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In the first half of the year, beingmei made a net profit of more than 40 million yuan, and plans to expand the production of 15000 tons of super high-end milk powder

As previously announced, Bain & company handed in its fourth consecutive quarterly profit report. Yesterday, beingmei announced its performance in the first half of 2020, showing that during the period, its operating revenue reached 1.487 billion yuan, up 14.78% year-on-year, and its net profit was 42.8962 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 135.22%.

The company believes that the substantial growth of revenue in the first half of the year is mainly due to the continuous promotion of the company’s transformation by the management of the company, actively embracing new retail and enabling the channel.

It is worth noting that Bain Meier also announced yesterday that it plans to raise no more than 1.2 billion yuan to invest in a number of projects such as Jiamai sheep milk powder and organic milk powder, with a view to promoting the growth of the company’s business performance through new products with high added value and high growth.

Net profit hit a four quarter high

Data shows that in the first half of the year, the revenue of “Aijia”, a super large single product of beingmei, increased by 20.57% year-on-year. In the field of special preparation, the company has newly launched “shulile”, a partially hydrolyzed formula food for infant milk protein, and the revenue of special formula powder increased by 119.85% year-on-year during the reporting period.

In terms of channels, Bain Meier has continued to vigorously develop new retail channel business and reached strategic cooperation with haipaike to enable offline maternal and infant market. At the same time, it also cooperated with retail express, taoxianda and Jingdong Jiajia to lay out new retail business scenarios, and took advantage of the Internet red economy, digital economy and other modes to promote the laying of global marketing scenarios and open up online and offline.

When summing up the driving factors of performance growth, beingmei pointed out that the domestic infant and child food industry still has a huge space, and the company’s core product business has good development space. At the same time, the third and fourth tier cities and towns are the key areas of population growth in the future. At present, the degree of urbanization is not deep, and the consumption of infant and child industry has not yet started. The company still has sufficient development space in these areas in the future.

In addition, beingmei has been improving its management and operational efficiency. With the return of Xie Hong, founder of beingmei in 2018, and the introduction of a new management team with rich market experience, as well as a series of reforms on the company’s overall asset structure, management system, product portfolio and channel structure, the company has also begun to enter the period of performance explosion.

According to an introduction made by the food agency, in July this year, beingmei launched the new Aijia, which has upgraded its formula technology and packaging. It has also set a target of maintaining 30% annual growth and targeting 1.3 billion in overall sales for the brand.

Baoxiufei, general manager of beingmei, also said that building a maternal and infant ecosystem is an important part of the five-year plan released by Bain at the beginning of the year. In the future, we hope to focus more on the milk powder category, and at the same time form interaction among independent brands of complementary food, nutrition products and snacks, so as to form the dual core power of Bain MEII brand and non Bain beauty brand.

Add high-end milk powder

Xiaoshidai noticed that in a pre announcement of non-public issuance of A-share shares issued by Bain Mei at the same time yesterday, it disclosed a series of new strategic layout.

According to the announcement, beingmei plans to raise no more than 35 specific investors with a total amount of no more than 1.2 billion yuan, which is mainly used for the annual output of 20000 tons of formula milk powder and regional distribution center project, the new retail terminal enabling project, the upgrading project of enterprise number intelligent information system, and the upgrading project of Bain Meier precise nutrition technology and industrial R & D platform.

Among them, after the completion of the 20000 ton formula milk powder project, the company is expected to increase the production capacity of 10000 tons of infant formula milk powder, 5000 tons of infant organic milk powder and 5000 tons of milk based nutrition products.

“The project plans to produce differentiated products such as super high-end goat milk powder, organic milk powder and milk based nutrition products, which conform to the trend of industry development, and the product positioning conforms to the company’s strategic thinking of brand reconstruction.” The announcement said. The total planned investment of the project is 330 million yuan, and the planned investment amount of the raised funds is 235 million yuan.

Beingmei pointed out that up to now, super high-end products such as goat milk powder and organic milk powder, and differentiated products such as special functional milk powder have the characteristics of high added value and high growth, which are important areas of market competition in the future milk powder industry. The project will help to improve and upgrade its product structure, fill the gap in the field of goat milk powder and organic milk powder, and become a new growth point of performance in the future.

At the same time, the supporting regional distribution center of the project will cover North China and radiate the northeast and northwest regions, upgrade the logistics storage system and implement the company’s strategic layout.

For Beingmate’s precision nutrition technology and industrial R & D platform upgrading project in the new project, the announcement points out that it is mainly aimed at the prospective research on precise nutrition and health research and personalized nutrition guidance, innovative application, special group dietary nutrition, functional nutrition health products, dairy nutrition products and other products, and to achieve industrial transformation, so as to ensure the advanced technology of the product. To strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

In addition, beingmei also hopes to further strengthen its investment in new retail terminals.

“The new retail business model driven by digital intelligence is an important strategic development direction of the company in the future. In the next few years, the company will invest digital terminal retail system in the maternal and infant terminal market, including three interactive terminals, namely parent-child e-station, intelligent cloud shelf and mobile intelligent terminal, to enable physical stores. ” The announcement said.

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