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How to ride the storm in the critical period of post epidemic recovery? CEO of Dingqiao restaurant shows a magic weapon to increase revenue

As China’s epidemic prevention and control has entered the “normalization”, the catering industry has also entered a critical period of post epidemic recovery. Throughout the Chinese catering market, enterprises have taken various self-help measures, either choose to close stores in time to stop loss, or make efforts to supplement their performance online, or enter into the new retail “curve to save the country”. Some enterprises also launch new brands to seek new breakthroughs.

On August 26, Shao xinmou, executive director of Dingqiao catering group, shared the experience of digital transformation of Dingqiao catering, as well as how to conduct member marketing to enhance brand stickiness, so as to enable stores and increase revenue.

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Dig deep into data value and enable stores to increase revenue

In recent years, more and more retail enterprises begin to pay attention to the member marketing system in order to deeply tap the value of fixed traffic. Dingqiao restaurant realized the strategic value of its members for the brand very early. Shao xinmou said that Dexter’s membership system has been upgraded from offline real name card membership to electronic membership mechanism since 2010. At present, it has 50 million collective members and 5 million paid exclusive members.


“The value of data lies in extending the refined marketing model based on data, improving the ability of value chain mining and innovation, so as to link the ecology, let the data play the derivative value beyond the transaction value, better serve the consumers, and enable the stores to increase revenue.” Shao xinmou said.

Shao xinmou, executive director of Dingqiao catering group


Xiaoshidai has noticed that its dexex is exploring the extension space of member ecology, exploring the consumption scenarios of members such as online member app, Dexter + aggregation app, member points mall, etc., and focusing on multi-channel data integration, smart recommendation and crowd tagging with big data. Practice has proved that the value mining of member data plays a key role in improving the overall brand performance.


How does membership marketing increase brand stickiness? Shao xinmou said that Dexter enhanced the loyalty between its members and the brand through in-depth interaction with its members, increasing its frequency of store visits and repurchase.


In terms of breadth, Dexter has established a membership ecosystem with external third-party members on the basis of opening up the member system of the collective Sharing Alliance in national stores. Through the member ecosystem, all parties can help each other to find the labels of consumers, conduct big data portraits, and then deeply mine the value.


In depth, Dexter gives members more privileges. As a member day, the 18th day of each month is an imprint of successful interaction between Dexter and its members. In addition, in the normal operation process, the effective online interaction is also used to drain the members to offline, resulting in high-frequency repurchase opportunities and improving performance.


At the same time, Dexter is also actively exploring the retailing of catering – tmall stores, live delivery and so on, to explore new consumption scenarios. In June this year, xiaoshidai reported that Dexter 618 e-commerce Festival signed a contract with “Taobao super popular anchor” Weiya. We also communicated with Li Fu, chief digital marketing officer of dexex, and learned that from last year to this year, digitalization has promoted the “double growth” of DEX’s online sales and membership.


According to the introduction, since the digital transformation strategy was launched in 2016, the digital layout of Dingqiao catering runs through every node of data, members, and third-party platforms from product R & D, supply chain and operation services.


Shao xinmou further explained that in the construction of digital environment infrastructure, headquarters logistics carries out data analysis and decision-making through intelligent reports and customer CRM, applies intelligent ordering and precision marketing in restaurants, applies intelligent food safety monitoring and intelligent ordering / inventory system in restaurant backyard, as well as label collection and consumption habit collection of off-site scenes.


“Take product research and development as an example. Good products win and win. It’s absolutely not good at the headquarters, but they must go back to the store side. Behind this is data analysis based on members.” Shao xinmou said. For example, in the product upgrade of hero’s crispy fried chicken, Dexter upgraded the crispy fried chicken through the online survey results of its members. It only selected Pipa legs and leg bones, which was highly praised by consumers and became the differentiation advantage of Dexter products.

Among them, the self-service ordering link has covered 98% of the stores under Dingqiao catering, providing strong support for the stores to improve service efficiency, and thus forming a contact point to establish effective links with customers and obtain electronic data.


In Shao xinmou’s opinion, “digital data mining has three stages and three values. The first is to obtain the data of store transaction and obtain the transaction value, which extends to the second stage, which is called data value. Data value is based on data and carries out refined marketing. The third level is derivative value, which allows the data to play the derivative value beyond the transaction value, including the connection and integration with external data to form a data ecosystem, and then return to the store to better drain the store. “

Building “multi dimensional competitiveness”


In addition to actively layout digital transformation, dig deep into data value, and enable stores to increase revenue, Dingqiao catering is also actively developing new formats and brands to build “multi-dimensional competitiveness”.


Facing many challenges and increasingly fierce market competition under the objective environment, Shao xinmou pointed out on the spot that only by building “multi-dimensional competitiveness” can the store keep its vitality for a long time and continuously improve its turnover.


At the same time, he believes that in terms of multi brand operation, Dingqiao catering has established a strong “ecological sharing platform”, the steady operation of the main brands helps the group to actively carry out multi format cross foot exploration, and the establishment of new brands brings more fission and possibility for the development of the group.

Dexter night products

According to reports, in recent years, Dingqiao’s catering brands have been actively promoting the iterative upgrading of their products. In addition to the newly launched Dexter sea and land lobster fort and black gold pistol legs, environmental friendly vegetable meat products will also be launched in October this year, At the same time, it has also actively incubated new formats and new brands. Under the prevailing night economy, its head brand, Dexter, has launched new brands, such as the “fried field” that advocates the new trend of fried chicken, the pickled cabbage and the cattle “business school” that march into the 100 billion pickled cabbage market.


“The development of new formats and new brands is a part of building” multi-dimensional competitiveness “of Dingqiao catering. A new brand should give consumers a refreshing effect, and have high-quality differentiated and personalized products, so as to attract fans to punch in. “Shao xinmou pointed out that in this case, Dexter entered the tea market, relying on crispy fried chicken, adding dozens of categories of tea menu, such as lemon drink and milk tea, to create a brand-specific” meal + drink “experience, so as to form a differentiated experience Camp.


He also believes that the catering market is showing more and more subdivided areas. In the face of these new areas, Dingqiao catering is also trying to extend the service contacts of its main brands to meet the consumption demand of constantly upgrading to refinement and diversification. He stressed that “young people are the main force of food and drink consumption at present, and they need to have a clear insight into the market of young people”.

Fried chicken shop

Among them, the new brand “fried field” is the most representative. It is learned that the brand concept is to create a unique fried chicken culture. Through food mix and match, multiple scenes and continuous cross-border, we can deeply understand the meaning of creative self-expression of young people nowadays. At present, there are two stores in Shanghai.


A kind of

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