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Yili fali bakes drinks channel, joins hands with 6 major brands to enter professional dairy market

Recently, Yili professional dairy products, together with meituan review and nearly 1000 stores of six brands of 85C, Costa, Crowne happiness lane, man coffee, steborg and Zhiguan coffee, have created eight products focusing on “new national fashion” with Yili cream and Yili muen cream as raw materials, including cakes, new drinks and coffee.

Data show that the activity began from the beginning of August to the end, and it received nearly 300 million exposure tiktok, WeChat, micro-blog, jowin, Xiao Hong’s four social platforms and public comments.

The activity also guided consumers to experience products in cooperative stores through the interactive form of online H5 “blind box getting coupons”, and attracted young consumers with new, fashionable, interesting and tasteful ways. At last, more than 24000 new product preferential benefits were sent out, which successfully attracted the flow of offline stores.

It is not difficult to find that through such a new form and huge integrated marketing activity, Yili professional dairy products not only make a high-profile appearance in baking, beverage and catering channels, but also give full play to the appeal and influence of Yili as a national dairy brand in the consumer market, becoming a recent industry explosion point.


So, as the new force of Yili, what is the future development plan of Yili professional dairy products? Facing the booming cake baking and tea industry in China in recent years, how does Yili professional dairy products plan to gain more market share?

Strong entry into professional dairy products, accurate targeting demand

Xiaoshidai learned that Yili Group integrated high-quality resources at home and abroad last year, and formally entered the field of professional dairy products. It mainly provided cream, butter, and mozzarella cheese and other raw materials for b-end customers such as baking, beverage and catering.

“We hope to be the most reliable supplier of milk fat products and services for customers and consumers.” Yili professional dairy related person in charge told the snack agent that the Department also equipped with a professional kitchen team, committed to become a full range of dairy solutions provider for baking, catering, drinks and other customers.

In fact, as the domestic dairy industry leader, Yili’s entry into the field of professional dairy products is not a temporary intention. On the contrary, it has accumulated rich experience in market and consumption insight for many years, which makes it discover the market prospect and business opportunities of professional dairy business facing B end.


According to the report released by forward looking Industry Research Institute, the market scale of domestic baking industry has increased to 187.889 billion yuan by 2017, an increase of 33.5% compared with 2013. It is preliminarily estimated that the market scale of domestic baking industry will exceed 200 billion yuan, reaching about 203.3 billion yuan.


In recent years, coffee chains and new tea shops have also risen rapidly, attracting a large number of young consumers. The rapid development of baking and beverage industry has greatly expanded the market demand for upstream professional dairy products.

In the trend of consumption upgrading, more and more b-end brands begin to use higher quality dairy raw materials, which also makes Yili more prominent in the market of milk fat raw materials.

According to the introduction, Erie cream, “35g cream essence extracted from every 1kg milk, is natural and healthy, with uniform color, strong milk flavor, light taste and high hit rate”. At the same time, it matches the light cream in the country for more baking products such as birthday cake and high demand for plastic, and has strong stability.

In addition, for the beverage channel, Yili cream is more applicable, acid and alcohol resistant, and can be used with acid raw materials and flavoring wine mixed with products. The milk cover made of Yili cream is refrigerated at 3 ℃~ 6 ℃ for 24 hours. When it is taken out and shakes, its fluidity is still very good and there is no need to stir it again.

In terms of milk source, Yili has more than 2400 self built, under construction and cooperative farms in China. The proportion of large-scale intensive breeding in milk supply reaches 100%, which also ensures the stable supply of products.


“We hope Yili cream can become a more suitable product for Chinese consumers’ preferences and usage habits.” The person in charge also said that in addition to Yili cream, Yili original cream and Yili anhydrous cream, Yili professional dairy also has an import production line located in the core area of New Zealand’s South Island to produce Yili muen cream. The local dairy cows are free to breed all year round. The high quality milk source makes the products have rich taste and excellent pastime.


On August 1, 2019, Yili successfully acquired Westland, the second largest cooperative in New Zealand, to continuously improve the global supply chain layout, strive to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of customers at different levels and provide stable supply, and is expected to drive the Chinese dairy raw material supply market to be more professional, stable and mature.

Focus on professional services to help channel customers recover

In this event, Yili professional dairy products, together with meituan reviews and 6 major baking and beverage brands, launched the theme of “new national trend” in 22 cities across the country Nearly 1000 bakery and beverage chain stores participated in the activity, including 85 degree C, Costa, crown happiness lane, man coffee, steborg, and quality shop coffee. At the same time, cakes and drinks made from Yili cream or Yili muen cream were launched.

All the above products are jointly developed by the kitchen team of Yili professional dairy products. Combined with the current trend that young people’s acceptance of “Guochao” has been generally improved, Yili cream has established the brand image of “new Guochao” in the eyes of young consumers.

At the same time, Yili also organized activities such as “shop exploration” and “clock out” on the social platform, invited big V to explore offline stores, shared their experience with fans, and invited bakers to reprint and re innovate eight “Guochao products” launched by offline stores, so as to provide drainage for offline stores of cooperative brands.

Considering the impact on the operation and passenger flow of the catering industry during the epidemic period, the company hopes to bring more passenger flow to catering customers and help them to accelerate the recovery of business, the business director said.

It is reported that for Yili professional dairy products, at this stage, in addition to expanding baking customers, it will also pay attention to the needs of b-end customers such as drinks and Western food. As a long-term plan, it also plans to build customer experience centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

According to the plan, the first Yili professional dairy customer experience center will be launched in Beijing next year. The experience center can not only provide catering customers with product demonstration and appreciation, but also provide services such as product development and industry hot spot sharing.

Group strategy support, share superior resources

Although professional dairy is still a new business area for Yili, it has been highly valued and supported from the group level. It is understood that in the future, Yili Group will open up to professional dairy business in terms of big data radar, member marketing system and development of cross-border joint brand.

As China’s largest dairy enterprise with the most complete product categories, Yili Group not only provides continuous and reliable support for its professional dairy business in terms of quality management and brand influence, but also shares advantages with the latter in market research, consumption trend insight, research and development technology, etc.

In addition, through the acquisition and integration of New Zealand wesland, Yili can further extend and copy the advantages of the latter in the field of professional dairy products to Yili’s professional dairy industry.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the professional dairy market, in addition to competitive products, the biggest test for enterprises undoubtedly comes from whether they can create greater business value for channel customers.

In this regard, Yili said that in the future, it will continue to focus on the needs of customers in the local market and closely integrate with the latest trends in the industry to provide prospective insight and personalized services for customers.

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