacancy in Mengniu (Aohua Finance Online)

According to analysts quoted by Australian media, after the termination of Mengniu’s acquisition of lion dairy & drinks, Australian dairy processing company Bega cheese is likely to become the most favorable competitor for the acquisition of lion, because Bega’s executive chairman has long supported the integration of Australian dairy industry and the company has been interested in lion’s canned milk, yoghurt and juice business. If the two companies make a deal, Bega will be able to supplement its original business. In addition to Bega, some Australian pension funds, private equity companies and enterprises may also bid for lion. The acquisition of lion by domestic entities or funds in Australia is in line with the Australian government’s policy, because one of the policy priorities of the Australian government in the post epidemic era is to encourage Australian enterprises to make full use of Australia’s resource advantages and expand production in many fields such as food and dairy products.

Six Burger King stores in Nanchang are fined for using food materials beyond their shelf life (Beijing business daily)

On August 25, Nanchang municipal market supervision bureau released an official blog to announce the investigation and punishment of Burger King in Nanchang, which was previously exposed by CCTV on March 15. Nanchang Municipal Supervision Bureau imposed administrative penalty of confiscating illegal income and fine on 6 stores, with a total amount of 916504.02 yuan. In addition, the legal representative of Nanchang Xinkai catering Co., Ltd., the main business entity of the stores involved, was imposed with a top grid fine. The main responsible person, the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel were fined accordingly, with a total fine of 2816029.78 yuan. Burger King China said it decided to stop the franchise right of the Beijing East Road Restaurant owned by Nanchang Xinkai catering Co., Ltd. and close it permanently. The rest of the restaurants will open one after another after being rectified to meet the relevant requirements of the government and Burger King.

7 months before Danone

Recently, the State Council approved the transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou Nansha free trade port area into Guangzhou Nansha Comprehensive Bonded Zone, according to the news from Guangzhou Customs quoted by today. The comprehensive bonded zone is one of the special customs supervision areas with the highest level of opening, the most preferential policies, the most complete functions and the most simplified procedures. In the first seven months of this year, Nansha cross-border e-commerce bonded imports of 10.97 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49.8%; actively introduced Danone Group and other multinational food enterprises to set up the national distribution center. From January to July, the value of Danone Group’s cross-border e-commerce milk powder import project was about 1.82 billion yuan.


Yum! China responds to KFC’s “stop sucking advertising words” (Beijing News)

According to Beijing News, on the evening of August 25, in response to KFC’s 64 year suspension of “finger sucking aftertaste” for consideration of personal hygiene during the epidemic, yum! China responded that the suspension was actually a creative activity with the theme of “ignoring finger sucking”, and each region would decide whether to participate according to the actual situation.


Yili Group organic high-end dairy intelligent demonstration project officially started construction in September (Xing’an daily)

According to Xing’an Daily today, the first phase of organic high-end dairy intelligent demonstration project of Xing’an League and Yili Group was officially started in September this year.


Yinchuan promotes key projects of Mengniu (Yinchuan daily)

Jiang Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and Secretary of the Yinchuan municipal Party committee, presided over a meeting to promote the construction of key projects in the city, Yinchuan Daily reported yesterday. He pointed out that Mengniu Group (Lingwu) northwest dairy industry chain high-quality development cluster project of 10 billion yuan is a strategic project of the city and even the whole region. It is necessary to actively strengthen communication and docking with Mengniu company, plan from a high starting point and coordinate with high station, further increase investment attraction, and actively engage in dairy farming, forage planting, beef cattle trade and slaughter processing, liquid milk and dry milk products And other fields plan to reserve a number of major supporting projects, constantly expand the scale of the industrial chain, and improve the ability to resist risks

New project of Kunlun Mountain mineral water plant (company news)


On August 21, at the meeting with leaders of Golmud municipal government, Wang Jinchang, chairman of jiaduobao group, and Li Chunlin, President of jiaduobao group, gave a detailed report on the development plan of Kunlun Mountain mineral water Co., Ltd., and introduced the company’s restructuring and listing ideas, new business model and diversified development strategy. On August 22, Wang Jinchang, Li Chunlin and his party went to Kunlun Mountain mineral water plant for guidance and inspection. During the inspection and exchange, Zhou Fei, general manager of Kunlun Mountain factory, made a detailed report on the aspects of the plant’s opening up sources and reducing expenditure, reform and innovation, new projects (including 4L products, phase II project projects, industrial tourism projects), and epidemic prevention and control measures.


CEO of Aoyou reduces 191000 shares (Oriental Fortune)


According to the equity information of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Bartle van der Meer, chief executive officer and executive director of Aoyou, reduced 191000 shares at an average price of HK $14.036 per share on August 18, involving about HK $2.6809 million. After the reduction, Bartle van der Meer’s latest shareholding ratio decreased from 7.76% to 7.69%.

The performance of modern animal husbandry increased by 77% in the first half of the year (Daily Economic News)

On the evening of August 24, Mengniu’s raw milk supplier, modern animal husbandry (01117. HK), China’s largest ranch operator, officially disclosed its mid-term performance in 2020. During the reporting period, the company achieved sales revenue of 2.828 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%; net profit of 221 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 77%; free cash flow increased to 632 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 80%. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is facing great challenges in all walks of life, but Lina’s demand for dairy products has rebounded rapidly and the price of milk has bottomed up in the second quarter.

China Shengmu turns losses into profits in the first half of the year (company announcement)


Yesterday, China’s Shengmu released its 2020 semi annual report. According to the financial report, the company achieved sales revenue of 1.251 billion yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year decrease of 11.9%; the profit during the period was 166 million yuan, while the loss in the same period last year was 20.758 million yuan.

Meiji sells protein powder in China (company news)


Meij Meij Meiji food flagship store was opened in tmall on August 25 to sell two popular products, bass whey protein solid beverage (cocoa flavor and vanilla flavor), at a price of 360 yuan / bag. This is the first “sea going” of Savas brand since its birth in Japan, which marks the first time that Meiji group’s sports nutrition business has landed in overseas market.

IPO registration of pinwo food approved by SFC (SFC)


Today, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has approved the registration of initial public offerings of the following enterprises on the gem: steady Medical Products Co., Ltd., pinwo Food Co., Ltd., and aimike Technology Development Co., Ltd.

New joint venture between ADM and Brazil food company approved (State Administration of market supervision)

Yesterday, the official website of the State Administration of market supervision released the latest list of cases of unconditional approval of concentration of business operators, including the case of new joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland and marfrege global food. According to the announcement, the proposed transaction of the two companies is to establish a new joint venture, plantplus food LLC, in which marfrig holds 70% of the shares and ADM holds 30% of the shares. After the proposed transaction, ADM and marfrig will jointly control the joint venture. The joint venture will be based in the United States and will sell plant meat products to North and South America. ADM is one of the world’s four largest grain producers. Marfrig is a Brazilian food processing company and one of the world’s leading beef producers.


Starbucks consumers can track the coffee source

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, can now let consumers use Microsoft’s blockchain solution to track the origin of coffee, according to cointelleger yesterday. Consumers will be able to scan the code on the coffee bags they buy to find out the source. It is reported that Microsoft is one of the providers of blockchain as a service platform.


China commercial foreign trade group to distribute foreign sweeteners

According to foreign media reports yesterday, sweeten announced that China commercial foreign trade group (CCFT) will distribute its bestvia sweetener portfolio in China, with a new joint venture as the distributor. It is reported that CCFT’s affiliated company, China commercial sugar corporation, is one of the largest sugar distributors and trading partners in the world. As a strategic partner, sweeten will take advantage of CCFT’s extensive distribution channels in China.


Plant based brand Kos received $2.1 million in financing (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, US brand Kos has completed a $2.1 million financing to accelerate the growth of its plant-based protein and functional ingredient supplements. This round of financing is led by Springdale ventures. According to reports, Kos’s financing aims to expand product innovation, enhance its marketing strength in the United States and expand its distribution in new markets.


Great John will initially recruit 30000 employees in North America (CNBC)

According to foreign media reports, from July 27 to August 23, a preliminary estimate is that the same store sales within the North American system will increase by 24.2%, and the comparable sales within the international system will increase by 23.3%, foreign media reported. Earlier, the company reported that system wide sales in North America rose 28% in the second quarter ended June 28, while international sales rose 5.3%. Like its fast-food counterparts, the company is hiring 30000 workers to meet demand.

Quick reading of food industry information


The scale of probiotic supplement industry in China reaches 4.24 billion yuan (Xinhuanet)

According to data provided by Zhou Guanghong, vice president of the Chinese society of food science and technology, as of 2019, the global probiotic supplement industry has reached US $6.1 billion and China’s probiotic supplement industry has reached RMB 4.24 billion, up 18% year-on-year, Xinhua reported yesterday. In the first quarter of 2020, the sales growth of probiotics industry in China will reach more than 20%. The industry’s “rise against the trend” in special period shows its market value related to health. According to the survey data, the growth rate of probiotics industry in China has been more than 20% for three consecutive years, which has a huge market space. It is estimated that the output value of global probiotics industry will exceed 77 billion US dollars in 2025, and China’s market share will exceed 25%.

Another big list of soybean imports: 158 ships to China in August (China Times)

“Since April 2020, Brazil’s soybean shipping volume to China has been at a high level. From May to July, the domestic import volume in a single month remains about 10 million tons, and Brazil’s soybean is the main product.” On August 24, an unnamed soybean expert in the industry said in an interview with a reporter from China times. Based on the analysis of the reasons, the soybean expert believes that there are three main reasons: first, the domestic demand for pig feed has recovered, and the demand for poultry and aquatic feed has increased slightly, which has increased the consumption of soybean meal in recent months, and the demand for oil mills to crush has increased; second, in order to prevent the potential risks brought by the epidemic situation to the soybean supply, the pressing enterprises have actively increased the stocks of imported soybeans; third, the depreciation of the real exchange rate of Brazil against the U.S. dollar and Brazil Compared with American soybean, soybean is more competitive in the market.


Taobao Jingdong tiktok can not access the jitter (October 9th, 36 krypton)

Tiktok learned that the 36 live new rules were issued: the third party link needs to be entered into the live broadcast shopping cart through the star map in September 6th. From October 9th, the third party source will no longer support tiktok shopping cart, and the source of the platform will not be affected. Up to the time of publication, no response has been received from byte skipping. Tiktok star has announced that tiktok said that since August 20th, the platform will link the third party e-commerce platform to the commodity link, and the platform will charge 20% service charge for the live goods delivery task, while the link for the vibro store will only receive 5%.

Ant group makes 120 million a day, with a monthly salary of 55000 per capita (21st century economic report)

According to the 21st century economic report, after Alibaba, Ma Yun’s second giant ant group will also sprint to the world’s largest IPO. On the evening of August 25, ant group simultaneously submitted a + H listing prospectus to Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange. In 2019, ant’s revenue will break through the 100 billion mark, 120.618 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 40%. Ant has a total of 16660 employees. In the first half of 2020, the salary of employees will be 5.5 billion, and the average salary of employees in the first half of 2020 will be 55000 per month.

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